Bearded Collie Animal Pictures

Canis lupus

Bearded Collie standing in grass
Image Credit Balbriggan / Creative Commons
Bearded Collie lying on ground
Image Credit Mike p / Creative Commons
Bearded Collie sitting on the porch
Image Credit Awsguy1 / Creative Commons
Bearded Collie standing with its handler
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Bearded Collie, 5 years old, standing against white background
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A bearded collie puppy running around in the grass
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A bearded Collie sits with its tongue out waiting for a treat from it's owner
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Types of heeler dogs - Bearded Collie
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Two amazing bearded collies lying in the grass in later summer. This type of heeler dog naturally drives livestock and is a hard worker.

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Image Credit Millie Bond - Copyright A-Z Animals

A Bearded Collie resting under a tree

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