The 7 Best Dog Parks in Norfolk

Written by Jeremiah Wright
Published: June 9, 2022
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Norfolk is the third-most populous city in Virginia. It is located in the heart of the metropolitan area and is Virginia’s historical, financial, cultural, and urban center. Norfolk hosts numerous coastal regions, including some beaches on the Chesapeake Bay, since much of its territory is bordered by water. Therefore, the city has plenty of places that can make for natural destinations. So there must be dog parks, too, right?! Of course, there are! And we’ve already selected the best 7 of them! Check the list we’ve prepared for you and choose the dog park your pet will love the most.

Also, don’t forget to look here for official information and rules about the dog park so that you don’t have any problems when you go. For example, your puppy must be at least four months old to visit any dog park in Norfolk, and it needs a valid rabies vaccination and city license tags.

1. Lafayette Dog Park

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Lafayette Dog Park is a quiet park, usually less crowded in the evenings.

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Lafayette Dog Park
LocationDog Park, Orleans Cir, Norfolk, VA 23509
Hours6 AM – 7:30 PM

If you’re looking for a quiet park to take your dog to, we’ve heard that Lafayette Dog Park isn’t usually crowded in the evenings. Your pet will appreciate the watering station, while you’ll find the cleaning bags extremely useful. 

Most dog owners prefer this park above others in Norfolk because there’s a basket of dog toys on site, so they don’t have to bring their own. Even more, if you’re lucky enough, you can participate in one of the events organized in the park. It will be an ideal opportunity for your dog to get used to socializing with other furry friends. And, who knows, maybe you’ll make some new friends too!

2. Ocean View Dog Park

Ocean View Dog Park
Location176 Maple Ave, Norfolk, VA 23503
Hours7 AM – 6 PM

Ocean View Dog Park has enough space for your dog to stretch and lower its energy levels! The park has various dog toys and a kiddie pool, which your pup will undoubtedly enjoy. 

If you’re planning a one-day getaway with your family, you can easily opt for Ocean View Dog Park, as there are picnic tables where you can have lunch or dinner while your pets have the greatest time on the grass! We advise avoiding visiting it after rainfall, as it can get pretty muddy–unless you don’t mind cleaning your dog up afterward!

3. Bea Arthur Dog Park

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Bea Arthur Dog Park is worth visiting due to its unique, scenic views of the harbor.

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Bea Arthur Dog Park
Location501 Front St, Norfolk, VA 23510
Hours8 AM – 7:30 PM

Most dog owners return to Bea Arthur Dog Park after a visit, probably due to its unique, scenic views of the harbor! Moreover, if you’re lucky enough, you can visit it when dogs are allowed to swim in the water! We recommend checking with the park administration to find the best time for this. If you don’t manage to contact them, don’t worry, as the park provides some kiddie pools, too! Your dog will appreciate them during a hot summer day!

One important thing to consider is that there aren’t too many parking spots, so you might want to visit when the park isn’t as crowded.

4. Ghent Dog Park

Ghent Dog Park
Location1310 Stockley Gardens, Norfolk, VA 23517
Hours7 AM – 7:30 PM

Ghent Dog Park has a double entrance gate to make it easier for you to unleash your dog. It features one large fenced area for all dogs. This might be important to consider if you have a small, shy pup. But if your puppy likes socializing and playing with other dogs, you can still visit the Ghent Dog Park!

There are lots of dog toys on-site, so your puppy won’t have time to get bored! Moreover, you don’t need to bring bags to clean up after your pup because you’ll find them in the park. There’s no need to bring water, as there’s a water spigot and some bowls.

5. Ballentine Bark Park

why do dogs drag their butts
Ballentine Bark Park is a clean and well-maintained dog park in Norfolk that features two dog areas for small and large pups.


Ballentine Bark Park
Location2722 Tait Terrace, Norfolk, VA 23509
Hours7 AM – 8 PM

Ballentine Bark Park is a clean and well-maintained dog park in Norfolk that features two dog areas for small and large pups. Dog owners love it there due to its numerous benches and shaded areas. Dogs, however, enjoy the various toys the park provides! Water bowls are also available.

Ballentine Bark Park could be it if you’re looking for a quiet place for an evening out, since people say it’s usually pretty empty and peaceful.

6. Colonial Place Dog Park

Colonial Place Dog Park
Location405 Delaware Ave, Norfolk, VA 23508
Hours6 AM – 7:30 PM

Colonial Place Dog Park is known as one of the most peaceful dog parks in Norfolk. Many dog owners have reported that they’ve never seen aggressive dogs in the park and that most dog owners are friendly and pleasant. The dog toys in the park are a big plus too because you don’t have to carry them with you.

One aspect to consider is that the park consists mainly of dirt, with only around 20% grass. If you plan to visit after rainfall, get ready to clean your dog up after an excellent running and playing session!

7. Meadowbrook Dog Park

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Meadowbrook Dog Park has two separate fenced dog areas for small and large breeds.

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Meadowbrook Dog Park
Location1625 W Little Creek Rd, Norfolk, VA 23505
Hours7 AM – 7 PM

Get your puppy ready, choose some of its favorite toys, buy some tasty snacks, and prepare yourself for a well-spent evening! Meadowbrook Dog Park has plenty of space for your dog to run around and play with other pups! There are two separate fenced dog areas for small and large breeds.

There are water fountains in the park, but sometimes they are not working properly, so you might also want to bring some water bottles. Other than that, we’re sure you and your dog will enjoy your time at Meadowbrook Dog Park!

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