The 200 Best Italian Dog Names and Their Meanings

Positano, Amalfi Italy
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Written by Kellianne Matthews

Updated: November 9, 2023

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Looking for the perfect name that combines panache, charisma, and some Italian flair for your canine companion? Look no further! We’ve curated a wonderful list of Italian dog names and their enchanting meanings just for you. From elegant and sophisticated to cute and charming, these names will make your furry friend feel like a European heartthrob! So, let’s dive in and discover the magic of Italian dog names!

Dog Names Inspired by Italian Food

Dog, Pasta, Eating, Spaghetti, Food

If your dog has a hefty appetite, then a name inspired by an Italian dish is perfect!


  • Risotto: This name is perfect for a dog who brings comfort and satisfaction to your life, just like a bowl of risotto.
  • Alfredo: Alfredo is a sophisticated and luxurious name for a dog who enjoys the finer things in life.
  • Spinacino: This fun name comes from the Italian word for “spinach”.
  • Pesto: This name is perfect for a dog full of flavor and zest.
  • Polenta: Polenta is a comforting and warm Italian cornmeal porridge, making it an ideal name for a dog that brings comfort to your life.
  • Gnocchi: This cute name means “dumplings” in Italian.
  • Linguini: Just like the long and graceful strands of this Italian pasta, Linguini would be a fitting name for an elegant and graceful dog.
  • Carotina: Carotina is a playful and fresh name that means “carrot”.
  • Ragu: This cute name would be a great choice for a red dog.
  • Patata: Translating to “potato” in Italian captures your dog’s lovable and goofy personality.
  • Zucca: This adorable name means “pumpkin” in Italian.

Dog Names Inspired by Italian Desserts

Dog truffle gathering

Dogs are often used to help sniff out truffle mushrooms in the wild.


  • Pamina: This adorable Italian dog name means “little honey”.
  • Bombolino: This fun and playful name refers to a scrumptious Italian treat that is like a donut or cream puff.
  • Amaretto: The Italian word for cookie, Amaretto is a great name for a dog because it captures their sweet and nutty personality.
  • Gelato: Like the sweet Italian treat, Gelato is a heart-melting name that reflects the sweetness and joy your puppy brings.
  • Pistachio: Unique and quirky, Pistachio is a playful name that suits a spunky and energetic dog.
  • Carmella or Carmello: These names are great for anyone with a sweet tooth.
  • Cannoli: A famous Italian dessert, Cannoli is an adorable name for a dog.
  • Tartufo or Truffle: Sweet and indulgent, these names can refer to chocolate truffles, a unique Italian ice cream dessert, or the highly sought-after edible fungus.
  • Torta: Meaning “cake” in Italian, Torta is a fun name that perfectly represents the sweetness and joy your puppy brings to your life.
  • Nutella: What’s not to love with this delicious and iconic chocolate hazelnut spread?
  • Affogato: A delectable combination of ice cream and espresso, Affogato is a playful name for a cute multi-colored pup.
  • Dolce: This sweet name literally means “sweet” in Italian.

Female Italian Dog Names

A Yorkshire terrier with a red bow

Many Italian dog names have meanings like “beautiful” and “graceful”.


  • Regina: This name means “queen” in Latin, making it a great choice for a pampered pooch.
  • Speranza: This unique name means “hope”.
  • Bella: Meaning “beautiful” in Italian, Bella is a timeless and elegant name for your canine companion.
  • Aria: Just like a beautiful melody, Aria is a name that would be music to your ears.
  • Amore: Meaning “love” in Italian, Amore is a heartfelt and affectionate name.
  • Miele: Translating to “honey” in Italian, Miele is a sweet and endearing name for a cat with a warm and affectionate personality.
  • Bellissima: For an extraordinarily beautiful dog, Bellissima is a lovely choice that means “very beautiful”.
  • Rosa: This romantic and elegant name is derived from the Italian word for “rose”.
  • Giulietta: Inspired by Shakespeare’s tragic heroine Juliet, Giulietta is a name that symbolizes love, passion, and devotion.
  • Diva: In Italian, Diva means “goddess”.
  • Amara: Elegant and sophisticated, Amara is derived from the Italian word for “grace”.
  • Fatina: This magical name means “beautiful fairy” in Italian.
  • Bambi: Meaning “child” or “baby girl”, Bambi is a super cute Italian name.
  • Bellezza: Elegant and alluring, Bellezza means “beauty” in Italian.
  • Elisa: This charming name means “pleasant” and “beautiful”.
  • Noemi: In Italian, this name means “beautiful” and “my delight”.
  • Belladonna: Meaning “beautiful woman”, Belladonna is also a type of nightshade.
  • Mirabella: Another elegant name, Mirabella means “wondrous beauty”.
  • Beatrice: This lovely name means “blessed” and “she who brings happiness”. 
  • Gemma: Your dog is a treasure in your life, so the name Gemma, which means “jewel”, is an excellent name choice.
  • Evelina: This beautiful name means “desired” and “loved”.
  • Carabelle: Honor your dog’s place in your heart with the name Carabelle, which means “beloved” or “friend”.
  • Donna: Short and sweet, Donna means “lady”.

