Madora Moth Animal Pictures

Gonimbrasia belina

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Gonimbrasia belina beautiful big butterfly is a species of moth found in much of Southern Africa. Big colourful insect hidden in green vegetation. Wildlife scene from nature.

Madora Moth
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The adult madora moth is scientifically named Gonimbrasa belina. They are large, robust moths that do not feed and only mate before they die in 3- 4 days.

Beautiful big butterfly Gonimbrasia belina is a species of moth found in much of Southern Africa, whose large edible caterpillar.

Madora moths
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Madora moths are only found in South African countries.

Madora or mopane caterpillar on pine, cocon of larvae of Gonimbrasia belina

Madora or mopane caterpillar
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Mopane worms are edible and are harvested for consumption due to their highly nutritious nature.

African Emporer Moth caterpillars, Gonimbrasia zambesina - an edible caterpillar from Africa and giant silk moth (sometimes called the mopane worm or mopani) - eating oak leaves

Madora Moth Caterpillar
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The moth's larva, referred to as "mopane worm", feeds primarily on mopane tree leaves.