Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food Reviewed: Pros, Cons, Recalls, and More

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Updated: May 27, 2024
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Many pet owners have seen their dogs grow over the years. These loving owners might have started with them as puppies. Some might have rescued these pets from shelters. Still, it is refreshing to see dogs grow in years (five years and more), performing their task as loyal friends.

The product under review notices these veteran dogs, unique in their size. They are small. Yet, these dogs have specific needs and diets that should go well with their digestive system. Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food is here to meet all their dietary needs.


Royal Canin, as a brand, has a long list of products targeted at different dog types and breeds. Thus, knowing which to go for when getting your dog food is beneficial. This decision lies in your dog’s specific nutritional needs.

The Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food is especially suited for senior dogs. These dogs have lived a lifetime of loyalty and companionship to their owners. These old dogs are often small, usually weighing between 9 to 22 pounds.

Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food is a balanced diet meal; it is easy to digest, it is a low carbs meal with lots of protein and fats. This product supports the vitality these dogs need to live out the rest of their lives. It also provides antioxidants to prevent diseases relating to old age.

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Royal Canin Senior Dog Food Benefits and Features

The benefits of this product to dogs are:

  • Provides needed nourishments for aging dogs.
  • It is in kibble size, which is especially good for dogs with small mouths.
  • Supports good coat health making your dog look healthy.
  • It is a digestible meal for senior dogs.
  • It has a mix of probiotics and antioxidants for vitality.

Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food: Pros and Cons

Specialized for old dogs with small bodies.The product lists are many. But it is not clear on the specifics of the products.
Nourishing ingredients to support the dog’s body.A specialized meal if you own dogs of different ages and sizes.
Inexpensive product.

Where is Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food Made?

The Royal Canin Senior Dog Food has its roots in France. The dog meal was formulated by a French Veterinarian, John Cathary, in 1968. While not the oldest brand in the dog food market, its reach has gone far from the French town to the outside world.

The Company’s Founder had the first batch of his Royal Canin Food named “yellow soup for dogs.” Finally, he believed he had developed a meal that could impact a dog’s life.

In 2001, Royal Canin made its way under a new parentage; Mars Inc. Mars Inc was able to build its manufacturing factory in Puslinch, Ontario. This operating base allows the brand and the product to cut across borders. As a result, the American, Mexican, and Chinese markets have recognized the product.

This product has thrived for over 50 years, proving one of the best in caring for dogs’ wellness. Besides, they continue to update their product line with up-to-date ingredients.

Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food Ingredients

Royal Canin Senior Dog Food contains 25% Protein, 14% Fat, 3.5% Fiber, and 10% moisture. Its calorie content is 359kcal per cup. The ingredients found in this product offer modest nutritional value.

Active Ingredients found in this meal are:

  • Corn: This is an ingredient that provides the necessary carbs. Carbs help give the needed energy and support nutrition in senior dogs
  • Chicken by-product Meal: This is from processed chicken parts that are not needed. These include beaks and feet. But this is no cause for concern as these parts provide more protein than actual chicken parts.
  •  Brewers rice: This is a by-product of milling whole rice. It has enough calorie content to aid digestion in dogs.
  • Chicken Fat: It comes from chicken meals. It contains essential omega-6 acid, which supports dogs’ life and longevity.
  • Fish Oil: This comes with EPA and DHA type of omega 3- acid. These minerals support vitality and healthy fur and coat.

Other ingredients include vegetable oil, white gluten, brown rice, and beef pulp. These ingredients offer nutritional and caloric value to the dogs.

Which types of dogs are Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food Suited for?

It is suitable for senior dogs that are small in size. Royal Canin offers different products for old dogs of various sizes. This product provides a modest and efficient nutrient that the dog needs to enjoy the rest of its dog life. It is a special meal for aging dogs.

Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food Recalls

With its growing brand influence in pets food, Royal Canin has come under scrutiny with the Law. The latest massive recall was in 2007. Specific brands of Royal Canin food because of melamine contamination. This report caused a lot of anxiety for the product use.

Even though not all products were recalled, Pet owners were anxious to feed their pets. Another case was a year before the melamine incident, 2006. There was a recall of specific canned products that had excessive Vitamin D3. Pet Owners reported their dogs and cats being sick since the inclusion of the products in their diet.

Well, these recalls were minor setbacks for Mars Inc. and Royal Canin. To date, no recalls are available on any Royal Canin product. Since 2007, they still have loyal pet owners, and their formula is limitless. They continue to deliver the best meal and products to adorable pets of all sizes, ages, and breeds.

Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog: Where to Buy

Check out the links below to check out the availability of the products:

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Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Indoor Small Breed Senior
  • Balanced diet meal
  • Easy to digest
  • Added antioxidants to prevent diseases relating to old age
  • Supports good coat health
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Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Specifications


The bag is green in color. At the front, the brand name is bold “Royal Canin.” Next is usually the size of dog the product is suitable for; in this case, it is small/ Petit. Finally, the number beside it shows the dog’s most minor age for product consumption.

At the back of the bag, it shows the List of ingredients. It also shows the proportion of protein, fats, fiber, and moisture per serving.


Royal Canin is quite green in the environment. They strive to maintain their standards in various regions. The ingredients are safe to consume. They are approved and reviewed by Mars Inc. and also by AAFCO.


Royal Canin Senior Dog comes in 2 sizes; a 2.5-pound bag that costs $16 and a 13-pound bag that costs $46. This product offers excellent value for money.

Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food Vs. Royal Canin Senior Dog for Large Pets

These products are for senior dogs. They provide vitality and support for aging canines. These products are easy to digest. They also offer essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients support the dogs’ health and bodies.

If you have senior dogs, they can enjoy the latter products. It provides more nutrients to maintain their ideal body weight and vitality.

Bottom Line

Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog is an excellent meal plan. Its active ingredients offer nutritious value to senior dogs. Also, it provides supplements in their aging stage. Also, it will continue to make them healthy and improve their well-being.

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Royal Canin Small Breed Senior Dog Food Reviewed: Pros, Cons, Recalls, and More FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is this Royal Canin suitable for cats?

Royal Canin has a wide variety of cats and dogs. You can check out the cat product on the company’s homepage.

Is it recommended to buy Royal Canin Senior Dog Food?

Yes, they are safe to consume. As approved by AAFCO, Royal Canin products have met regulatory standards.

Do Dogs need less food as they grow older?

Dogs eat less as they grow older. But they can still benefit from the nutritious diet that Royal Canin Senior food offers. It promotes good health.

Where is Royal Canin located?

Its base of operation is at Puslinch, Ontario. They have retail stores across the United States. Also, they are available in the European Markets.

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