Male Italian Names

A small fawn - brown italian Greyhound dog lying down. Grey hounds are very thin and have a slender structure making them look very fragile.

Italian greyhounds are small sighthounds originally bred in Italy.

©f8grapher/ via Getty Images

  • Rico: This name is perfect for a confident and strong-willed dog, as it means “dominant ruler”.
  • Enzo: This cute name is derived from Vincenzo or Lorenzo and means “winner”.
  • Santo: Meaning “saint” or “holy,” Santo is a name that carries a sense of reverence and purity, making it a fitting choice for a dog that exudes goodness and kindness.
  • Mario: Like the Roman god of war, Mars, Mario fits a dog with unwavering strength and a fearless spirit.
  • Tino: This cute name conveys affection and endearment.
  • Rocco: Rocco means “peaceful” or “rest” or “peaceful” making it an ideal name for a calm and gentle dog.
  • Marco: Meaning “warlike” Marco is a great name for a strong and powerful dog.
  • Elmo: The Italian word for “protector”, Elmo is a fitting name for a dog that is loyal and watchful.
  • Franco: This charming name means “Frenchman” or “free man”.
  • Gino: Derived from Eugenio or Eugene, Gino is a name that signifies nobility.
  • Tito: Tito is a name of honor and respect, making it a good fit for a loyal and brave dog who is always there to protect their loved ones.
  • Ugo: This name means “thinker”, “mind”, or “intellect”.
  • Umberto: Derived from the Italian word for “renowned warrior” or “bright warrior” Umberto is a strong name for a dog.
  • Ursel: Strong and powerful, Ursel means “bear”.
  • Sergio: Sergio is a suave name that means “guardian”.
  • Romeo: Inspired by Shakespeare’s famous character, Romeo would be a fitting name for a dog with a loving and affectionate nature.
  • Rodolfo: Meaning “famous wolf” or “bold wolf” in Italian, Rodolfo is a name that would suit a dog with a wild and independent spirit.
  • Furbo: This fun name means “clever”.

Nature-Inspired Italian Dog Names

Australian Shepherd

Italian dog names from nature are perfect for pups who love the outdoors.


  • Perla: Like a pearl, Perla is the perfect name for your precious pup.
  • Orsa: This endearing name means “little bear”.
  • Fiocco di Neve: Meaning “snowflake”, this name is perfect for a unique and one-of-a-kind dog.
  • Pioggia: This beautiful name means “rain”.
  • Alba: Derived from the Italian word for “sunrise”, Alba is a sweet name for a dog that brings joy and sunshine into your life.
  • Ombra: An enchanting name for an intriguing dog, Ombra means “shadow” in Italian.
  • Vento: Meaning “wind” in Italian, Vento would be a great choice for a free-spirited dog.
  • Bobina: Meaning “little flame that burns brightly” in Italian, Bobina is a playful and energetic name for a dog.
  • Neve: This name would be perfect for a dog with a stunning white coat, as it means “snowy” in Italian.
  • Melissa: This cheerful name is derived from the Greek word for “honeybee”.
  • Erba: With its meaning of “grass,” Erba would be an amusing and nature-inspired name for a dog who enjoys frolicking in the green outdoors, bringing a touch of freshness and vitality to your days.
  • Vita or Vito: Meaning “life”, Vita or Vito are both excellent choices for a dog with a lively spirit.

