Where Is New York State? See Its Map Location and Surrounding States

Written by Patrick MacFarland
Published: December 3, 2023
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Located in the Northeast United States, New York State is one of the most famous states in the country, probably because of its shining star city, New York City. But the real question is, do people know where New York State is? Do people know about the surrounding states around New York State? 

If you are wondering where New York State is, let’s take a look at where it is on the US map. We’ll also explore New York’s bordering states, when the state officially joined the union, the climate in New York, and other facts about the Empire State.

Where Is New York State Located on the Map?

The state of New York is located in the northeast region of the United States. With an area of 54,555 square miles, it is the 27th largest state in terms of size. But where is it on the map? Let’s take a look below.

When Did New York State Officially Join the US?

New York State was inhabited by the Algonquin and Iroquois tribes before the Dutch and English came to settle in what is New York today. Eventually, the state was part of the original thirteen colonies. In fact, New York City served as one of the country’s capitals before Washington D.C. was chosen out of a compromise between the north and the south. New York ratified the constitution and officially became a state on July 26, 1788, as the 11th state.

Which States Border New York State?

Five states border New York State — Pennsylvania and New Jersey to the south, and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the east. Let’s take a look at the four states that border the Empire State.


Capital: Harrisburg

Population: 13 million

Nickname: The Keystone State

Admitted to Union: December 12, 1787 (2nd)

Governor: Josh Shapiro (D)

New Jersey

Capital: Trenton

Population: 9.2 million

Nickname: The Garden State

Admitted to Union: December 18, 1787 (3rd)

Governor: Phil Murphy (D)


Capital: Hartford

Population: 3.6 million

Nickname: Constitution State

Admitted to Union: January 9, 1788 (5th)

Governor: Ned Lamont (D)


Capital: Boston

Population: 6.9 million

Nickname: The Bay State

Admitted to Union: February 6, 1788 (6th)

Governor: Maura Healey (D)


Capital: Montpelier

Population: 647,064

Nickname: The Bay State

Admitted to Union: March 4, 1791 (14th)

Governor: Phil Scott (R)

Is New York State a Good Place to Live?

Aerial view of lower Manhattan New York City and the Hudson River

New York is a melting pot state and more than 800 languages are spoken here.


New York State has its charm — it has incredible landscapes that will make your mouth drop. It also has a huge metropolis that can make you feel like one of the Sex in the City gals. The state is also culturally diverse, which means you will never run out of learning about different people and ways of life. The food scene is incredible and the nightlife in the cities, especially New York City, is great. No wonder New York City is called the “City That Never Sleeps.”

Of course, to every pro, there are also cons. The winters in New York can be long and harsh, so if you’re not accustomed to that, get prepared. Taxes are higher in the state than in other states in the country, which means that if you are coming from a low-taxed state, be prepared to pay more. Lastly, although housing in Upstate can be more affordable, living in cities is nightmarishly expensive.

What Is the Climate in New York State?

Moose River in the Adirondcak Mountains of New York State in the USA

New York has a total of 62 counties.

©Jim Schwabel/Shutterstock.com

New York State has a humid continental type of climate, although New York City sometimes falls under the humid subtropical type of climate. Because the state is so vast, the climates and the topography can vary greatly depending on the region. Upstate New York, for example, has long, harsh winters, whereas summers are hot.

When it comes to record temperatures, the hottest temperature ever recorded was 108 degrees Fahrenheit on July 22, 1926. The lowest recorded temperature was -52 degrees Fahrenheit in 1979.

What Is New York State Most Known For?

Niagara falls between United States of America and Canada.

Famous people born in New York include Anne Hathaway, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert DeNiro, Rosario Dawson, Al Pacino, Barbra Streisand, and Jennifer Lopez.

©Jam Norasett/Shutterstock.com

New York is known for having beautiful landscapes in the more northern and rural parts of the state. Many great cities have drawn people because of their bustling economies. The state is also home to Niagara Falls, which is a popular tourist destination where you can see three beautiful waterfalls flowing into the Niagara River.

Lastly, it is mostly known for the biggest city in the country, New York City. It’s otherwise known as the Big Apple. The city is an economic powerhouse and home to 8.4 million (within the city’s five boroughs alone).

When it comes to wildlife, the state is home to bobcats, moose, and black bears. As for the state’s flora, there is a variety of trees, which include oak trees, pine trees, and sugar maple trees.

Fast Facts About New York State

View of the Whitestone Bridge in Queens, New York City at sunset with the water of the Long Island Sound in view.

The country’s first pizzeria opened in New York in 1905.


  • Capital: Albany
  • Population: 19.6 million
  • Governor: Kathy Hochul (D)
  • Lieutenant Governor: Antonio Delgado (D)
  • State animal: Beaver (Castor)
  • State bird: Blue bird (Sialia)
  • State tree: Sugar maple (Acer saccharum)


New York is just stunning because it has it all — the rural areas with lush forests of green that turn red, orange, and yellow in autumn, but also a metropolis concrete jungle. You can truly enjoy living here and explore all of what New York State has to offer. Living in the city can be terrorizingly expensive, but the rest of the state is more affordable. Although New York City is its shining star, there are still many places you can live to have a full, successful life. After all, New York is the Empire State.

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