The 3 Best Dog Parks in Riverside

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: July 7, 2022
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Riverside is a mid-sized city in Southern California located near the San Bernardino Mountains. Within this city, there are around 300,000 people and 100,000 dogs. Finding the best dog park can be challenging. That’s why we made a list of the 3 best dog parks in Riverside. 

Taking your furry friend to a dog park is one of the best things you can do for them. They get lots of exercises, meet tons of new friends, and get to explore different areas. Dogs, whether large or small, are energetic and need regular activity to live a long healthy life. That’s why you should know the best dog parks in your area. 

Like most cities, Riverside has rules and requirements for visiting their dog parks, such as; 

  • Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated, and wear a visible and current license.
  • Dogs must be leashed when leaving or entering
  • No dogs less than 3 months old.
  • Remove dogs at the first sign of aggression.
  • Be considerate! Pick up after your pet.

Each park may have more or different rules than this, so be sure to check before you visit.

1. Riverwalk Dog Park

Samoyed standing on top of rock

Riverwalk Dog Park is known for its cleanliness and friendly regulars.


Riverwalk Dog Park
Location 4198 Pierce St, Riverside, CA 92505
Hours 6 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

Riverwalk Dog Park is located in southwest Riverside across the street from the Riverwalk Duck Pond. This mid-sized dog park is separated into three sections; one for large dogs, one for small dogs, and an agility area. All three areas are grassy with small trees or shrubs.

Benches are found in each area, some found under shady trees. A doggy fountain is located in both the small and large dog areas for easy access. Poop bags and trash cans are supplied by the park to make it easy for owners to pick up after their dogs.

Riverwalk Dog Park is known for its cleanliness and friendly regulars. Typically, the busiest days for this dog park are Saturdays and Sundays from morning till night. During the week, it can be pretty empty most of the time. Early evenings are usually the busiest hours of the day.

2. Rubidoux Dog Park

Rubidoux Dog Park
Location 4727 Scout Ln, Riverside, CA 92501
Hours Open 24 Hours
Price Free 

In central Riverside sits Rubidoux Dog Park. The dog park is located in Mt. Rubidoux Park so parking can sometimes be hard to find. This large off-leash dog play area has everything you and your pooch may need. There are two separate grassy areas; one large open space, and one small narrow shady space.

In the large open space, dogs can run and socialize, while owners use the benches and picnic tables found along the inside fence. Doggy poop bags and trash cans are located near the entrance of the dog park. A water fountain for adults, children, and dogs is also found near the entrance. Lights posts in the dog park provide lighting for after dark.

3. Pat Merritt Dog Park

White Pomeranian dog standing on a bench

Benches and other seating are found around Pat Merritt Dog Park.

©Anya Poustozerova/

Pat Merritt Dog Park
Location 6181 Limonite Ave, Riverside, CA 92509
Hours 5 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

Located in northeastern Riverside is Pat Merritt Dog Park. This is a large dog park separated into two sections; one for small dogs and one for big dogs. Both areas of the dog park are large and grassy with some small concrete paths. Each section has its own double-gated entrance for easy and safe entering and exiting.  

Pat Merritt Dog Park has everything you need for a fun outing with your pup. The park provides doggy bags at the entrance and trash cans are spread throughout. Both the large dog and small dog areas have concrete picnic tables located in shady spots. There are benches under trees outside the entrance as well. 

A water fountain with a spout and built-in doggy bowl are available inside both areas. A hose and small plastic kiddie pools are placed inside the park for dogs to enjoy during the warmer months. Pat Merritt Dog Park is one of the busier dog parks in Riverside. It is typically busiest Saturdays and Sundays, but weekdays can get busy in the evenings.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Bianca Grueneberg/

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