Bernedoodle Animal Pictures

A Bernedoodle makes a great family dog. They are gentle and loving with children and can also be a fun playmate.

White Bernedoodle sitting in a chair
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Bernedoodle are great with children.

Bernedoodle puppy headshot
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Bernedoodle's do not like being left alone, and may become destructive if left for too long.

A Bernedoodle standing in the grass
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Bernedoodles have a wonderful personality. They are friendly, loving, and playful. They are also very intelligent and love being given a job to do.

A Bernadoodle standing on a dock with a lifejacket on
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Bernedoodles enjoy cuddling and spending time with their family members. They will need adequate playtime and activity to balance cuddling and lounging, though.

Bernedoodle adult laying in the grass
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Bernedoodles love to cuddle, play, and run. They are great family pets.

Bernedoodle puppy playing with a ball in the grass
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Bernedoodles can weigh anywhere from 7 to 90 pounds depending on how they are bred.

A big floppy ear Berndoodle standing near a brick wall
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