Watch the Intense Encounter When a Wolf Wanders Up on a German Shepherd Guard Dog

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Written by Zeek Lepakko

Updated: November 10, 2023

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Portrait of a German shepherd in a park. Purebred dog.
© Cloud Bursted/

Dogs have been man’s best friend basically forever, and there are many reasons why. Protection of the home is a huge factor, and the encounter seen in the below clip is no exception. A wolf decides to try his luck with approaching a house, but doesn’t realize that you don’t mess with a German Shepherd!

Who wins in this kind of showdown? There are honestly too many factors to take into account, but the video below gives a good impression of who would emerge as the victor. Either canine is definitely well-matched against the other and exhibits plenty of potential to deal out a whooping. Well-trained domestic dogs are certainly a force that isn’t to be reckoned with, though.

Make sure to read on about both of these amazing dogs to get a better idea of what they’re capable of.

How Protective Is the German Shepherd?

German Shepherd in the park against the background of the Christmas tree. Dog for a walk.

German Shepherds are an incredibly active dog breed.


There are quite a variety of working dogs, but the German Shepherd stands in a league of its own. Renowned the world over, they make short work of learning protection, herding, police work, and more. This is due to their high intelligence, extreme energy levels, and of course, an eagerness to please. These factors have clearly made them an iconic breed of sorts. It’s likely that you or someone you know has one in the family!

As for the level of defense that a Shepherd can provide, its prowess is only rivaled by a few, including the Belgian Malinois and the Doberman Pinscher. With plenty of smarts and a sheer bite force, these pups mean business. Recent studies have indicated that the median performance of Shepherds is exceptional among its peers. That said, it’s no mistake that countless families, law enforcers, and businesses ensure a German Shepherd is nearby.

How Dangerous Are Wolves?

Wolves are a majestic example of beautiful creatures, but they are indeed wild animals. Therefore, the threat they pose is very real, especially because they’re carnivorous animals. Although historically low in incidents against humans, habitat destruction and loss of fear have made the situation a bit stickier. Normally defensive in nature, wolves can still be driven to unprovoked aggression, so avoidance is the best policy for them. Just as an example, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has guidelines to share on this topic, so please heed them wisely!

Is It Normal for a Wolf to Approach a Domestic Dog?

A portrait of a red wolf

A lone wolf won’t typically invade the territory of a larger domestic dog.

©Cavan Images/iStock via Getty Images

Is it normal for a wolf to approach a domestic dog in the way displayed in the video we watched? The answer would be no. In general, wolves are not ultra-brave when it comes to approaching areas where humans reside. Wolves prefer their habitats in the wild. There are some places where humans have encroached on habitats where wild animals like wolves and bears live, and this would raise the chances of an encounter between a wolf and a dog.

A wolf could be drawn to a yard if they are searching for a food source, whether it be smelling dog food, or worse, viewing the dog itself as prey. The size of the dog would play a part in how the scenario unfolds. In the video, the German shepherd and wolf are similar in size, and the shepherd appears equally vicious and capable of defending itself. However, if there were a group of wolves, they could definitely attack and kill a domestic dog, especially a smaller one. In fact, this behavior has been reported and could be considered normal. 

It’s important to always protect your dogs, keep an eye on them, and be aware if you live in an area where wolves live. The scary part of the video is that the German shepherd is chained up. If there had been more than one wolf, the dog would be unable to escape an attack on foot. 

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