Epic Battles: A Massive Grizzly Bear vs. a Saltwater Crocodile



Today, we’re going to make it an epic battle. We’re not pitting your average grizzly bear against an American crocodile. We’re going to use the super heavyweights. What would happen in a fight between a massive grizzly bear and a saltwater crocodile?

Massive Grizzly Bear vs. Saltwater Crocodile: Size

Massive Grizzly Bear: Weight: 1,200 lbs; Length: Can measure 7 feet to10 feet long; Height: Often measure 3.5-4.5 feet tall at the withers Saltwater Crocodile: Weight: 400- 1,150 lbs, up to 2,200 lbs; Length: 10-21 ft, up to 23 ft or longer Saltwater crocodiles have the length and weight advantage, so they get the advantage in this fight.

Massive Grizzly Bear vs. Saltwater Crocodile: Speed and Movement Type

Massive Grizzly Bear: 35 mph on land, can sustain running speeds over 1 mile, swims at 6 mph in the water Saltwater Crocodile: Can run between 12 and 22 mph on land for very short distances, 15-18 mph in the water by propelling its body with its tail On land, a massive grizzly bear has the speed advantage, but the crocodile has an advantage in the world.

Massive Grizzly Bear vs. Saltwater Crocodile: Defenses

Massive Grizzly Bear: Have thick skin that can absorb blows and some bites, their large size can scare enemies away, may bluff charge its prey Saltwater Crocodile: The scales on its body protect it from bites and scratching, ability to travel on land and water, mobility and speed in water help it escape danger Saltwater crocodiles have a defensive advantage in this fight.


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