Watch This Fisherwoman Haul in a 1,000LB Tuna by Herself

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: November 30, 2022
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This video is unreal. Right from the beginning, it takes a second for your brain to register what you’re looking at. A gigantic bluefin tuna is hanging just off the side of this woman’s boat. She is working tirelessly, surely with adrenaline pumping through her veins, as she hauls this huge fish onto her boat.

She celebrates after completing her mission by throwing her hands up in the air. This video is short so you’re going to want to replay it to really take it all in. It looks like there is another fishing boat in the back because after she celebrates, she looks over as if to say, “Did you see that?!”

Bluefish tuna swims in the ocean with a fishing net in the background
Huge bluefish tuna swims in the ocean with a fishing net in the background, ready to capture it for commercial fishing.

©Alexius Sutandio/

The woman in the video is Michelle Bancewicz Cicale. She is a commercial fisherwoman who has been catching huge fish for years. You can check out her Instagram account to see her successful history. She even offers guided tours on private charters.

This video was taken off the coast of Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. You can see the size difference in the video between Cicale and the fish. The bluefish tuna measured nine feet long and though it sure is believable that it weighed over 1,000 pounds just by the look of it, it actually came in weighing just over 600 pounds.

Commercial fishing can be incredibly lucrative. An expert like Cicale knows how to properly handle the fish to keep it high quality both in freshness and appearance. Fish dealers can easily spot mishandled fish so from the moment a bluefin is captured, it’s the job of the commercial fisherman to keep it up to standards.

Fish dealers require you to keep the catch cool and moist. The idea is to minimize any damage to the bluefin tuna’s body and bleed it upon capture. The cooling process can get complex, particularly if you’re dealing with a huge fish like the one in this video.

You’re only catching the tail end of this struggle. This woman had to work hard to bring that huge fish in. The fish works hard as well, and because bluefin tuna fish exert themselves so much, their body temperature rises. Lowering their internal temperature is both a science and an art. Cicale did well.

Although the bluefin tuna in this video is enormous, there are bluefin tuna fish that grow up to 13 feet long and all the way up to 2,000 pounds. Can you imagine that?

Watch the incredible strength and expertise of this fisherwoman as she hauls in a huge bluefin tuna catch!

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Huge bluefish tuna hangs at the dock
Huge bluefish tuna hangs at the dock
© Dolores M. Harvey/

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