Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Animal Pictures

Canis lupus

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fun czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy in winter

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppy running in the snow
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Crate training and puppy classes are beneficial to help provide appropriate training to acclimate this breed.

portrait of a purebred Czechoslovakian Wolfdog in front of a white background

isolated Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolf dog.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog playing in the water
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The Czechoslovakian wolfdog has two shedding seasons, and it requires much grooming during that time.

Portrait of a dog of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog breed (Czechoslovakian wolves dog) in a collar in summer outdoors, outdoors

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog close up
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beautiful young Czechoslovakian wolfdog dog Saarloos Wolfhound puppy running and flying

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog running down a path
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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and Chuskies are quite similar.