Rex Specs Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: August 27, 2022


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Sometimes good things can come out of bad situations – at least for the owner of Rex Specs. Jesse Emilo and his wife Aiden had no plans to become a worldwide business selling eyewear to pet owners all over the world. They simply wanted to keep their pets’ eyes safe. 

They were heartbroken to find that Tuckerman, their dog, had developed an autoimmune condition that made him sensitive to UV rays. Yaz, their husky, had sunburn around her eyes as well.

These eye conditions came to be after long exposure to the sun while making memorable adventures outside. This is when they created Rex Specs and quickly became one of the most popular eyewear brands for dogs! 

They have a lot of amazing products that pet owners love. All of their glasses are tested in rigorous situations to ensure the safety and security of your dog’s eyes. Some of their most popular products are listed below 

Key Features

  • All products are tested in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  • Rex Specs provides a military and first responders discount
  • They have a handy sizing guide online that makes it easy to pick what works best for your dog. 

What type of animals/breeds is Rex Specs best suited for?

Below you’ll find why dog goggles are a great idea for your pet and what helps Rex Specs stand out from the competition. 

Real-Life Experience

The owners of the company started out by having an issue with their dog and they needed a solution. This is where Rex Specs comes in. Having a company you can trust because they’re just dog owners like you makes it reassuring when purchasing their products. 

UV Protection

If you’re shopping for sunglasses for a photograph or a joke, you don’t need to worry as to whether or not your dog’s sunglasses are UV-protected. However, if your dog has any health issues, particularly any eye-related difficulties, purchasing a pair of UV-protected dog goggles like Rex Specs may be in their best interests. 

Surprisingly, in most circumstances, the physical protection provided by dog sunglasses and goggles is more vital than UV protection, but the best dog goggles, including all of Rex Specs’ products, include both.

Several Lens Options

Rex Specs makes it easy to find which lenses will be best for your dog. Whether your adventurous pup just needs clear lenses, special ones for light sensitivity, or something that’s scratchproof, Rex Specs has it available. All lenses are replaceable and constructed of polycarbonate, the same material used in sunglasses and ski glasses. 

Adjustable Fit

It’s best to buy sunglasses that are appropriate for the size and breed of your dog. Some producers make it explicit which breeds and ages their item is suitable for. If you’re interested in attempting dog goggles, get a pair with a flexible or folding bridge. As a result, the sunglasses will be able to fit better to your dog’s face.

Unique Design

Rex Specs have a 3D-printed frame, one spherical lens, lightweight foam cushioning around the frame’s rim, and two nylon straps under the jaw that connect to a single nylon strap that buckles from around the back of the head. 

The straps are adjustable and specifically not made from elastic. This prevents them from sliding around once they’re adjusted.  The frame is reinforced along the edges and around the brow. This bracing keeps the goggle lens away from the dog’s eyes and brows, delivering a snug place that doesn’t obstruct the dog’s field of vision.

To minimize condensation and fogging, a thin layer of foam surrounds the edges of the bracing frame to allow for airflow and ventilation. Because dogs’ depth perception differentiates from people’s, Rex Specs encourages using the lenses until they are “completely beat up.” Dogs may not detect flaws in the lens as quickly as humans might.

Vision Protection

Certain dog breeds, such as Greyhounds and German Shepherds, are susceptible to a kind of inflammatory disease called superficial keratitis, often known as pannus. The sun’s UV rays have been demonstrated to aggravate pannus inflammation, which can result in a loss in a dog’s visual acuity. 

Sunglasses for dogs with adequate UV protection can help reduce the number of harmful UV rays entering the eyes and reduce the inflammation associated with this type of eye illness in dogs.

Minimal Products

Believe it or not, we see this as a positive. Rex Specs isn’t going to bog you down with a million options to choose from. They sell a couple of different goggles, ear protection, and a few accessories. What more do you need? 

Rex Specs: Where to Buy

If you think you and your furry friend can benefit from eye protection during your outdoor excursions, consider purchasing a pair of Rex Specs eye goggles. You can find them at: 

  • Rex Specs website
  • Amazon
  • REI
  • BaxterBoo

Rex Specs Recalls & Controversies

Because Rex Specs is a newer brand, there haven’t been any recalls or controversies.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a wonderful, family-owned company that serves one purpose: to protect your dog’s eyes. They make high-quality products at a fair price and by supporting them, you’re supporting a small business. It’s well worth it to invest in your dog’s health, including their vision care.

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Rex Specs Guide: Everything You Need to Know FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do the lenses get scratched easily?

All of the Rex Specs lenses are composed entirely of polycarbonate. They are long-lasting, flexible, and give UVA/UVB protection. They will, however, scratch if subjected to heavy use. Some of our lenses are more resistant to wear and tear than others.

The clear and smoke lenses exhibit the least wear, while the mirror-coated lenses show scratches more clearly. Dogs, unlike humans, are not troubled by scrapes and distortions on the lens; in fact, they have poor short-range vision and can look straight through slight blemishes and imperfections on the lens.

Are Rex Specs waterproof?

In fact, Rex Specs may be used in the water! Dogs have no problems getting in and out of the water. They do not, unfortunately, keep water out, but they are made to drain fast.

Why would a dog need goggles?

A decent set of goggles may protect your pet’s eyes from harmful UV radiation and particles. They may also be good for dogs who have had eye injuries or are suffering from certain eye diseases.

Why do police and military dogs need goggles?

UV protection is provided by goggles, so a dog’s time outside does not have to be reduced or restricted. Goggles are worn by dogs who are launched from helicopters (MWDs, Police K9s, Search and Rescue, etc.) or who live and work in places with a lot of particulates to protect their eyes from foreign objects.

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