Midwest Critter Nation Cage Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Kristin Hitchcock
Published: April 12, 2022
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Midwest Critter Nation is one of the top cage producers out there. (However, that isn’t saying much, since there aren’t many brands focused on building cages for ferrets.) If you’ve ever owned a ferret or are currently shopping for a ferret, you’ve probably come across them once or twice.

This brand is generally considered to be the best of the best – and for good reason. Their cages are top of the line and typically some of the best on the market. Most are multi-layered and very large, giving your ferret plenty of room to move around and explore.

As you might guess, this company is well-known for producing stellar ferret cages. Because this is a bit of a niche product, this brand has quickly risen to one of the biggest names in the ferret cage world.

However, you probably won’t find any small cages produced by this company. Instead, they mostly produce very large and towering cages. The majority of their cages have multiple levels, though some cages may just have one very large level. In some cases, you can even get an add-on unit to make their cages even bigger.

For this reason, this brand is best for those who have plenty of room and multiple ferrets. While you can get one of their smaller cages for a single ferret, their larger cages would likely be overkill (though we doubt your ferret would mind).

Because their cages are so large, they are usually also quite expensive. A single add-on unit can cost over $100 – and that’s just to go on top of an existing cage. For a full cage, you’re looking at $200 easily.

With that said, these cages are known for their sheer size and durability. Therefore, they offer a great bang for your buck. You just can’t find something of equal size and quality for this amount of money.

They are mostly known for their Deluxe cage, which doses come in multiple sizes:

Key Features

  • Large cages
  • Durable construction
  • Add-on levels available

What Type of Ferret is Midwest Critter Nation Cage Best Suited for?

Large Size

Because these cages tend to be of larger size, we recommend them for homes with multiple ferrets. Truthfully, because ferrets are social animals, most homes will fall into the category. (And, truthfully, this is likely why the company makes most of their cages so large. Single-ferret households are rare.)

Durable Construction

You typically don’t have to worry about ferrets breaking these cages. Therefore, they are a great option for ferrets that have somehow broken out of other cages or simply trashed them.

This company knows exactly how destructive ferrets can be, and they have designed their cages accordingly.


You can easily start with a single-story cage and then upgrade as necessary. The add-on is a fraction of the price of the full cage, so there is little reason to purchase two stories now if you don’t need to.

Therefore, this unit may be great for smaller ferrets that are still growing. You can start them in a smaller enclosure and then upgrade later.

Midwest Critter Nation: Where to Buy

You can find these cages at most places that sell ferret equipment. For instance, there are plenty of places you can purchase online:

Best Spacious Overall
MidWest Critter Nation Deluxe Small Animal Cage
  • Sleek and very sturdy
  • Made of square-tube frames and strong metal wires
  • Spacious
  • Features a durable leak-proof pan underneath the cage
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Bottom Line

Midwest Critter Nation produces some of the best cages around. Therefore, they are a great option for practically anyone with a ferret, especially if you have more than one. They are known for being extremely durable and large, which describes exactly the cage that most ferrets need.

Plus, this brand is not plagued by any recalls or controversy. They simply make really good ferret cages – and there isn’t much more to them than that.

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Midwest Critter Nation Cage Guide: Everything You Need to Know FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Midwest Critter Nation good for ferrets?

Yes. While they are now marketed toward all small animals, this brand originally started as a ferret brand. Many of their products are still ferret-leaning, making them a great choice for ferret owners.

Has Midwest Critter Nation ever had a recall?

No. According to our research, this company has never had a recall. Their cages are extremely safe and durable.

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