Feisty Ferret Home Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: April 15, 2022


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Ferrets are notorious for their ability to escape from their enclosures. When you have a feisty ferret, you need a home that can be secured and that outsmarts your ferret’s escape plans. Ferrets need plenty of space to enjoy their home and the best material for a ferret home is wire or some other solid material. Wood floors are discouraged because they can easily become contaminated with your ferret’s waste, and it becomes a near-impossible task to try and keep clean.

The feisty ferret home is a living and play space that is equipped with four levels, so your ferret has plenty of space to enjoy. It has two big front doors with locks that can only be opened by humans! There’s also a debris tray that can be easily pulled out for regular cleaning. Even the most energetic adult ferrets can enjoy this multi-level ferret home. They can run, jump, and play at whim. The large doors keep your ferret safe and prevent your little escape artist from getting out without supervision.

The feisty ferret home isn’t the only home type available for ferrets, though it is a favorite for many ferret parents. Sometimes, you need a little help when choosing a ferret cage. Below, we cover some of the other popular products, the key features of the feisty ferret home, the types of animals that could benefit from the space, and where to buy your next feisty ferret home. We also cover any recalls or controversies related to this model and answer some frequently asked questions, so you can have all the information you need in one place.

The feisty ferret home is made by Prevue Pet Products. Along with offering this multi-level ferret home, they also have a deluxe critter cage and a jumbo ferret cage. You can purchase an accessory set from them as well. We expand on each product offering below.

Deluxe Critter Cage

The deluxe critter cage is super easy to assemble yet heavy-duty, rust-resistant, and sturdy. It’s equipped with tight wire spacing so there are no gaps or pinch points, which makes it super safe and appropriate for different types of small animals. It has wide doors for full interior cage access and the door locks easily in a pet-safe manner that can only be opened by pet owners, never by pets. There’s plenty of space to add additional accessories in the cage and there is even storage underneath. You can roll this critter cage around your environment and the grille and tray are easily removable for regular cleaning. This is ideal for active, small animals.

Jumbo Ferret Cage

The jumbo ferret cage is equipped with five levels of living and play space with two front access doors. All the ramps are made from metal as well as the platforms. The cage mesh unclips from the base so that you can easily clean it and it sits on easy-rolling casters. This is a heavy-duty model that’s ultra-spacious for even the feistiest ferrets to run, jump, and play. The ramps and shelves are already included so you don’t have to purchase any other accessories.

Accessory Set

The accessories set is perfect for the feisty ferret cage and can be used to add extra levels and increase the living and play area for your ferret. It’s also great if you have worn-out platforms and ramps because the set easily replaces the old accessories with two platforms and three ramps.

Overall Best
  • Large cage, 4 ½ feet tall
  • Features two different platforms
  • Comes with escape-proof doors
  • Built-in hammock
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Key Features

  • Four living/play levels
  • Pull-out debris tray
  • Equipped with storage shelf
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Escape-proof locks

The feisty ferret home has four levels total for your favorite ferret to enjoy. Close the opening to create two different living spaces or leave it open for full cage access! The debris tray at the bottom is held in place by a wind-bell lock and you can effortlessly pull it out to keep your ferret’s enclosure clean. It features a storage shelf and easy-rolling casters for mobility. It’s made with powder-coated steel construction, and it has a hammertone finish. The two front doors are large but are equipped with escape-proof locks. This ferret home is designed to keep your little fuzzy buddy both engaged with play and happy. It comes fully equipped with shelves and ramps (and a hammock for extra cozy lounging!).

What Type of Animals/Breeds is the Feisty Ferret Home Best Suited For?

The feisty ferret home is made specifically for ferrets. This particular model has 7/8 inch wire spacing so if you have a baby ferret or other small animal, you may want to consider the deluxe critter cage instead because it has a tighter 7/16 inch wire spacing.

  • 7/8 inch wire spacing – this spacing is ideal for adult ferrets. It’s safe and prevents pinch points.
  • Multi-level – provides ample room for ferrets to play, jump, and run. They get exercise and entertainment at the same time.
  • Portable – with easy-roll casters, you can move the ferret home as needed throughout your house.

Feisty Ferret Home: Where to Buy

You can purchase the feisty ferret home online. Check out either Chewy or Amazon for the best deals!

Overall Best
  • Large cage, 4 ½ feet tall
  • Features two different platforms
  • Comes with escape-proof doors
  • Built-in hammock
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Feisty Ferret Home Recalls & Controversies

As of the date this article is written, there have been no recalls on the feisty ferret home. Neither has there been any controversy about this product.

Bottom Line

When you have an adult ferret that loves running around, playing, and jumping from level to level, this feisty ferret home is the best choice. It comes equipped with everything you need and it’s on easy-roll casters for comfortable portability. Since ferrets love a good escape act, this enclosure has escape-proof locks. These extra features not only give you peace of mind but also keeps your ferret completely safe. If you need to divide it into two separate spaces, you can easily create that division. Otherwise, your adult ferret can enjoy ample space along with a hammock for nap times.

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Feisty Ferret Home Guide: Everything You Need to Know FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How do I make my ferret cage feisty?

To set up your feisty ferret home, you should begin by setting up the parts in accordance with the numbers on the parts list. This ensures you have all the parts you need upfront. Attach the casters to start, then begin setting up the cage base. Continue with setting up each level along with the ramps and platforms. Two helpful tips: assemble with more than one person and avoid using power tools, as these can damage the cage.

How many rats fit in a feisty ferret cage?

If you’re housing rats instead of ferrets, you can expect to fit two to five rats comfortably within the feisty ferret cage. The bar spacing is best for adult rats and the deep base is great for creating a cozy bedding space without any spillage.

How big is a feisty ferret cage?

It measures 31 inches long, 20 inches wide, 41.5 inches high, and has 7/8 inch wire spacing. When it’s on a stand, it measures 54 inches high.

What is the best home for a ferret?

For your ferret to feel content and entertained, you should purchase a ferret enclosure that has ample space like the feisty ferret home. You should also consider that your ferret loves to escape so a home that has escape-proof locks is a must. Multiple levels help to keep your ferret entertained while an easy-to-clean debris pan makes your life a whole lot easier.

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