Watch a Hero Dog Rescue His Sister From an Attacking Eagle

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: February 8, 2023
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Isn’t it great when your brother has your back? Full respect to this brave pooch for piling in when his sister was having some bother with an eagle. The scuffle was short but furious. The back/gray dog did have the eagle on its back at one point. But once the tan colored dog got involved, the eagle hesitated and seems to back off. The bird looked pretty bedraggled after the encounter so it is possible that it was the dog that started it. Nevertheless, these dogs are both a similar size to the bird, if not a bit smaller. It highlights just how large these birds can be!

Exceptional Eagles

Eagles are part of the Accipitridae family which comes from the Latin word accipiter, which means hawk – they are amazing birds. Vultures, hawks and kites are also in this family but eagles have the largest beaks.

They are large birds and are very fast in the air having evolved from kites around 36 million years ago. Their grip is up to ten times stronger than a human’s, and some can carry up to four times their body weight.

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There are actually around 60 different species of eagle and they can be informally categorized as fish (or sea) eagles, serpent eagles, forest eagles, and booted eagles.

a predator golden eagle with a dangerous look
Golden eagles will attack pet dogs


Eagles as a Danger to Dogs

Dog owners need to be aware of the danger that eagles present to their beloved pets. There are even reports of dogs being killed by eagles.

The main culprits are golden eagles and bald eagles. Usually, the bald eagle catches fish and small birds and the golden eagle hunts prey such as rabbits and squirrels but will target prairie dogs. When these birds target pet dogs, it is often an immature bird that is responsible as they have not yet developed their skills and judgement when it comes to hunting. Pet dogs that weigh less than 10 pounds are the most common targets.

Eagles attack very quickly and if you don’t happen to catch it on video as we see here, you may not even realize that it has taken place. There are some tell-tale signs that your dog has been involved in a conflict with an eagle. They will probably have missing patches of fur and multiple skin punctures (with bleeding). They may also have concussion or fractured bones (this is after being dropped from a height). Another clue is if you have seen eagles in the area or there are eagle feathers on the ground.

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Golden eagle
Golden eagle
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