Italian Dog Names from Flowers

A pregnant mature Siberian husky female dog is lying down on green grass near yellow flowers. There are some dandelions around her. A bitch has grey and white fur, her eyes are closed.

There are many beautiful flower-inspired Italian dog names.

©Rabinger Photography/

  • Liliana: Just like the enchanting lily flower, Liliana is a name that represents grace and beauty.
  • Violetta: Delicate, unique, and mysterious, Violetta is derived from the words “violet” and “purple”.
  • Ortensa: Elegant and unique, Ortensa means “garden”.
  • Margherita: This beautiful name means “daisy”.
  • Fabio or Fabian: Originating from the Latin word for “bean grower”, Fabio or Fabian would be a fun name for a dog with a zest for life.
  • Laura: With its roots in the bay laurel plant, Laura possesses a strong and elegant essence.
  • Rosa: This classic and romantic name is associated with the timeless beauty of a rose.
  • Viola: Viola is a name inspired by the violet flower.
  • Fiorella, Fiora, Fiore, or Fio: These names are all variations of the word “flower” in Italian.
  • Lora: Regal and elegant, Lora is inspired by being crowned with laurels.
  • Silvana: This beautiful name means “woodland” or “forest”.

Heavenly and Celestial Italian Dog Names

A low angle shot of a beautiful black mouth cur dog on the rocks under the cloudy sky

Celestial and heavenly Italian dog names are perfect for the furry star in your life.

©Wirestock Creators/

  • Luna: Luna means “moon” in Italian.
  • Sole: This name means “sun” in Italian.
  • Aurora: Inspired by the natural phenomenon of the northern lights, Aurora is a name that evokes beauty, wonder, and magic.
  • Stella: Meaning “star” in Italian, Stella would be a stellar name for a dog with a dazzling personality.
  • Luca: This name means “light” in Italian.
  • Zelmira: Beautiful and unique, Zelmira means “the brilliant one”.
  • Cosmo: This name comes from a Greek term that means “order”, “beauty”, and “universe”.
  • Cosimo or Cosima: This name is similar to Cosmo, but with just a bit more flair.
  • Astro: This sweet name also means “star”.
  • Cielo: With its meaning of “sky” in Italian, Cielo would be a fitting name for a dog who loves to explore.
  • Oria: This name means “the golden one” in Italian.
  • Elena: Perfect for a dazzling personality, Elena means “bright, shining light” in Italian.
  • Luma: Derived from Latin, Luma means “light”.
  • Elio: If your dog fills your life with warmth and sunshine, then Elio is a great name choice, as it means “sun”.
  • Luca: This name means “light”.
  • Aurelia or Aurelio: Derived from Latin, these names mean “golden”.
  • Ornella: This name means “golden” and “beautiful”.
  • Notte: Meaning “midnight” in Italian, Notte is an alluring name for a mysterious dog.
  • Lucia: This lovely name means “light” and “beautiful” in Italian.
  • Angela, Angelica, Angelina, Angelita, or Angelo: In Italian, these names mean “angelic”, “angel”, and “messenger”.
  • Serafina: This divine name also means “angel” or “seraphim”.
  • Celeste: Derived from Latin, Celeste means “sky” and “heaven”.

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Other Animals

Irish Wolfhound. Shot of the head of a swimming dog.

Animal-inspired names can be a lot of fun for you and your pup.


