160+ Italian Cat Names and Their Meanings

Resting cat on the brick wall and beautiful autumnal hills and vineyards of Piedmont, Northern Italy.
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Written by Kellianne Matthews

Published: October 5, 2023

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Are you searching for the perfect name for your feline friend that combines charm, elegance, and a touch of Italian flair? Look no further! We’ve curated a delightful list of Italian cat names and their enchanting meanings. From sleek and sophisticated to mysterious and alluring, these Italian cat names will have your whiskered companion feeling like the belle of the feline ball!

Italian Cat Names Inspired by Food

The owner woman and her cat are having fun preparing a pie or pizza in the kitchen together.

Many of the meanings of Italian are positive and can make your cat feel loved and appreciated.

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  • Amaretto: The Italian word for cookie, Amaretto is a sweet and nutty name.
  • Bombolone: This cute and playful name is a type of Italian donut or cream puff.
  • Gelato: Like the sweet Italian treat, Gelato is perfect for a kitty that melts your heart.
  • Caramella/Caramello: Indulge your sweet tooth and name your furry friend with these candies and caramels.
  • Cannoli: A fried pastry filled with ricotta cheese, Cannoli is an adorable name for a cat.
  • Pesto: If your cat is vibrant and full of flavor, then pesto would be a great name. 
  • Polenta: This name is perfect for a comforting and warm feline, just like the Italian cornmeal porridge.
  • Tartufo/Truffle: Whether you’re thinking about chocolate truffles or the edible fungus, Tartufo or Truffle are sweet and adorable names. 
  • Gnocchi: This adorable name means “dumplings” in Italian.
  • Alfredo: Alfredo suits a cat who enjoys a life of comfort and indulgence.
  • Linguini: Linguini is a fitting name for a sleek and elegant feline.
  • Risotto: This delightful name is a great fit for a cat who is as comforting as a warm bowl of risotto.
  • Pistacchio: With its unique and quirky charm, Pistacchio is an excellent name for a cat who is full of spunk.
  • Spinacino: Derived from the word “spinach”, Spinacino is a unique and playful choice for your cat.
  • Carotina: Inspired by the carrot, this name adds a touch of whimsy and freshness. 
  • Nutella: If you’re a fan of the iconic chocolate hazelnut spread, why not name your kitten Nutella?
  • Zucca: This cute name means “pumpkin” in Italian. 
  • Torta: Torta is a fun and whimsical name that means “cake” in Italian.
  • Patata: “Potato” in Italian, Patata adds whimsy and humor to your cat’s name.

Italian Cat Names Inspired by Nature

birman cat sitting outside in leaves

Italian names are great choices for cats because they are melodious and roll off the tongue.

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  • Cielo: Meaning “sky” in Italian, Cielo would be a wonderful name for a cat with a free-spirited and adventurous personality.
  • Alba: This name means “sunrise” in Italian.
  • Fiammetta: This beautiful name means “little flame that burns brightly” in Italian.
  • Luna: The word for “moon” in Italian, Luna is a very popular name for a cat.
  • Astro: This name is inspired by astronomy and celestial bodies.
  • Sole: “Sun” in Italian, Sole would be an ideal name for a cat who inspires happiness wherever they go.
  • Stella: “Star” in Italian, Stella would make a delightful name for a cat.
  • Vento: This name, meaning “wind” in Italian, would suit a cat who is playful, breezy, and always full of surprises.
  • Erba: A name meaning “grass” in Italian, Erba would be a cute and nature-inspired choice for a cat who loves exploring the outdoors.
  • Pioggia: Pioggia means “rain” in Italian.
  • Aria: With multiple meanings such as “air”, “song”, “melody”, Aria would be a versatile and enchanting name for a majestic cat.
  • Melissa: Derived from the Greek word for “bee”, Melissa is a sweet and joyful name.
  • Ombra: This name means “shadow” in Italian.
  • Orsa: This endearing name means “female bear” in Italian.
  • Perla: If your feline companion is as precious as a pearl, then Perla is the perfect name!
  • Neve: Meaning “snow” in Italian, Neve is a name that suits cats with white or snow-colored fur.
  • Fiocco di Neve: Just like a delicate snowflake, a cat named Fiocco di Neve is a one-of-a-kind kitty. 
  • Cosmo/Cosimo: Derived from the Greek word meaning “order”, “beauty”, and “universe”, Cosmo is a name that embodies harmony and elegance.

Flowery Italian Cat Names

Balinese cat sitting outside in the garden.

An Italian name can make your cat sound classy and sophisticated.

