The 6 Lucky Colors That Represent the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Written by Asia Mayfield
Updated: January 10, 2024
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The wisdom of astrology intertwines with color theory. For Cancer, the zodiac’s fourth sign, the right colors encourage harmony and growth.

Gentle, nurturing Cancer is a caregiver. They use their tender emotions and practical know-how to improve the lives of everyone around them. Yet, these sweet souls can be a little lost when it’s time for their own spiritual nourishment. 

Below, we’ll go over the lucky colors that represent the Cancer zodiac sign and discuss how they can influence life.

Symbolism Behind Lucky Cancer Colors

Cancer zodiac sign

Blue is a powerful color for Cancer.


Cancer rules the zodiac between June 22 and July 22. Their reign is wedged between flighty Gemini and confident Leo. Cancer is almost a combination of the two opposite signs. 

They take the languid dreaminess of Gemini and combine it with Leo’s practicality. 

That’s why the zodiac portrays Cancer as a crab. They scuttle between land and water, thriving in both environments. Colors that charge Cancer’s power reflect and amplify their calm, loving, and competent natures. 

A wild fuschia striped with green is a vibrant shade, but it’s too intense for Cancer’s laid-back vibe. The lucky colors that represent the Cancer zodiac sign are pale, watery hues reminiscent of spring days. 


Small Cupped Daffodil

Simple white hues connect with Cancer’s gentleness.


Pure, gleaming white has no true color; it scatters light from all possible wavelengths. If you’re a Cancer, the color might imbue you with serenity and quiet joy. Light a few white candles on your desk and let the day’s troubles disappear with the smoke. The balance inherent in white shades offers peace when crabs are roused to pinching and fighting.


water drop splash in a glass blue colored

Cancer is a water sign, so blue makes sense as a lucky color.

©Peter Bocklandt/

Ocean blue naturally attracts peace-loving hearts like Cancer’s. Blue is a color for meditation and free, introspective thought. Its placidness is deceptive; this is not a dull shade. Rivers of mystery lay tangled in whirls of blue, ready for Cancer to discover. Pale blue evokes tenderness, while the deep blue of the sea is tied to depth and wonder. Try wearing a blue crystal amulet to increase your luck as a Cancer.


macro shooting of natural mineral rock - polished moonstone (adular) gemstone isolated on white background from India

The silvery color of the moonstone appeals to intuitive Cancer.


Mysterious, serene silver is one of Cancer’s luckiest colors. It’s a symbol of fertility and the moon. Cancer basks in the moonlight because they exude qualities linked to the celestial body. Those who fall under Cancer’s protective glow are like ancient travelers guided by moonbeams. Silver jewelry lets crabs incorporate this tranquility into day-to-day life. A subtle piece is fine. You’re the only one who needs to know you’re wearing it.


Empty Plain soft pale green color gradation on recyclable paper texture minimalism peaceful background concept

Are you a Cancer? Green may bring luck.


Green brings abundance and vitality. Every shade of the color is lucky for water-sign Cancer. Green with envy? Not at all. Those born under Cancer are natural doctors and nurses. A desire to nurture and comfort invades every part of their being. Seeing green as a Cancer stirs positive emotions and an innate love of nature. Abundance for Cancer is happiness shared with friends. The next time you go to a party, dress up your outfit with a pop of green or drench yourself in the color entirely.


A Mauve Floribunda Rose

The soft color of a flower’s pink petals is precisely the hue Cancer should add to their palette.

©Galina Bolshakova 69/

Soft, lovely pink is the perfect shade for Cancer’s romanticism. Pink is the color of blushing cheeks and lollipops; it encapsulates innocent love and delight. Pretty pink roses can go to a partner, a close friend, a beloved teacher, or anyone you care about. Pink has the intimacy of red without the bursting passion. It hits a quieter note.


Deep purple blue abstract background. Gradient. Toned fabric surface texture. Dark colorful background with space for design. Combination of plum eggplant color and navy blue.

Turbulent emotions find a match with purple.


Moody intuition suits purple. Cancer usually feels comfortable following their heart because they know it works in tandem with their head. Cancer highlights emotion, but they’re not ruled by it. Sometimes, however, their usual balance may be upset, sending them into a tornado of conflicting feelings. A deep purple meditation stone or candle can bring sense to those moments. 

Unlucky Colors for Cancer

Specific colors may throw Cancer out of alignment — these bold shades jar with their delicate nature. 


Nature background. Dramatic clouds on the sky in red colors

Fiery red demands more attention than Cancer wants.

©Drop of Light/

Pink fits Cancer like a robe, but red is the wrong color entirely. It promotes fast thoughts and decisive actions, while Cancers like to ponder. Too much red can overwhelm them.


Orange Cloth Background, Fabric Texture Gold Color Pattern Silk Gradien Luxury Backdrop, Light Yellow Textile Banner Material Satin Summer Tropical Wave Display Fashion Abstract Design Poster Template

You may think orange is cheerful, but it’s also very loud.


Vivid orange is incredibly cheery, yet it stimulates the wrong vibrations for Cancer. Again, it’s too intense. If you love and want to see the color in your space, try small accents contrasted by white and other lucky Cancer colors.

How to Use Cancer Colors

Woman hugs and holds her black labrador retriever dog in front of the Grand Teton National Park mountains in Jackson Wyoming as the dog licks her face


You can infuse your zodiac colors into your daily life. Look at what you wear, the color you paint walls, and the decorations and knickknacks on your tables. Draw inspiration from your favorite objects. 

You don’t need to limit yourself to six colors to increase your luck as a Cancer. Instead, the goal is to increase the presence of lucky colors in your surroundings. 

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