Velociraptor vs Cassowary: Who Would Win in a Fight

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Written by Kyle Glatz

Published: December 14, 2023

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Velociraptors may not have been the killing machines popularized in Jurassic Park, but they were anything but helpless. These feathered dinosaurs weighed about 100 pounds at their maximum and stood about 1.5 to 2 feet tall. Meanwhile, cassowaries look like they could be modern-day dinosaurs. So, in a battle between a velociraptor vs cassowary, who wins? We’re going to break down this fight and show you whether the dinosaur from the ancient world or the modern-day flightless bird would survive!

Comparing a Velociraptor and a Cassowary

SizeWeight: from 20 to 50 pounds, potentially 100 pounds
Height: 1.5 to 2 feet at their largest
Length: between 6 and 10 feet
Weight: 55 to 160 pounds
Height: from 4 to 5.5 feet high
Length: 3 to 5.5 feet
Speed– 10 to 25 mph, with bursts of 40 mph31 mph
Defenses– Would use its hearing to locate other dangerous animals and avoid them
– Could use its speed to outrun some dangers
– Can run at a high speed
– They can run and leap great distances
– Can jump upwards of 7 feet into the air
Offensive Capabilities– Had powerful legs along with a 3-inch claw on each foot, allowing them to grasp and tear into prey
– Had 28 sharp, serrated teeth to rip flesh from prey
– Have long legs capable of delivering powerful kicks
– Their feet have claws measuring 4 inches long that they can use to slice or stab other animals
– Can also headbutt or peck
Predatory Behavior– Solo hunters, pursuit predators that would chase prey, pin them, and kill them– Prefer to eat fruit, but they can consume invertebrates and small vertebrates by using their claws and beak

What Are 2 Key Differences Between a Velociraptor and a Cassowary?

Velociraptor 3D illustration on white background

In the 1993 movie Jurassic Park Velociraptors have no feathers, as their feathers were only discovered in 2007.


The major differences between a velociraptor and a cassowary can be found in their size and classification. Velociraptors were dinosaurs, and cassowaries are large, flightless birds. Cassowaries can weigh anywhere from 55 to 160 pounds and stand between 4 and 5.5 feet tall, but a velociraptor only weighs about 20 to 50 pounds or perhaps up to 100 pounds and stands about 1.5 to 2 feet tall at their utmost.

These differences will weigh heavily in the outcome of this hypothetical fight. However, these facets of the dinosaur and the bird are not the only factors needed to decide the winner of the bout. 

What Are the Key Factors in a Fight Between a Velociraptor and a Cassowary?

southern cassowary with blurred background

The Southern Cassowary is one of only two birds known to have killed a human.


Several factors influence the fight between a velociraptor and a cassowary. However, these elements are similar to just about every other fight in the animal kingdom despite this being a hypothetical fight. These elements include the animals’ size, speed, defenses, offenses, and the way they hunt prey.

To get a solid idea of which animal would survive this fight, we must compare the animals in each of the fields, find out which one has an advantage, and then apply all the data to determine the overall winner. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in the following section.

Velociraptor vs Cassowary: Size

The average velociraptor weighed anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds, but some sources suggest they could have reached 100 pounds. Meanwhile, they stood somewhere between 1.5 and 2 feet at their maximum. Cassowaries are much larger. They can stand between 4 and 5 feet tall and weigh as much as 160 pounds or slightly more. 

Cassowaries have a size advantage in this fight.

Velociraptor vs Cassowary: Speed

Scientists are somewhat divided on the topic of the velociraptor’s speed. Some sources claim that they can only run 10 mph while others believe they can reach about 25 mph or more at a full sprint. However, the cassowary can reach a top speed of 31 mph.

The cassowary is getting the edge in speed because its high speed is documented and greater than most reasonable estimates of the velociraptor’s speed.

Velociraptor vs Cassowary: Defenses

The velociraptor was not a very large dinosaur. So, this creature would rely on its senses to locate and avoid danger. If the dinosaur could not avoid a threat, it could always try to run from it or fight back against it.

Meanwhile, cassowaries are very large and powerful as adults. They can run at high speeds, jump several feet in the air with ease, and fight their way out of attacks. However, they’re still vulnerable to pythons, Papuan eagles, and other animals when they’re young.

Cassowaries get the defensive advantage in this fight because they’re large, powerful, and difficult to bring down as adults.

Velociraptor vs Cassowary: Offensive Capabilities

The velociraptor and cassowary are both known for their long, sharp claws on their feet. The velociraptor had strong legs and a 3-inch-long claw on each foot that it could use to pin, grasp, and hold prey still while tearing into them with its teeth. Velociraptors had about 28 teeth, and they were serrated on the back edge to help them rip flesh from their prey.

Cassowaries can use their powerful legs to kick other animals, and they’re not afraid to use their claws either. A cassowary’s longest claw is about 4 inches long, and it’s used to slash or stab foes. They can also use headbutts and pecks to attack. Still, cassowaries are not world-class predators.

Cassowaries are better equipped for a fight since they have several powerful means of attack.

Velociraptor vs Cassowary: Predatory Behavior

The cassowary is not an apex predator. They prefer to eat various fruits, but they can also consume small animals and carrion. Meanwhile, the velociraptor was a lone hunter that seemed to engage in pursuit predation. After they caught up to their prey, they would pin them to the ground and tear them apart with their vicious bites.

Velociraptors have an advantage in predatory behaviors.  

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Velociraptor and a Cassowary?

Cassowary Attack - Isolated Face

The cassowary is too strong for the small dinosaur to overcome.

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A cassowary would win a fight against a velociraptor. Although it seems odd to call a fight in favor of a bird against a dinosaur, the size and strength disparity in this case is simply too much for the velociraptor to overcome.

Before the fight even started, the velociraptor would be tempted to flee. Its opponent would tower over it by several feet, striking an imposing figure. When forced to fight the velociraptor would find itself unable to use its favored means of attack, striking and pinning its opponent.

Meanwhile, the cassowary would launch a deadly flurry of kicks, slashes, pecks, and headbutts that would put down the dinosaur.  

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