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  • Fiora/Fiore/Fio: These variations of the word “flower” in Italian would be fitting names for a cat with a bright personality.
  • Margherita: Inspired by the daisy flower, Margherita would be a cheerful and timeless name for a cat who radiates a sense of joy and simplicity.
  • Laura: Derived from the bay laurel plant, Laura would be a strong and elegant name for a cat with a regal presence.
  • Rosa: Like a beautiful rose, Rosa is a classic and romantic name for a cat.
  • Lora: With its association with being crowned with laurels, Lora would be a majestic and distinguished name for a cat.
  • Violetta: Derived from the word “violet” or “purple”, Violetta suits a cat who has a unique and mysterious personality.
  • Viola: Viola, like Violetta, is a name inspired by the violet flower.
  • Fabio/Fabian: With its origins in the Latin word for “bean grower,” Fabio or Fabian captures your cat’s vibrant and thriving nature.

Unique Animal-Inspired Italian Cat Names

Longhair cat dressed up as a lion looking grumpy to the camera. Isolated on white background.

One of the most popular Italian cat names is Leo, which means “




  • Gatto: A classic and timeless name, Gatto is the Italian word for “cat.”
  • Gattino: Another variation of the Italian word for cat, Gattino is a charming and endearing name for your little furry friend.
  • Micio: Derived from the Italian word for “kitty” or “kitten,” Micio is a cute and playful cat name.
  • Pantera: Channel the strength and grace of a panther by naming your feline companion Pantera, or “panther” in Italian. 
  • Volpe: The Italian word for “fox”, Volpe captures the mischievous and playful spirit of these clever creatures.
  • Drago: Meaning “dragon” in Italian, Drago highlights your cat’s fierce and captivating presence.
  • Leone: Representing the “lion,” Leone is a strong and majestic name for your cat.
  • Farfalla: Inspired by the Italian word for “butterfly,” Farfalla is an elegant and graceful name for your cat.
  • Squalo: Derived from the Italian word for “shark,” Squalo portrays your cat’s mysterious and predatory nature.
  • Lupo: Meaning “wolf” in Italian, Lupo is a name that evokes a sense of wildness and independence. 
  • Tigre: Taking inspiration from the word “tiger,” Tigre is a bold and fierce name for your cat.
  • Cucciolo: Meaning “puppy” in Italian, Cucciolo adds a touch of charm and innocence to your cat’s name.

Colorful Italian Cat Names

Abyssinian sunbathing

You can choose an Italian cat name based on your cat’s appearance or color.


  • Ebano: Ebano, the word for “ebony” in Italian, perfectly captures your cat’s sleek and sophisticated nature.
  • Notte: Notte means “midnight” in Italian.
  • Ombra: For a cat who effortlessly moves through the shadows, Ombra — which means “dark shadow” — is the perfect name.
  • Nero/Nero: “Black” in Italian, Nero or Nera is perfect for a cat with a sleek black coat.
  • Marrone: Marrone is a warm and earthy name for a cat with rich brown fur.
  • Grigio/Grigia: Grigio or Grigia would be fitting names for a cat with a beautiful gray coat. 
  • Bianco/Bianca: Bianco or Bianca are lovely names that mean “white” in Italian.
  • Giallo/Gialla: Reflecting a bright and cheerful personality, Giallo and Gialla mean “yellow” in Italian.
  • Arancione: Arancione is a lively and energetic name that means “orange”.
  • Rosso/Rossa: The word for “red”, Rosso or Rossa are bold and fiery names for a lively cat.
  • Rosa: Rosa is a charming and delicate name that means “pink”.
  • Viola: The Italian word for “purple”, Viola exudes uniqueness, creativity, and a sense of magic.
  • Blu: Blu is a cool and serene name for a cat with a blue coat, just like the color blue.
  • Azzurro/Azzurra: These unique names mean “light blue” and would capture the gentle and soothing presence of your cat
  • Verde: A refreshing and vibrant name, Verde means “green” in Italian.
  • Porpora: The Italian term for a rich and deep red color, Porpora is a passionate name.
  • Sienna: Sienna is a warm and earthy name for a cat with an orange-red coat. 
  • Chiara/Chiaro: Chiara or Chiaro are names that signify lightness and brightness.
  • Scura/Scuro: Scura or Scuro are names that represent darkness and richness

Cute Italian Cat Names

A small striped kitten sleeps on balls of yarn and thread

Italian cat names are unique and memorable.

