Watch What Happens When a Man Sticks a Firecracker in a Wasp Nest Next to His House

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: May 17, 2023
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It can be challenging and terrifying to have a wasp, hornet, or bee nest near your home. It can be particularly dangerous if you have children or outdoor pets. Being stung by a bee is unpleasant, even if you’re not overly sensitive to bees or their stings. 

Although these creatures leave you alone unless they’re threatened, most homeowners don’t want a massive nest hanging on or around their property. What’s more dangerous than a wasp nest? Disturbing it. 

A man was filmed using a unique method for nest removal. He made the decision to act using extreme tactics since there were numerous wasp nests on his land. Thankfully for us, his buddy filmed the entire ordeal, giving us one heck of a video to watch. 

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Hornets Nest
Hornet nests are normally built above ground. If endangered, the entire swarm can attack an intruder.


We can see two enormous nests hanging from trees and the edge of his roof, respectively. He solved the issue by mounting an M80 on a stick with a little bit of cunning thinking. For the nest on the tree, he lights the firecracker, holds it with the stick near the nest, and within seconds the entire thing is obliterated. 

He repeats this method for the nest hanging off of his roof. Not only could he get hurt in the process, but he could’ve created quite a bit of damage to his home. 

Is This a Safe Method of Removing a Nest?

There are much safer and more humane methods for getting rid of these pesky insects. Firecrackers can cause serious injuries and using them for anything other than shooting them into the sky is ill-advised. 

Since disturbing a wasp nest is a generally dangerous task, it’s best to do this chore in the evening. Gently enclose the wasp nest with a trash bag; Remove the wasp nest from whatever it is attached to, then place it inside the bag. 

Put the trash bag in an outdoor trash can with a tight-fitting lid, preferably far from the home. If you’re like me and don’t even want to touch the nest, there are other removable methods that work just as well. 

Bees and other insects are both repelled by an ultrasonic insect repellant. Prevent pests and insects from getting in your home. Never be concerned about having to kill wasps when using one of these bad boys. 

Just plug one of these pest deterrents into an electrical outlet at the beginning of spring and there won’t be any bees or wasps to worry about! If you already have a wasp nest and prefer keeping your distance, you can always call a professional! 

Check Out the Video! 

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Bald-faced hornets paper nest. It is a species of yellow jacket wasp and not a hornet. Colonies contain 400 to 700 workers. Workers aggressively defend their nest by repeatedly stinging invaders.
The nests can be as large as a basketball but are shaped more like a football.
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