The Best Pokémon Costumes for Dogs

Written by AZ Animals Staff
Updated: May 23, 2022

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Growing up, Pokémon is a staple to children everywhere. The adorable, powerful creatures are exciting to collect and the show was an all-time favorite to watch. Why not make the family happy by choosing a Pokémon costume for your dog this Halloween? A Pokémon costume is perfect for dog costume contests, Halloween parties, and trick-or-treating with the family. Even people who aren’t obsessed with Pokémon recognize the characters and will be able to tell what your dog is dressed up as.

While you may have already decided on choosing a Pokémon costume for your pup, but you may not be able to decide which character suits them the best. There are many options to choose from, especially on the internet, so, that’s where we come in! We’ve organized this review to help you compare the pros and cons of the variousPokémon costumes on the market so that you’re able to make an informed decision about which one is right for your pup without the hassle of narrowing them down, yourself.

Our Criteria:

Prior to looking through our top choices for best Pokémon costumes for dogs on the market, here is some information on what points of reference we use when sifting through the multiple options out there. Our A-Z Animals team consists of animal lovers and dog owners, alike. Therefore, we strive to come up with only ideal costume options for your dogs. Many of us are able to take into consideration the criteria we look for when choosing products for our own pets, making our choices more personal and genuine. We not only strive for best-looking costumes, but for most practical, affordable, ethical, inclusive, and unique.

While we utilize these factors to narrow down the countless options to just a few for you to choose from, there is one thing we can’t quite take into account for you: your dog’s personality. You know your dog better than anyone else and this is why the ultimate choice is up to you! Since your dog can’t choose for themselves or explicitly tell you what they like, you have to take into consideration their likes, dislikes, quirks, and specific needs. Does your dog love to chew anything in sight? Don’t spring for the elaborate, full-body costume, but one that covers only their backs or heads so they can’t reach it to destroy it. If your dog does not like wearing clothing, also opt for a simple design. Less can mean more to many dogs out there! However, if your dog loves and is accustomed to dressing up, feel free to go all out!

As an example, I will use my own dog’s Halloween experience! My young rough collie loves to romp and play with other dogs, run around, and to chew anything he can get his long snout on (basically everything). So, for Halloween costumes, I choose lightweight options, as he is a furry guy. I want him to stay cool and comfortable but also in character as he flits through crowds and runs laps around the yard. I also choose simple designs such as bandanas or headwear so that he has freedom but also so he won’t want to chew the pieces off and create chaos. I sometimes even choose to just let him carry around themed toys for his enjoyment but also to match my Halloween costume. Keeping his personality in mind when choosing costumes makes it so much easier for him and for me!

Again, the choice is yours but the costume is for your dog, in the end. So, as cute or perfect as the costume might seem, if it doesn’t suit your dog’s personality, it isn’t the right choice. Keep this in mind while looking through our list of best Pokémon costumes!

  1. 3°Amy Pokemon Costume for Pets
  2. 3°Amy Pokemon Costume for Pets

    •Pokemon hoodie for dogs

    •Cotton material pullover

    •S-XL sizes (refer to size chart)

    Check Amazon
  3. ChezAbby Squirtle Dog Hoodie Costume
  4. ChezAbby Squirtle Dog Hoodie Costume

    •Squirtle hoodie for dogs

    •Velvet, plush pullover/zip hoodie

    •XS-5XL sizes (refer to size chart)

    Check Amazon
  5. Pet Plush Pokeman Ball for Dogs
  6. Pet Plush Pokeman Ball for Dogs

    •Plush Pokémon dog ball

    •Perfect accessory for Halloween for dogs

    •Soft, durable material

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The Top Picks for the Best Pokémon Dog Costume: Ranked for 2022

#1 Best Overall: 3°Amy Pikachu Dog Costume

The 3°Amy Pikachu Dog Costume takes its place as our overall best choice for Pokémon costume because Pikachu is one of the most popular characters and the costume is absolutely adorable. The costume is a hoodie which you put over your dog’s head and front limbs easily and securely, with Pikachu’s smiling face on the hood above your dog’s!

This costume is made from a plush yellow cotton material. Black stripes on the body are added to make dogs look just like Pikachu. A yellow hood with Pikachu’s cheerful face and long, black-tipped yellow ears is also incorporated into the design to complete the look for your pup.

Small, medium, large and extra-large sizes are available to fit most small to medium sized dogs. You can reference the sizing guide if your dog’s measurements fall between the mentioned sizes to make sure the costume is the right fit for your pup.

Best Overall
3°Amy Pokemon Costume for Pets

•Pokemon hoodie for dogs

•Cotton material pullover

•S-XL sizes (refer to size chart)

Check Amazon

#2 Best Squirtle: ChezAbbey Squirtle Dog Hoodie Costume

If Squirtle is one of your favorite Pokémons, you’ll love this Squirtle hoodie costume from ChezAbbey! The costume is designed to look just like Squirtle, including his light blue body, brown shell, and large eyes.

ChezAbbey designed this costume with a fabric that will keep dogs warm in colder weather. The velvet material is soft and comfortable against a dog’s skin, resisting uncomfortable rubbing or irritation. To ensure a secure fit that isn’t too tight for a dog, elastic bands line the leg holes. If you have an extra furry dog or one that overheats easily, look for a lighter-weight option.