©Siarhei SHUNTSIKAU/iStock via Getty Images

  • Baffo: This adorable Italian cat name means “mustache” or “whisker”.
  • Fatina: Derived from the Italian word for “small fairy,” Fatina captures the enchanting and magical essence of your cat.
  • Diva: Meaning “goddess” in Italian, Diva is a name that exudes confidence and regality.
  • Bandito: Unleash your cat’s adventurous side with the name Bandito, inspired by the cunning and daring nature of bandits.
  • Romeo: This name pays homage to Shakespeare’s tragic hero who captured hearts with his undying love for Juliet.
  • Dolce: With its sweet and sugary meaning in Italian, this name perfectly captures the adorable and affectionate nature of your kitten.
  • Bambina/Bambino: This endearing Italian name evokes a sense of innocence and tenderness, as it means “baby”.
  • Piccolo/Piccola: This endearing Italian name meaning “little one” is ideal if your kitten is extra tiny or small.
  • Vito: Derived from the Latin word “vita”, meaning “life”, Vito would be an ideal choice for a cat with a spirited and energetic nature.

Short and Sweet Italian Names

Short and Sweet Italian Names - tortie maine coon

Italian cat names are beautiful, just like your precious feline companion!

©Nynke van Holten/Shutterstock.com

  • Elmo: Inspired by the Italian word for “protector,” Elmo is a name that signifies your cat’s role as a guardian and defender.
  • Enzo: Derived from the Italian name Vincenzo or Lorenzo, Enzo means “winner” or “conqueror.” 
  • Franco: Meaning “Frenchman” or “free man,” Franco is a name full of sophistication and charm. 
  • Gino: As a diminutive of the name Eugenio or Eugene, Gino means “well-born” or “noble.” 
  • Marco: Derived from the Latin word “marcus” meaning “warlike,” Marco is a strong and powerful name for a cat. 
  • Mario: Inspired by the Roman god of war, Mars, Mario signifies strength and courage.
  • Rico: Meaning “dominant ruler,” Rico is a name that embodies authority and leadership.
  • Rocco: In Italian, Rocco means “rest” or “peaceful.” 
  • Santo: Meaning “saint” or “holy,” Santo is a name that carries a sense of reverence and purity. 
  • Tino: Derived from names like Agostino, Justino, Martino, and others, Tino is a diminutive that conveys affection and endearment.
  • Tito: Meaning “title of honor,” Tito is a name that exudes authority and respect.

Beautiful Italian Cat Names

Beautiful Italian Cat Names - Young Norwegian forest cat standing in a garden.

Another great way to name your cat is to take inspiration from their individual personality.

©Elisa Putti/Shutterstock.com

  • Carlotta: Meaning “free man”, Carlotta represents independence and resilience.
  • Bella/Bello: With its meaning of “beautiful” in Italian, this name is a perfect choice for a cat that radiates elegance and charm.
  • Regina: Regina, meaning “queen” in Latin, is a regal and powerful name for a cat.
  • Mirabella: This Italian name means “wondrous beauty”.
  • Belladonna: Derived from Italian words meaning “beautiful woman,” this name adds a touch of mystery and allure.
  • Bellissima: With its translation of “very beautiful” in Italian, this name perfectly emphasizes the extraordinary beauty of your cat.
  • Bellezza: Meaning “beauty” in Italian, this name reflects the inherent allure and elegance that your cat possesses.
  • Cosima: This Italian name translates to “beautiful order”, capturing the harmonious and elegant nature of your cat’s personality.
  • Elisa: With its meaning of “pleasant, beautiful” in Italian, this is a delightful and charming name for your kitty.
  • Giovanni/Giovanna: Meaning “God is gracious” and “beautiful” in Italian, this name reminds you of the blessings your cat brings into your life.
  • Lucia: Translating to “light” and “beautiful” in Italian, this name reflects how your cat illuminates your world with their beauty and warmth.
  • Noemi: With its meaning of “my delight” and “beautiful” in Italian, this name perfectly captures the joy and happiness your cat brings into your life.
  • Ornella: Derived from Italian words meaning “golden” and “beautiful”, this name makes your kitty a true treasure.
  • Angela/Angelica/Angelina/Angelita/Angelo: These beautiful names each mean “angel,” “messenger,” and “angelic” in Italian.

Dazzling Italian Cat Names

Dazzling Italian Cat Names - turkish van with one blue, one yellow eye

Italian cat names are full of personality and passion.

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  • Luca: Meaning “light” in Italian, this name captures your cat’s strong and independent spirit.
  • Luma: Luma is derived from the Latin word “lumen” and means “light”. 
  • Aurelia/Aurelio: Aurelia or Aurelia are names that exude beauty and elegance, derived from the Latin word for “golden”.
  • Elena: With its translation of “bright, shining light” in Italian, this is a dazzling name for a beautiful cat.
  • Elio: Derived from the Italian word for “sun,” this name symbolizes the warmth and sunshine that your cat brings into your life.
  • Oria: Signifying “the golden one” in Italian, this name shows that your cat is a true treasure.
  • Zelmira: This unique name means “the brilliant one” in Italian.

Endearing Italian Cat Names

Endearing Italian Cat Names - Portrait of young woman holding cute siberian cat with green eyes.

