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3d rendered illustration of a Basilosaurus

Basilosaurus isolated on white background
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The Basilosaurusor or "king lizard," was a prehistoric whale that dominated the sea.

Reconstruction of Basilosaurus cetoides with the goal of being less shrinkwrapped than common used ones. Dominik Hammelsbruch / CC BY-SA 4.0

Basilosaurus cetoides
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Basilosaurus cetoides lived in the prehistoric Tethys Ocean. As landmasses shifted and moved, this area became the modern-day Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.

Editorial Use Only. Frankfurt German July 27th 2019: The fossil of dorudon atrox in Naturmuseum Senckenberg. It is a genus of extinct basilosaurid ancient whales that lived alongside Basilosaurus in the Eocene.

basilosaurid ancient whales
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The oldest evidence of the Basilosaurus dates to around 33.9 million years ago.