See This Massive Tuna Swallow a Sea Gull and Immediately Regret It

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: October 21, 2023
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When you think about tuna, you likely imagine the quick meal that comes in a can. Did you know that tuna fish is known as a massive predator in the ocean? There are many different species of tuna, and they are present in every ocean in the world. Apex predators like tuna are at the peak of the food chain. 

They can eat a variety of prey because they have such a varied diet. A young boy is seen feeding fish on a dock in a viral video. A huge tuna is circling near the side of the dock in hopes of catching one of the delicious fish he’s tossing in the water. 

Watch This Tuna Fish Swallow a Sea Gull!

The video was captured by sailor Robert Llorens Sulivera as the tuna was swimming near the port of Gerona. The port has reportedly seen tuna every day for the past few months. Even though birds aren’t in the tuna’s diet, some fish actively pursue birds.

Smaller tuna species frequently eat crabs, squid, and smaller fish. Bigger tuna species, like the bluefin, can reach lengths of 12 feet and weights of over 2000 pounds! These larger giant tunas eat other marine mammals, bigger fish, squid, and octopus. 

Because of their strong jaws and teeth, tuna may easily rip apart their prey. They have a good sense of smell as well, which helps them forage for food in the water. Due to their powerful muscles, tuna can swim a very long way. 

An Unlikely Catch

Fastest Water Animals

Their specialized body shape, fins, and scales enable some species of tuna to swim as fast as 43 miles per hour.


Many types of tuna can also swim vertically. Bigeye tuna can go down to cooler waters in the morning, around 1,500 feet, then come back up to warmer seas nearer the surface in the afternoon. In pursuit of food, a bluefin tuna can descend 25 miles through the water.

The tuna isn’t the only animal snacking on the fish the young boy is throwing into the water. A small seagull continuously swoops down to grab a fresh snack. Little did this bird know, it was about to become lunch! 

The child tosses in a fresh fish and both the tuna and the seagull go to catch it at the same time. In a wild turn of events, the tuna snags the fish… and the seagull along with it! If you blink, you may miss this wild interaction in the video posted below! 

We see the tuna swim around for a minute before spitting out the bird. Whether it wasn’t in the mood for a seagull or just didn’t like the taste, the bird couldn’t get out of there fast enough! We can’t blame the seagull for wanting a fresh sardine for lunch. 

Maybe next time the quick bird will take a few extra seconds to make sure there aren’t any potential predators around before descending onto the surface of the water! Watch the incredible catch below.

Beautiful Blackfin Tuna Isolated With Blue Background

Many different species of tuna can also swim vertically.


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