Afghan Hound Animal Pictures

Canis Lupus

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Two Afghan Hound puppies standing in the grass.

Afghan Hound Puppies standing in grass
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Afghan Hound puppies don't have the long hair that an adult Afghan Hound has, but still needs to be groomed properly.

An adult Afghan Hound running in a field.

Afghan Hound (Canis Lupus) - running in grass
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Afghan Hounds love to play, but need time after they eat before exercising.

An Afghan Hound puppy playing with a ball.

Afghan Hound (Canis Lupus) - puppy playing with ball
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Afghan Hound puppies love to play, but have a low pain tolerance. They cannot run for long periods of time without needing a break.

Afghan Hound dogs are known for their lock-like hair.
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A portrait of an Afghan Hound.

Afghan Hound dogs are popular show dogs.
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Afghan Hound XXXIII Dogs Show in Ustron, Poland

An Afghan Hound dog with a white background.

Afghan Hound (Canis Lupus) - beige afghan hound

Afghan Hound dogs have long hair-like fur. They do not shed like other dogs.

Afghan Hound laying outside in the shade.
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Afghan Hound's enjoy calm play and relaxation.

An Afghan Hound standing near water.

Afghan Hound standing in a park
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Afghan Hounds require care not unlike people. They need regular grooming and bathing.

best big dog - Afghan Hound
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Most Expensive Dog Breeds: Afghan Hound

Most Expensive Dog Breeds: Afghan Hound
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The Afghan Hound are one of the most ancient dog breeds.

Outdoors shot on the black and tan Afghan hound resting on the steps

Afghan hound laying on steps, wind blowing coat

The Afghan hound is one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world.

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Afghan Hound - Zushkhan Jodeci

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