The 10 Best Lakes in Victoria for Fishing

Happy Father and Son together fishing from a boat at sunset time in summer day under beautiful sky on the lake.
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Updated: November 13, 2023

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Victoria, Australia, presents a wealth of options for travel and adventure. In this stunning area, there are countless sights and activities to enjoy. There is one activity that all tourists and locals should do if they’re seeking a day away from the city: fishing! 

Melbourne’s lakes provide many excellent fishing locations where you can enjoy hours casting your reel. This article will detail some of Victoria’s finest fishing lakes to ensure you can spend your time enjoying the great outdoors! 

Discover the ten best lakes for fishing in Victoria.

The Best Lakes for Fishing in Victoria 

1. Lake Corangamite

Lake Corangamite Australia

Sunsets over Lake Corangamite are usually beautiful shades of red and orange.


The biggest freshwater lake in Victoria is Lake Corangamite. It is situated in the state’s southwest, almost midway between Adelaide and Melbourne. Any angler who wants to kick back and unwind while fishing should visit Lake Corangamite. 

Given that the surface area of this lake is nearly 90 square miles, it is a fantastic location for everyone wishing to go fishing and reel in a myriad of fish. Low-lying marshy areas border the lake, which are occasionally submerged during floods.

The nicest part about Lake Corangamite is that visitors aren’t going to worry about launching their own boat because there are so many available for rental! This lake is home to a variety of species, including big-eye trevally and sea mullet.

2. Devilbend Reservoir

Sunset over the bay near Dromana

The shores near the bay in Dromana are quite rocky.

©Matt Sheumack/

Devilbend is a body of water in Victoria that is well-known for its fishing. This recreational lake, which some locals call “Pink Lake,” should not be mistaken for Western Australia’s lake with the same name. Devilbend Reservoir is situated outside of Dromana. 

Although the tall weeds may make it hard to fish at times, the endless amount of trout is well worth the effort. There are a wide variety of aquatic animals in this reservoir. You can catch anything from frogs to perch fingerlings. 

Redfin are also common in the water and can be caught with both lures and bait. While the majority of redfin are typically on small at Devilbend, some specimens weighing five pounds or more have been caught. 

You may employ up to three rods simultaneously, giving you plenty of opportunity to catch something! Even if you don’t catch anything, it’s a beautiful place to visit! 

3. Lake Eildon

Lake Eildon in Victoria, Australia

Lake Eildon is one of the most popular lakes in Victoria.

©Silv Tom/

A focal point of Victoria’s northeast and an attraction for recreational pursuits like fishing is none other than Lake Eildon. The lake serves as a man-made reservoir on the Goulburn watershed and is a crucial component of Victoria’s irrigation system, which supplies water to farmland upstream.

If you wish to fish here for your supper this lake is a terrific way to spend the whole day with your loved ones. Trout and redfin ruled Lake Eildon’s fishing for a while. In more recent years, a superb mixed fishery with prize Murray cod and golden perch has emerged, thanks to substantial stocking.

In the Lake Eildon National Park, which encircles the lake’s shore, you can go on a bush walk, camp, and have a picnic. Enjoy breathtaking views of the lake while keeping an eye out for local wildlife.

4. Lake Burrumbeet

narrow walking trail at the Lake Burrumbeet camping reserve, Australia

There are narrow walking paths around Lake Burrumbeet.

©Kim Britten/

If you’re on the hunt for an area to catch a bite to eat, Lake Burrumbeet is the ideal location. Since it features some of Melbourne’s top sport fishing, this lake has long been a favorite with commercial fishers. 

This lake’s deepest point is just under 10 feet deep. This makes it straightforward to get out into the deeper water and catch a fish. Additionally, there are a pair of boat ramps on the lake where you can launch your boat. 

Lake Burrumbeet is spacious, giving plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the water. You can expect to catch trout and carp here. 

5. Lake Fyans

Early morning mist on beautiful Lake Fyans near the Grampian Mountain Range in Western Victoria, with dead trees reflected in the mirror smooth surface.

Careful navigating around the dead trees towering over the water.

