The 5 Best Dog Parks in Wichita

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: June 26, 2022
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Wichita is the largest and most populated city in Kansas. In the city, there are various places to see like different parks, museums, zoos, and gardens. If you have a dog, you may wonder what Wichita offers you and your furry friends. This article will cover the 5 best dog parks in Wichita, so you can plan your next fun day with your furry friend if in the area. 

Exercise and socialization are very important for a dog’s mental and physical health. Along with providing a large space for your pup to run around, dog parks are filled with friendly pooches ready to play. Being extremely safe, most dog parks are fully fenced off and may even have agility structures for your dog to play on. 

Before visiting any dog park, you should ensure your dog is well trained and can safely play with others. Each off-leash area also has its rules, which should be followed to help maintain an enjoyable experience for all. 

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best dog parks in Wichita and what each one has to offer. The size and structures found in each dog park vary. Here is everything you need to know about the 5 dog parks in Wichita. 

1.  Murfin Dog Park

why do dogs hump
At Murfin Dog Park, there are three separate sections for dogs to play.

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Murfin Dog Park
Location 3313 N Hillside S, Wichita, KS, US, 67219
Hours 6 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

Three different fenced-off areas are located at Murfin dog park. Each area is around 1 acre large and is fully secured with a chain-link fence. Two of these dog park sections are for large dogs, while the third is for smaller breeds. The area has running water and poop bags to pick up after your dog. Most of the surfacing at this dog park is grass, and the fenced sections are very open. There are a few trees around the dog park, but shade may be lacking in the hot season. Picnic tables and benches are available at the dog park. 

2. Meridian Dog Park 

Meridian Dog Park
Location 2127 N Meridian Ave, Wichita, KS 67203
Hours 6 AM-12 PM
Price Free 

The Meridian dog park has two fenced-in areas for dogs to play. One section is for large dogs, while the other is for smaller breeds to play. This dog park is one of the most popular and beloved in Wichita and is free to visit. There are water fountains for thirsty dogs, as well as poop bags. You may want to bring water as the water fountain may not work on some days. Meridian dog park is very large, with grass, artificial turf, and gravel surfing. Tennis balls are abundant in the dog park, with plenty of room to play fetch. 

3. Chapin Dog Park

Golden Retriever Dog
The first dog park in Wichita is Chapin Dog Park.

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Chapin Dog Park
Location 2400 E MacArthur Rd, Wichita, KS 67216
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

There are two fenced-off areas at Chapin Dog park, both spacious with natural grass surfacing. This dog park is the first to be built in Wichita and has ample space. Nearby this dog park, there are walking trails you can take your pup on. Near the area are serene forests and river scenes. Water fountains and poop bags are also located in the park. The size and cleanliness are why many consider it one of the best dog parks in Wichita. 

4.Naftzger Bark Park

Naftzger Bark Park
Location 601 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67202
Hours 6 AM-12 AM
Price Free 

Naftzger bark park is located in the neighborhood attraction, Naftzger Park. The dog park section is fully fenced off. There is no area for smaller dogs, so be prepared to be with dogs of all sizes. The dog park has an artificial turf and concrete surfacing. A triangle-shaped hill is in the center, with benches spread throughout the dog park. Poop bags and trash cans are also present in the park to make it easy to clean after your dog. Nafta Park also has an auditorium and shops in the area. It is not a very large dog park, but it provides a safe space to let your pup play off its leash. 

5. Harrison Park Dog Park

Dog Park Series - Two Small Dogs
A large off-leash area, Harrison Park Dog park is a little bit smaller than 5 acres.


W.B Harrison Park Dog Park
Location 1300 S Webb Rd, Wichita, KS, US, 67207
Hours 8 AM-12 PM
Price Free 

2019 is when Harrison park first opened, and along with a dog park provided playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts, and walking trails to use. The dog park has a section for both large and small dogs to use, with three areas in total. One dog section has an agility course and various structures for dogs to use. The walking paths are great for a jog or walking with your dog, but your pup must be on a leash when not in the designated area.

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Some dogs kick after they poop because they're genetically hard-wired to do so.
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