The Largest Landowner in New York Owns an Ridiculous 112,000 Acres

Written by Micky Moran
Published: February 26, 2024
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  • Molpus Woodlands Group owns the largest amount of land in New York.
  • Dick Molpus is the founder and former chairman of this forestry company.
  • In addition to New York, Molpus Woodlands Group owns land in New Hampshire and Missouri.

New York spans 54,555 square miles of the United States, which is about 34,915,200 acres. Several sections of that massive acreage are owned by private parties, including Molpus Woodlands Group. Known for its preservation efforts in forestry and agriculture, this company has only been around for a few years. However, with the efforts of their founder, they decided to accumulate several areas of land around the country to protect and support it. Learn more about the largest landowner in New York below.

Molpus Woodlands Group: Largest Landowners in New York

Jay Covered bridge in Adirondacks NY state

Under the management of the Molpus Woodlands Group, the Adirondacks share land in New York and New Hampshire.

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Based in Mississippi, the owners of the largest amount of New York’s land is Molpus Woodland Group. This company was founded by Dick Molpus in 1996, directly after he lost the gubernatorial election of the governor of Mississippi. This company promotes sustainable forestry practices, which is why it set out to purchase so much land. Once they purchase the land, they form relationships in the community to protect local ecosystems and highlight the importance of taking care of the country’s forests.

After the first year, the company had its first client. However, much of the next few years was spent accruing land in the south. The continued work to expand and purchase more land drove them to become the largest investment organization for timberland in the southern United States in 2004.

Which Parts Of New York Does Molpus Woodlands Group Own?

This forestry group purchased land in New York and other states to preserve the local environment for years to come.

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Most of the land that Molpus Woodlands Group owns in New York is condensed to the Adirondack forest. However, this forest isn’t exclusive to New York. Instead, it spreads across New Hampshire as well. Though the section of the forest in New York is 112,000 acres, the company holds a 240,000-acre section of the Adirondack Timberlands outside of the northern state.

As of 2014, the Molpus Woodlands Group owned about 1.6 million acres in the United States. Though it is the largest landowner in New York, many states have land owned by this Mississippi-based company.

What Land Does Molpus Woodland Group Own Outside Of New York?

Though the 112,000 acres is a lot, Molpus Woodland Group’s status as the largest landowner in New York expands beyond this state. Since the Adirondacks spread into New Hampshire, Molpus Woodland Group owns about 240,000 acres of the same forest within New Hampshire’s border.

Minnesota may seem a bit far away, but this company is also the largest landowner in that state, with 286,000 acres. They announced this imminent purchase in 2012, but the company made several other purchases at the time. These acquisitions gave them 138,000 acres in Idaho, 573,000 acres in Oregon, and 264,000 acres in Washington.

In 2015, this company purchased 192,000 acres of southwest Louisiana. The area covers 6 counties, though much comes from a southern pine plantation property. In 2022, Molpus Woodlands Group purchased more land in Louisiana, spilling into eastern Texas and adding another 117,000 acres to their management. 

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