The Longest Biking Trail in Vermont

Written by Emilio Brown
Updated: September 24, 2022
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Vermont is one of the many beautiful states in the US, known for its woodland and mountainous scenery. Biking is a great way to get a view of the sights Vermont has to offer, and there are around 18 rail trails in total within the state. Biking these trails showcases the historic and scenic areas in Vermont. In this article, you will discover the longest biking trail in Vermont and what you can expect when taking on this journey. 

What is the Longest Bike Trail in Vermont?

Lamoille Valley Rail Train
The longest bike trail in Vermont is the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.

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The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is the longest bike path in Vermont. This bike trail follows the Lamoille River and passes through Vermont’s Green Mountain Range. Currently, only parts of the trail are open, as the rest is not completed and is under construction. Today around 44 miles of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail are open, and when complete, it will be 93 miles long. Three trail segments are still under construction but are expected to be completed in the fall. 

This bike trail is located in northern Vermont and covers five counties and 18 towns. This trail follows the railroad that goes from St. Johnsbury to Swanton. The railroad was built between 1869 to 1877 and was expanded upon continuously. Officially retired in 1994, and in 2002 it started to get converted into a rail trail. 

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

The longest bike trail in Vermont is the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail. Around 44 miles of the trail are completed, and when done, it will be 93 miles in total. The end of fall in 2022 is when the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is expected to be finished.

St. Johnsbury to Danville Section

The St. Johnsbury to Danville segment of the trail is around 15.4 miles long. This section runs through wetlands and forests. You pass Joe’s Pond, which has fishing, boating, and a residential area. This section of the trail is harder to bike since the landscape is not as flat as other parts of the trail. The trees in the area provide ample shade when biking on hotter days.

Morrisville to Cambridge Section

The segment of the Lamoille Valley Trail from Morrisville to Cambridge is around 17.4 miles long. When biking this section you will pass meadows, woodlands, fields, and small towns. When passing by the residential area you can find a trailhead at Old Mill Park, which has parking, water, and restrooms. 

Once you keep riding down this segment you will pass Ithiel Falls, and reach Cambridge Junction. Cafes, shops, and breweries are some of the attractions in this junction. This area is marked by the Cambridge Junction Bridge and is a historical site.

Sheldon to Swanton Section

The segment from Sheldon to Swanton is around 11.6 miles long and is a very open part of the trail This part connects to the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail and connects Highgate to Swanton.

Other Sections of The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

The last three sections of the trail are not yet complete but are expected to be ready before the end of the 2022 fall season. The last three sections of the trail are the Sheldon and Cambridge segment which is around 18.5 miles, the Morristown and Hardwick segment which is about 18.5 miles, and the Hardwick and Danville Segment which will be around 18 miles

Navigating the Route

The new sections of the trail are nearly complete, but you will not be able to bike sections that are under construction until they are finished. The majority of the trail is flat, with a gravel surface. While biking is a fun way to experience this trail, you can also hike, horseback ride, or run on this trail. In the winter when it snows, it is possible to go skiing or use snowmobiles.

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is considered a challenging trail for beginner bikers. The trail is pretty wide and flat, but some sections have a slight incline. A mountain bike is recommended for completing this trail, but other bikes that can comfortably ride over gravel can be used. With a steady pace, you can expect to finish this trail in about 3 to 4.5 hours. When the full 93 miles of the trail are complete it may take around 6 to 7 hours to complete. 

Wildlife of The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

Beavers can be found in water along the longest trail in Vermont.

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Riding through the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail can show you the variety of wildlife that Vermont has to offer. When on this trail you will ride alongside the bank of the Lamoille River, and pass through landscapes like meadows, wetlands, forests, and agricultural fields. Fish can be caught or spotted in the rivers and ponds that you pass.  

When on this trail it can be an excellent time to spot wildlife like birds or beavers in the water. There are plenty of trees to enjoy, that turn beautiful colors in the fall. You can spot amazing mountain views on the Lamoille Valley Trail, and it is a great ride any time of the year. 

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Lamoille Valley Rail Train
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