  • Lupo: Lupo means “wolf” in Italian and is the perfect name for a wolf-like dog.
  • Cucciola or Cucciolo: These cute names mean “puppy” in Italian.
  • Cagnolino or Cagnolia: These fun names mean “doggy” in Italian.
  • Drago: Translating to “dragon”, Drago suits a dog with a bold and daring nature.
  • Squalo: This fun name means “shark” in Italian.
  • Farfalla: “Butterfly” in Italian, Farfalla is a lovely name for a graceful or colorful dog.
  • Tigre: This fierce and mighty name means “tiger” in Italian.
  • Volpe: Meaning “fox” in Italian, Volpe is a great choice for a clever pooch.
  • Leone: Leone, which means “lion” in Italian, showcases your dog’s regal nature and commanding presence.
  • Medusa: Mysterious yet graceful, Medusa means “jellyfish” in Italian.
  • Gatto: For a fun twist, you could call your dog Gatto, which means “cat” in Italian
  • Gatitto: Another cute feline name, Gatitto means “kitten”.
  • Topo: Whimsical and charming, Topo means “mouse” in Italian.
  • Pinguino: If you’re looking for an adorable and unique name, then Pinguino is a great fit. This fun name means “penguin” in Italian.
  • Coccinella: Playful and lively, Coccinella means “ladybug” in Italian.
  • Leandro or Leandra: Derived from Greek, these names mean “lion”.

Colorful Italian Dog Names

Cute English bulldog puppy of red and white color on a walk in the woods. Place for the inscription. Concept: veterinary medicine, breed, dog care.

Choosing a name based on your dog’s appearance or color is another great option.


  • Rosa: “Pink” in Italian, Rosa is a cute name that reflects your dog’s sweet personality.
  • Marrone: Meaning “brown” in Italian, Marrone is perfect for a dog with earthy colors.
  • Nero or Nera: These names mean “black” in Italian.
  • Rosso or Rossa: These energetic names mean “red” in Italian.
  • Scura or Scuro: These mysterious names mean “dark” in Italian.
  • Chiara or Chiaro: Perfect for a dog with a bright personality, these names mean “light” in Italian.
  • Verde: Vibrant and lively, Verde means “green” and would complement an outdoorsy dog nicely.
  • Blu: Cool, calm, and collected, this name means “blue” in Italian.
  • Viola: This elegant name means “purple” and would suit a regal and sophisticated dog well.
  • Sienna: A beautiful orange-red color, Sienna exudes warmth and energy.
  • Giallo or Gialla: These bright and cheerful names mean “yellow” in Italian.
  • Bianco or Bianca: Meaning white in Italian, Bianco or Bianca would be an elegant choice for a beautiful pup.
  • Ebano: This unique name means “ebony” in Italian.
  • Azzurro or Azzurra: These charming names mean “light blue” in Italian.
  • Porpora: For a dog with a rich red coat, Porpora is the perfect name choice. 
  • Arancione: This name means “orange” in Italian.
  • Bronzo: This is the Italian word for “bronze”.
  • Argento: Suave and sophisticated, Argento means “silver” in Italian.

Strong Italian Dog Names

Chinese Shar-Pei close-up in an autumn garden.

You can also think about your dog’s unique personality when choosing the perfect name.

©Liliya Kulianionak/

  • Niccolò or Niccola: Meaning “victory of the people”, this name is perfect for a pup with an amazing personality and charm.
  • Massimo or Massima: These names mean “the greatest”.
  • Arturo: This Italian name embodies the legendary spirit of King Arthur. 
  • Vincenzo: Meaning “to conquer” in Latin, Vincenzo is ideal for a strong and determined dog.
  • Riccardo or Riccarda: These names mean “brave ruler”.
  • Nico: If you have a charismatic dog who can win anyone over, then Nico, which means “victory of the people”, is a great name choice.
  • Bruno or Bruna: Short and sweet, Bruno or Bruna can mean “brown” or “armor”.
  • Marcello or Marcella: Like the Roman god of war, Mars, Marcello and Marcella are excellent names for a dog who is fierce and loyal.
  • Leopolda or Leo: This name means “bold” in Italian.
  • Luigi: This name befits an especially brave dog, as it means “renowned warrior”.
  • Guido: This name is perfect for a dog who leads you on adventures, as it means “guide” or “leader”.
  • Beto: Beto is a cute Italian name that means “blessed”.
  • Antonio, Antonia, or Antonius: These beautiful names mean “priceless” and are perfect for a dog who holds a special place in your heart.
  • Anna or Annabella: These names mean “grace” and “favor”.
  • Armando or Armani: For a graceful dog with a warrior spirit, these names are a perfect fit. 
  • Benito or Benita: These sweet names also mean “blessed”.
  • Valentino or Valentina: Valentino or Valentina are beautiful names that mean “healthy and strong”.
  • Adelina:  An elegant name, Adelina means “noble” or “nobility”.
  • Alessa: If you want to honor the loyalty of your canine companion, then Alessa, which means “defender” or “helper of mankind”, is perfect.

