Watch a Man Use Bare Hands to Snatch the Biggest Crab You’ve Ever Seen Straight Out of the Ocean

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: October 19, 2023
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These crustaceans have the kind of powerful claws you want to keep your fingers away from. Yet the man at the bottom of the page sees a rare opportunity and takes it. Watch to see exactly how big the mud crab is (and how quickly it moves to defend itself!).

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What Is a Mud Crab?

Mud crabs reach large sizes, which makes them popular for recreational fishers. When prepared, they make for a tasty meal as well. However, these giant mud crabs are equipped with strong claws that can snap your fingers right off, so they require careful handling. These mud crabs like mangrove environments where they have sheltered waters to reside in. They move quickly and they’re powerful — catching these giant crabs isn’t exactly a walk in the park. But the man in the video at the bottom of the page sure makes it look easy!

Largest crabs - giant mud crab on the beach

Giant mud crabs have strong claws they use to defend themselves.

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How Does a Mud Crab Defend Itself?

Not only do mud crabs rely on their surprisingly powerful claws when moving into defense mode, but they may also shed an entire claw to get out of a sticky situation. Most of the time after they do this, they are able to grow the claw right back and it grows back fully functional. What’s interesting is that once they grip with their strong claws, they don’t let go. Even if they shed their claw, that detached part keeps a strong grip!

Man Catches Mud Crab With Bare Hands

When the video below starts, a man is in shallow sandy water. It’s not exactly the type of environment a mud crab usually prefers. The man keeps his distance at first examining the position of the giant mud crab. Then, in one swift motion, he reaches out to touch the mud crab. Startled, it ejects its two main defenses: its claws. They came up out of the water in an instant to latch on. But the man is fast, quickly moving his hand out of the way before the mud crab manages to make contact.

Both the man and the woman behind the camera yell out, “Whoa!” as they take in the speed and size of this giant mud crab. The man is in awe, finding it hard to believe that he’s just come across a giant mud crab. His next move is ballsy. He approaches the giant mud crab in the sandy, murky water while it still has its claws up. He manages to perfectly sweep in, grabbing each claw in each of his hands and pulling the mud crab out of the water. He shows it to the camera and exclaims, “Look at the size of this thing!”

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Sunnypics-oz/iStock via Getty Images

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