8 Reasons Dogs are Better than Cats

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Written by Marisa Wilson

Updated: September 22, 2023

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It is no secret that there is a long-standing debate over which pet is better: dogs or cats. While both pets have their unique benefits, there are five key reasons dogs are ultimately better than cats. From their loyalty to their training ability, dogs offer more benefits than cats – making them the perfect pet for any household. Let’s settle this once and for all. Dogs rule, and cats drool!

Why are dogs are better than cats?

Are dogs truly better than cats? Here are eight reasons some people think so.


1. Loyal and Supportive 

They are one of the most loyal pets a person can have. Dogs will stick by their owner’s side through thick and thin. They can help with emotional support and provide companionship to someone who is home alone. Dogs are also better than cats because dogs are less independent and needier, making them more attached to their owners. Cats are more independent and aloof, which some people prefer, but dogs are more loyal and loving. That’s why dogs are man’s best friend.

2. Protective 

There’s no denying that dogs make excellent guard animals. They are fiercely loyal to their owners and will protect them from danger, whether a burglar is breaking into your home or a coyote on the prowl. Dogs have been guard animals for centuries, and their keen sense of smell and hearing make them ideal for the job. They are also much more intimidating than cats, making them an excellent deterrent for would-be burglars and intruders. A cat would just sit on your pillow, judging you as a robber steals your stuff. Team dog is the best if you’re looking for a way to protect your home and family. 

3. Easier to Train

Cats are complex animals to train. This may be because they are naturally independent and not as reliant on humans as dogs are. They can be trained to perform simple tricks and behaviors if their owners are patient and use positive reinforcement. On the other hand, dogs are much easier to train due to their natural tendencies to follow instructions and please their owners. They also have a longer attention span than cats, making them more receptive to training. With a bit of patience and effort, nearly any dog can be taught basic obedience commands and tricks. They are generally much easier to train than cats are.

4. Exercise 

Dogs make great workout buddies for walking or jogging. They’re always eager to get outside and explore and have boundless energy. A dog can be the perfect walking or jogging partner for active people. They motivate you to keep moving and help you stay on a regular exercise schedule. Dogs are fun to walk with – they’re always happy to sniff everything and meet new people along the way. Cats, on the other hand, would rather stare out the window from the comfort of their own homes. They’re not much interested in going for walks or getting any exercise, preferring to spend their days lounging instead. 

5. Better Games

Dogs will always have the edge over cats when playing games. It’s not that cats aren’t athletes- they can run, jump and climb with the best of them, but when it comes to playing organized games, dogs are in a class by themselves. Frisbee and tug-o-war are just a few games where dogs can shine. And let’s not forget about fetch, which is arguably the most iconic dog game of all. Not only does fetch require a certain degree of coordination and athleticism, but it also requires a willingness to work together as a team. That’s something that cats just don’t seem to be able to master. In the end, it’s this ability to play well with others that sets dogs apart as the ultimate game-playing machines.

6. Sense of Smell

Dogs have always been known for their incredible sense of smell, but did you know that they are actually 10,000 times better at smelling than humans? That’s because dogs have about 300 million olfactory receptors, while humans only have around six million. Police forces worldwide take advantage of dogs’ incredible sense of smell by using them to sniff out bombs, drugs, and other contraband. So the next time you see a police dog in action, remember that they’re not just cute faces – they’re a vital member of the force with an essential job to do.

7. Adaptable 

Dogs are known for being playful and loyal, but they also have another helpful trait: adaptability. Dogs have been living side-by-side with humans for thousands of years, and as a result, they’ve learned to adjust to changing environments and situations. This makes them ideal pets for growing families or those who move around frequently. When taken to a new home, dogs typically explore their surroundings and quickly settle into a routine. In contrast, cats often have difficulty adjusting to new environments. They may hide away from people or become agitated and anxious. For families who value stability and harmony, dogs are the obvious choice. 

8. More Friendly

Dogs are more friendly than cats. A study conducted by Japanese researchers found that dogs demonstrate more positive social behaviors towards humans than cats do. The study showed that dogs are more likely to approach and make eye contact with strangers, while cats are more likely to hide or run away. In addition, dogs are more likely to follow human cues and respond to human emotions, while cats are more independent and less responsive to emotional signals. They care about your feelings and well-being more than cats which is why they excel at being a part of human families.


The verdict is in, and dogs are better than cats! There are countless reasons why dogs make the perfect pet for any household, but here are just eight key points. Dogs are loyal companions who love spending time with their families. They are also highly trainable, which makes them great additions to any home. Cats may be cute and cuddly, but they can’t hold a candle to the benefits of owning a dog. So tell your friends – it’s time to put an end to this age-old debate and declare that dogs are better than cats!

Is It Okay To Have Cats and Dogs Together?

It’s totally possible for dogs and cats to coexist and even become friends.


Cats and dogs can certainly coexist in the same environment. By approaching the situation calmly, using a logical approach, and taking into account the psychology of each species, you can ensure a harmonious living arrangement.

In fact, many house cats live harmoniously with a dog if they are allowed the time to become acquainted and comfortable with each other.

When a puppy and a kitten are raised together, they typically develop the ability to coexist from the start, and in some cases, cats and dogs can even become close friends, engaging in activities like play and shared naps.

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