Cute Italian Dog Names

Dog laying on pier of river, green background. Mini schnauzer pup, salt and pepper; black and white obedient dog. He has a long beard and striking eyebrows.

Some dogs have unique attributes, such as furry eyebrows or elegant beards.

©Debra Anderson/

  • Baffo: This fun name means “mustache” or “whisker” and would be a cute name for a dog with exceptional facial hair.
  • Bandito: Like your own little canine bandit, Bandito is a great name for a mischievous and playful dog.
  • Paolo: This suave name means “small”.
  • Piccolo or Piccola: These names would be a great choice for a tiny dog because they mean “little one.”
  • Bambina or Bambino: These names are perfect for any furry baby, as they literally mean “baby”.
  • Vita Mia: If you want your dog’s name to showcase your special bond then Vita Mia,  which means “my life”,  is a great choice.
  • Mia: Meaning “mine” in Italian, Mia is another fantastic option for a dog name.
  • Tesoro or Tesora: These beautiful names mean “treasure” in Italian, symbolizing just how much your dog means to you.
  • Matteo: This beautiful name means “gift of god”.
  • Felice: Capturing your canine companion’s joyful spirit, Felice means “happy”.
  • Allegra or Allegro: These beautiful names also mean “cheerful” and “happy”.
  • Gioia or Gioiosa: Dogs bring happiness and delight to our lives, which is why Gioia or Gioiosa are perfect names, as they mean “joy”.
  • Caro or Cara: These cute names are a term of endearment and mean “dear”.
  • Carina: This sweet dog name means “cute”.
  • Zitto: A unique and fun name, Zitto means “quiet” in Italian.
  • Uffa: This fun and unique name is an Italian expression equivalent to “oy vey”.
  • Pelo: This name would be a fitting choice for a dog with a luxurious coat, as it translates to “hair” or “fur”. 

Italian Dog Names with a Historical Twist

Positano, Amalfi Italy

If you’re a history buff or love to travel, then historical dog names can be a lot of fun.

©Fly_dragonfly/iStock via Getty Images

  1. Botticelli: The Italian painter, Sandro Botticelli, was one of the most influential figures during the Early Renaissance.
  2. Raphael: Raphael was another amazing Renaissance painter. 
  3. Dante: This name is inspired by Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy.
  4. Michelangelo: One of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance, Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. 
  5. Artemisia: Artemisia Gentileschi was the first woman to join the Accademia di Arte del Disegno.
  6. Leonardo (or Leo): This name means “brave lion” and is inspired by the famous Leonardo da Vinci.
  7. Giuseppe: Inspired by Italian opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi, this name is perfect for a dog who loves the spotlight.
  8. Machiavelli:  Niccolò Machiavelli was a famous Italian Renaissance philosopher.
  9. Paganini: Niccolò Paganini was an incredibly talented Italian musician and composer.
  10. Alessandro: This name is inspired by the inventor of the electric battery, Alessandro Volta.
  11. Pavarotti: If your dog is vocal, then the name Pavarotti — like the great opera singer, Luciano Pavarotti — is an excellent name.
  12. Puccini: This name comes from another Italian opera composer, Giacomo Puccini.
  13. Galileo: Galileo Galilei was one of the most famous astronomers in history.
  14. Donatello or Donatella: Inspired by the Renaissance artist Donatello, these names mean “given by god”. 
  15. Gucci: This cute name is inspired by the Italian fashion brand. 
  16. Brando: Inspired by the Hollywood icon Marlon Brando, this name means “sword” or “fiery torch”.
  17. Sofia or Sophia: Like the iconic Italian actress Sophia Loren and the Italian American filmmaker Sofia Coppola, these names have star status. It also means “wisdom”. 
  18. Cicero: This fun name pays tribute to the philosopher and statesman of ancient Rome, Marcus Tullius Cicero.
  19. Vivaldi: Antonio Vivaldi was the famous Italian composer of the Four Seasons.

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