There are many beautiful Italian cat names that can reflect just how much you love your sweet kitty.


  • Caro/Cara: Meaning “dear” in Italian, Caro or Cara reflect the special bond you share with your sweet kitty.
  • Tesoro: Tesoro comes from the Italian word for “treasure”. Tesoro also means “darling”.
  • Vita Mia: This sweet name means “my life” in Italian.
  • Gioia/Gioiosa: The pure happiness your kitten adds to your life is embodied by this Italian name, which means “joy”.
  • Beatrice: Beatrice means “she who brings happiness” and “blessed” in Italian.
  • Mia: Translating to “mine” in Italian, this name signifies the deep bond and affection you have for your cat.
  • Matteo: This charming name means “gift of God” in Italian.
  • Gemma: Meaning “jewel” in Italian, this name highlights your cat’s unique and sparkling personality.
  • Allegro/Allegra: With their translations of “cheerful” or “happy” in Italian, these names are perfect for a lively kitten.
  • Felice: Felice means “happy” in Italian.
  • Anna/Annabella: With meanings of “grace” and “favor,” these names embody elegance and charm. 
  • Antonio/Antonius/Antonia: These names signify something priceless.
  • Benito/Benita: This beautiful name means “blessed”.
  • Beto: This name represents a blessed individual who loves to experience the world.
  • Evelina: Translating to “desired”, this name reflects how much your cat is loved.

Empowering Italian Cat Names

Italian cat names - domestic tortoiseshell Maine Coon kitten.

When choosing a name for your cat, make sure that it is something you can easily pronounce.


  • Riccardo/Riccarda: With its meaning of “brave ruler” in Italian, this name embodies the strong and fearless character of your feline companion.
  • Leandro/Leandra: Derived from Greek, Leandro and Leandra mean “lion”.
  • Niccolò/Nicola/Nico: The Italian form of Nicholas, these names mean “victory of the people”.
  • Alonzo: Alonzo means “noble and ready” in Italian.
  • Massimo/Massima: Translating to “the greatest” in Italian, this name emphasizes that you are lucky enough to share your life with the greatest cat in the world!
  • Bruno/Bruna: The names Bruno and Bruna can mean “brown” or “armor”. 
  • Arturo: The origins of the name Arturo are not fully known, but it is believed to mean “bear man” in Celtic. It is famously associated with the legendary King Arthur.
  • Leopoldo: This name means “bold” and has been used by many royal kings and rulers.
  • Marcello/Marcella: Like the Roman god of war, Mars, Marcello and Marcella are both melodic and strong names.
  • Umberto: This name means “bright warrior”.
  • Vincenzo: Vincenzo is the Italian form of Vincent and means “to conquer” in Latin.
  • Valentina/Valentino: This name translates to “healthy and strong” in Italian.
  • Armando: Armando means “warrior”.
  • Mario: Inspired by the Roman god of war, Mars, Mario is a strong and powerful name for your cat. 
  • Guido: Meaning “guide” or “leader”, Guido is a name that showcases your cat’s intelligence and wisdom.
  • Luigi: Derived from the Germanic name Ludwig, Luigi is a name that means “renowned warrior”.

Italian Cat Names from History

Cat in the temple

An Italian cat name is a great conversation starter.

©pongskorn eampraditphan/iStock via Getty Images

  • Donatello/Donatella: Unleash the artist within your feline friend by naming them Donatello or Donatella after the great Renaissance sculptor! Donatallo or Donatella also mean “given by god”. 
  • Raffaello: Let your cat’s colorful personality shine by giving them the name Raffaello, another impressive Italian painter.
  • Lorenzo: If your cat exudes elegance and grace, why not name them Lorenzo, after the suave and sophisticated Lorenzo de’ Medici?
  • Galileo: This name comes from the brilliant Italian astronomer, Galileo Galilei.
  • Dante: A name that means “enduring”, the name Dante is inspired by the Italian philosopher Dante Alighieri who wrote the Divine Comedy.
  • Giuseppe or Verdi: For a cat who loves to put on a show, honor their dramatic flair by naming them after the legendary Italian opera composer.
  • Puccini: If your cat’s purr is music to your ears, name them after Giacomo Puccini, another brilliant Italian opera maestro.
  • Pavarotti: Does your cat have a voice that can rival the greatest opera singers? Name them after Luciano Pavarotti and let their beautiful voice shine!
  • Gucci: Elevate your cat’s style game with the name Gucci, a homage to the iconic Italian fashion house. 
  • Leonardo/Leo: This name comes from the original “Renaissance Man” himself, Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo, or Leo for short, also means “brave lion”.
  • Michelangelo: The name Michelangelo captures your cat’s playful spirit and boundless energy, just like the great Renaissance artist who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. 

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