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Lynx rufus

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A Bobcat at Columbus Zoo, Ohio, USA.

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Bobcat, Calero Creek Trail

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Captive bobcat in sweet-gum tree

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Bobcat (Lynx rufus), taken at Sunol Park

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Fijetland, Conrad - Public Domain by US Fish & Wildlife Service

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Two young Bobcats (Lynx rufus) in Zoo Cottbus

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Günther the Bobcat in Potawatomi Zoo, Indiana, USA.

Bobcat Skull - Bobcat Teeth
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Bobcat Teeth - Bobcat Opening Mouth
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Deadliest Cats - Bobcat
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Bobcats can be found in Iowa's state parks.

mountain lion size comparison with bob cat house cat and dog


What Eats Snakes

Bobcats are some of nature's most fearless predators, making them one of the few native creatures bold enough to kill and eat venomous snakes.



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bobcat standing on top of a rock

Bobcats are most active at dawn and dusk.

Bobcat Size Comparison - Bobcat vs. Human

Bobcat Size Comparison - Bobcat vs Human and wolf


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Exotic Pet Ownership Bobcat

Exotic Pet Ownership Bobcat
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Bobcats are loving, loyal and apt to be jealous. They can grow to 35 to 55Ibs and needs to be trained from an early age.

American Bobcat - This is my most popular photo and one of the few of a REAL bobcat listed on iStockPhoto. This bobcat was not camera shy and seems to have posed for this picture.

bobcat ready to pounce from wood
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The bobcat is the smallest type of lynx cat breed.