Victor High Pro Plus Dog Food: Reviewed, Pros, Cons, & Recalls

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Updated: May 27, 2024


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What do you look out for when feeding your canine best friend? Top-quality nutrition? The best food meal plan available? Yes to these and more! There’s a reason Victor Hi-Pro Plus meal is “a staple in the show world.” It’s proven to be the best you can offer your dogs in terms of excellent quality meals. It provides high-calorie, rich-protein content, it’s digestive system-friendly, is a great immune system booster, and it has high global ratings on E-commerce stores like Amazon and Chewy.


What makes Victor Hi-Pro Plus such a high-quality product? Well, this review will arouse your interest in this quality meal. This review will highlight the benefits, the pros and cons, what to look out for when it comes to similar offerings, and other information worth mentioning.

There are choices when it comes to getting a top-quality food meal. A meal rich in multi-level protein and gluten-free is not exclusive to a specific dog type or breed. A meal that can support a wide range of dog breeds across different life stages. It is also a meal that is government-approved for dog consumption. Victor Hi-Pro Plus ticks these boxes.

Dogs need a lot of energy when engaging in activities. They also need to grow and have healthy, muscular bodies with shining furs or coats. Also, they enjoy having a great immune system to fight against diseases. Quality food rich in protein is necessary to support and nourish their agile bodies. Body nourishment is essential for their life stages, whether puppy or adult.

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  • Boosts immune system
  • Maintains weight and body structure
  • Suitable for dogs with allergies
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Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food Benefits and Features

Several benefits come from feeding your dogs with Victor Hi-Pro Plus, including:

  • It supports all life stages from puppy to adult life
  • High protein concentrates provide daily nourishment to the body
  • Boosts immune system and helps in digestion
  • Shining fur and coat for dogs
  • Food Allergy dogs can enjoy this meal
  • Maintains weight and body structure for all dog body types

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food: Pros And Cons

High Protein content supports growth.Fruits and Vegetables are not part of the active ingredients in the meal.
Suitable for family breeds.It is not a specialized meal for high-performing breeds.
Excellent for breeds with sensitive digestive systems and food allergies.
Globally recognized and rated food meal for dogs.

Where Is Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food Made?

Victor Hi-Pro Plus is made in the United States in their Texas manufacturing plant. Besides, this parent company makes meals for other home pets like cats. There are also specialized meals for particular breeds of dogs.

Despite their many product offerings, Victor’s Hi-Pro Plus food stands out as the top-rated food plan in comparison.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food Ingredients

Victor Hi-Pro Plus shares a good proportion of carbs, protein, and fats. All ingredients are available and sourced from local farms and ranches.

The list of ingredients is in print on the package bag Victor Hi-Pro Plus comes in. The active ingredients include:

  • A beef meal that is high meat concentrate with higher protein levels than regular beef
  • Sorghum, which helps regulate blood sugar in the digestive system
  • Chicken fat and chicken meal (from chicken). It contains essential minerals like omega six, which supports life
  • Pork meal, another high-level protein concentrate
  • Fish Meal from cutting of fish tissues
  • Millet contains crucial minerals and vitamins which do not cause an allergic reaction.

Which Types Of Dogs Is Victor Hi-Pro Plus Best Suited for?

Victor hi-pro plus offers no bias regarding feeding types in dogs. Puppies, Adult dogs, pregnant dogs, crossbreeds are all invited to enjoy this sumptuous healthy meal. It supports growth and maintains body weight.

There are no harmful ingredients found in Victor Hi-Pro Plus. Except your dog has dietary needs, the ingredients are in the proper proportions. It gives your dog the necessary nutrients to support its growth.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food Recalls

There are no recalls of this product by the company. It is impressive from the product company. Victor Pet Foods continues to maintain its stated goals and clear standards. They make sure Victor hi-pro plus meet the quality and assured standard.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food: Where To Buy

Victor hi-pro Plus meal is available in local retail pet shops in the United States. You can search for open retail pet shops by inputting your zip code on the Victor Pet Food homepage. Victor hi-pro Plus is also available on sale across E-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Our Top Pick
VICTOR Classic Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Suitable for puppies to adults
  • Boosts immune system
  • Maintains weight and body structure
  • Suitable for dogs with allergies
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Victor Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food: Specs

Take a look at the design, safety, and price of Victor Hi-Pro Plus.


Victor Hi-Pro Plus comes in an attractive blue-colored bag packaging. It offers five different bags weighing 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds, 40 pounds, 50 pounds. The front introduces the line Victor Super Premium Dog Food. The main display prints: Classic Victor Hi-Pro Plus for Active Dogs and Puppies.


Victor Hi-Pro Plus is friendly to the environment. The smell is fresh and causes zero allergies. Safe to store in cupboards and shelves at homes. It is not poisonous or harmful to the dog’s health. All your dogs can enjoy their meal as it offers no bias to specific dog types or their body forms.


Victor Hi-Pro Plus’s price is $60 for the 40lbs bag. There are also other four bag options depending on the size of dogs you breed. Also, its pricing advantage means every breed can enjoy it. The meal will take care of all their nutritional needs.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Vs. Victor Hi-Pro Professional

It is easy and confusing to recommend one since they come from the same parent company. Yet, these two products combine essential nutrients that your dogs can enjoy. They also support growth and support immune system.

A key difference lies in the dietary plans of both products. Victor Hi-Pro Professional has a low protein meal-based plan. So, it is not recommended for underweight or low-energy performing dogs. Yet, to enjoy this low protein meal plan, Victor Hi-Pro Plus Professional meal is essential for high-performing dogs. These dogs engage in high-energy activities such as sporting events or military drills.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus allows for an extensive range for feeding different breeds of dogs. Also, it is not restrictive for consumption for a particular breed of dog.

Victor Hi-Pro Professional is available on Chewy and Amazon.

Bottom Line

Victor Hi-Pro Plus is the best value your dog can get. The standards are excellent. The ingredients are rich in protein content. The food meal supports various dog breeds and allows for comprehensive nutritional benefits. It is a must-have meal for your loyal four-legged best friends.

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Victor High Pro Plus Dog Food: Reviewed, Pros, Cons, & Recalls FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Is Victor Hi-Pro Plus Suitable For Puppies?

Yes, it supports growth from the early life stages of Dogs to its Adult Stage. Puppies Adults Dogs can enjoy this high protein content meal.

Is Victor Hi-Pro Plus Legal?

The ingredients composition in Victor Hi-Pro Plus meets the regulatory standards. AAFCO in the United States sets the Standards. There have been no legal issues about production and distribution. So it is safe to consume.

How Much Servings Should I Feed My Dog Victor Hi-Pro Plus?

Servings depend on the weight of the dog. A daily dose for a 15-pound dog can be a cup and a quarter. A 10 pounds increase in your dog’s weight can increase the servings by half a cup.

Victor Hi-Pro Plus Made In China?

Victor Hi-Pro Plus is from Texas, USA. Amazon and Chewy ships from the United States. Check Bag packaging to authenticate this information.

What Kinds Of Dogs Can Eat Victor Hi-Pro Plus?

It is suitable for all kinds of dogs. Its high protein content helps with body growth and boosts the immune system of dogs. If your dogs have special dietary needs, alternatives are very much advisable.

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