©Norman Allchin/

Lake Fyans has served as a popular fishing spot for centuries. As such, it’s where you need to go if you are interested in catching a few fish and enjoying the freshwater flavor.

There are also lots of sailboats on the lake’s waters. Like other lakes on this list, visitors are able to rent one and go fishing. Due to Lake Fyans’ size, it offers plenty of room for everybody to have fun, making it a perfect destination for families. These waters are home to bass, trout, and redfin fish.

6. Lake Eppalock

Fishing at Lake Pleasant

You can rent a boat or fish from the shore here!

©Roger Siljander/

Family barbecues and water sports are ideal at Lake Eppalock. This large lake, built on the Campaspe River in the 1960s, has long been a favorite spot for boating and other water sports.

If you’re looking to get away from Melbourne and find a site for fishing, Lake Eppalock is a terrific location. This enormous lake is located just beyond Bendigo and is one of the most well-liked lakes in the area for anglers. 

People love coming here to fish from the shore or a small vessel such as a kayak. You can reel in carp, cod, trout, and redfin here. With around 12 square miles of water for exploring, the vastness of this lake alone renders it a fantastic destination! 

7. Broken Creek

golden trout

Golden trout are easily identifiable due to the bright red stripe along their side.


Broken Creek is another fantastic location to visit in Victoria. The creek splits off from the Broken River downstream of Benalla and runs to the Murray River close to Barmah. 

Golden perch, cod, trout, and redfin are just a few of the species you can catch here. This fishing spot is ideal for families because of its size. Visitors can rent a boat from one of the many nearby marinas to find tasty fish to catch.

8. Lake Glenmaggie

Aerial view of Jones Bay at Gippsland Lakes Reserve, Victoria, Australia. Typical Australian Landscape

Gippsland is a popular holiday destination that features multiple lakes, including Lake Glenmaggie.

©Greg Brave/

Lake Glenmaggie is a beautiful location for a getaway and a fantastic place to go fishing! This lake is ideal if you want to capture some huge fish. One of the best parts about Lake Glenmaggie is that you can rent boats for the day. 

This is a great option for people who don’t own their own vessel! Lake Glenmaggie has a maximum depth of 26 feet. It is home to a variety of fish species, including bass, golden perch, and silver trevally.

9. Lake Connewarre

Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella). Wild life animal.

Carp can weigh well over 100 pounds!

©Vladimir Wrangel/

One of the most well-liked fishing locations around Victoria is Lake Connewarre. This lake has incredibly pure water and is home to a wide variety of species. Salmon, trout, and perch are commonly reeled in! 

We suggest taking an entire weekend and camping at one of the nearby campgrounds. Imagine sleeping under the stars after roasting a freshly caught fish on the open fire! The lake offers a large selection of boats for rent, and it is a perfect location to get on your boat and spend time on the water.

10. Lake Tyers

Fish with open gills

Rainbow trout are one of the most common fish worldwide.


With a name like Lake Tyers, you know it’s good for fishing! One of Victoria’s top fishing locations is here.

You may rent a lot of boats from here as well, allowing you to choose whether you want to fish above or below the surface. This lake is home to numerous species, including silver perch and rainbow trout. 

This is another fantastic location for camping, and if you wish to extend your stay, there are some vacation houses close by. Whichever lake you choose, make sure you have a fishing license

Summary of the Best Lakes For Fishing in Victoria

LakeCommon types of fish
1.Lake CorangamiteBig-eye trevally, eel, carp,  and sea mullet.
2.Devilbend ReservoirTrout, bass, salmon, and carp.
3.Lake EildonCod, perch, trout, and redfin.
4.Lake BurrumbeetTrout and carp.
5.Lake FyansBass, trout, and redfin.
6.Lake EppalockCarp, cod, trout, and redfin.
7.Bream, flathead, and tailor.  Golden perch, cod, trout, and redfin.
8.Lake GlenmaggieBass, golden perch, and silver trevally.
9.Lake ConnewarreSalmon, trout, and perch.
10.Lake TyersBream, flathead, and taylor.  

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