Choose from sizes ranging from extra-small to 5XL. These costumes should fit dogs weighing between 1 and 25 pounds, with a chest girth between 12.2 and 22.8 inches. Though, the manufacturer does recommend choosing a larger size than you think you need due to the thicker material of the costume.

Best Squirtle
ChezAbby Squirtle Dog Hoodie Costume

•Squirtle hoodie for dogs

•Velvet, plush pullover/zip hoodie

•XS-5XL sizes (refer to size chart)

Check Amazon

#3 Best Pokemon Trainer: Pet Plush Pokéman Ball for Dogs

Looking to turn your dog into the best-dressed Pokémon trainer? Let them carry around the Pet Plush Ball Pokéman Ball for the evening while you dress up as your favorite Pokémon character! If your dog is opposed to wearing clothing or gets anxious without their favorite toy, give them this plush, Pokémon ball instead of a full-blown costume.

The Pokémon ball for dogs is made of durable, high-quality materials that are soft and easy to cuddle with. The ball is non-abrasive, making it great for dogs who love to chew. The soft ball is perfect for indoor playtime and for your dog to take everywhere on Halloween.

One-size fits all for this toy, perfect for pretty much all different sized dogs as long as they won’t rip the ball apart. If you are looking to dress up as a Pokémon but need a partner outfit for your dog, this is the perfect concept costume.

Best Pokémon Trainer
Pet Plush Pokeman Ball for Dogs

•Plush Pokémon dog ball

•Perfect accessory for Halloween for dogs

•Soft, durable material

Check Amazon

How to Choose the Best Pokémon Dog Costume

If you’ve started looking for a Pokémon costume for your dog, you probably realized that there are a number of options on the market. Each costume differs from the others, so learning which features to look for can help you make sure you select the best Pokémon dog costume for your pup.


First, you’ll need to decide which Pokémon character you want to dress your dog up as. This will help you eliminate a number of costume options that are of other characters from the series. Pikachu and Squirtle seem to be the two most popular characters as far as costumes go, but you may be able to find a few additional options.


As mentioned before, you know your dog better than anyone. While the choice of costume is ultimately yours, you have to keep in mind that the costume is for your pet and not for you. So, if you have a dog that dislikes costumes or loves to chew, all of the bells and whistles may not be a good option. Even if the costume is super cute or fits perfectly with your own, if it doesn’t match with your dog’s personality, it is not the right one.


Record measurements for your dog’s chest girth, neck girth, length, height, and weight before you start seriously looking for a Pokémon costume for them. Without these measurements, you won’t be able to determine which size costume to purchase. You’ll want to use the sizing guide provided by each manufacturer to help you choose the right costume size for your dog.

Even if you have purchased a costume for your dog in the past, you should still refer to the sizing guide for the new Pokémon costume you’re interested in. Sizing varies quite a bit between manufacturers, and you don’t want to purchase a costume that won’t fit your pup.


Safety should also be a big feature to consider as you shop. Don’t purchase costumes that have tiny pieces that your dog may chew off. If they swallow these pieces, they could choke on them. And, even if they don’t choke, the pieces may cause stomach or digestive issues if swallowed.


Finally, keep your budget in mind while shopping. Choosing a cute costume for your dog is important, but you don’t want to break the bank. Your dog probably won’t be wearing the costume for more than a few hours and for taking a few pictures, so be sure to weigh the value of the costume against the price tag.

RankBest forProduct
1Overall3°Amy Pikachu Dog Costume
2SquirtleChezAbbey Squirtle Dog Hoodie Costume
3Pokémon TrainerPet Plush Pokéman Ball for Dogs

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The Best Pokémon Costumes for Dogs FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Which Pokémon character is best for a dog costume?

There is no ‘right’ answer to this question. The best Pokémon character for a dog costume is whichever one you want it to be. If you have a favorite character from the series or think your dog shares a lot of traits with one of the characters, then that is the best costume to choose. Pikachu and Squirtle costumes are the most readily available, but there are some other character options out there as well.

Is it cruel to dress a dog up in a costume?

Dressing a dog who is afraid of costumes is not very considerate. Some dogs act very nervously when they see a costume, and they may tremble or shake when dressed in it. Others may demonstrate their dislike or fear of the costume in different ways. If your dog does not like a costume and seems nervous or anxious when wearing it, you shouldn’t make them do so. Forcing them to wear a costume may lead to increased anxiety.

On the flip side, there are plenty of dogs who really seem to enjoy dressing up. These dogs don’t seem scared of a costume and may even run up to their owners when it is time to get dressed in their costume.

Can you buy Pokémon dog costumes online?

Yes, shopping online is the best idea when you’re looking for a Pokémon costume. Since Pokémon is not as popular as it once was, the costume selection in a store may not be very large. You’ll have better luck finding a costume you like in a size that will fit your dog online.

What size costume do I need for my dog?

Since all manufacturers size their costumes differently, the costume size you’ll need will differ from one manufacturer to the next. You will need to take measurements of your dog and compare them against the ranges included in the sizing guide from each manufacturer to help you make your selection.