Ashy Mining Bee Animal Pictures

Andrena cineraria

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ashy mining bee (Andrena cineria). Female insect in the family Andrenidae, showing long black and white hair and compound eye. The bee is horizontal in the photo. Its head is facing frame right. The bee is perched on sand.
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Macro of ashy mining bee against isolate white. The bee is primarily black with white hairs. There is a tuft of white hair on its head and its wings appear to be transparent but with very many veins
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Macro of ashy mining bee. The bee is on sand or dirt and it is facing the camera center frame it is primarily black bodied but covered with white hairs
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Closeup of an Ashy Mining Bee (Andrena cineraria) on wild garlic flowers (Allium ursinum)
© I. Rottlaender/

bee covered in pollen

A pollen covered ashy mining bee. The bee is center frame facing the camera. It is resting on a green leaf. The bee is covered in pollen. It is yellow all over.
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An ashy mining bee is in the right half of the frame perched on a light skinned thumb. The bee is facing frame left. It has a black body that is covered in white to gray hairs. Background is green isolate
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