World’s Most Helpful Beluga Whale Retrieves Girl’s Phone From the Bottom of the Ocean

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: September 23, 2022
© Luna Vandoorne/
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Beluga whales are incredibly expressive. They are recognized as one of the most vocal species of whales. They’re also unique in that they can swim backward. Imagine that skill in the water! They can spot something and if they decide it’s not safe to approach, they can make their way back to safety while keeping their eyes on the threat.

They’re easily recognizable because they don’t have dorsal fins the way other whales do. Additionally, they have incredibly bulbous foreheads and can actually alter their shape depending on how they blow air through their sinuses. Talk about shape shifting!

Along with being able to change the shape of their foreheads, beluga whales can also turn their heads to look left and right and up and down. This type of whale is packed with personality and unique attributes. But did you consider that they also display kindness? In this clip, you meet a beluga whale that has decided to complete a good deed for a human!

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You might want to lower your volume before this video starts because it begins with a lot of commotion. Understandably so, however, because what these ladies witness in real life is a once in a lifetime kind of experience! You’ll probably have to play the clip back to see it clearly, but the beluga is underwater holding an iPhone in its mouth as it swims up to meet the girls filming.

There’s a hand reaching into the water, and you can see the beluga whale just below the surface. The woman’s hand then starts to create ripples on the water which distorts the image of the beluga, but you can see that it’s slowly approaching.

As it emerges, you more easily spot that in its mouth, it’s holding her cell phone. The girl and her friends are pleasingly shocked and can’t help but make excited noises, giggling among themselves. One girl looks back at the camera and you can see how surprised she is, her mouth open and her eyes wide. She quickly turns her attention back to marvel at the scene.

One of the girls gently takes her cell phone from the beluga’s mouth and then keeps reaching out with her hand extended to gently caress the beluga’s chin as a thank you. The beluga, seeming to love the attention, stays close to the surface and to the girls, enjoying their praise.

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baby beluga whale
Beluga whale
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