Newfoundland Animal Pictures

Canis Lupus

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Black Newfoundland dog in flowers
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Newfoundland sittind, 3 years old, isolated on white

Black and white Newfoundland isolated on white background
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Black and white Newfoundland (Landseer) puppy
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Black Newfoundland running in water
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Newfoundlands are known for their huge size, weighing between 120 to 180 pounds.

Black Newfoundland with stick in its mouth
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Newfoundland dog pictured in front of colorful leaves
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Newfoundlands are popular search and rescue dogs for the coast guards of England, France, and Italy.

Black and white Newfoundland
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Newfoundland playing tug with owner
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The Newfoundland is often used as a rescue dog.

Newfoundland chilling on the couch

Newfoundlands make for great water rescue dogs because of their webbed feet.

The Newfoundland is on the grass in the park.

Dogs like St. Bernards

A Newfoundland on the grass in the park. They're capable and hardworking dogs, well suited to work on land or water.

Biggest Dog Breeds: Newfoundland Newfoundland dog sitting and looking at the camera in winter

Biggest Dog Breeds: Newfoundland

The Newfoundland dog, one of the biggest dog breeds, excel at water rescue/lifesaving because of their muscular build, thick double coat, webbed paws, and swimming abilities.

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best big dog - Newfoundland
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Newfoundland dog breed in an outdoor. Spring walk with a dog. Big dog.

Newfoundland Dog, Autumn, Canine - Animal, Cute, Animal
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A sixteen-month-old Newfoundland named Smoky

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Bear, a brown Newfoundland (dog) and Sparkle, a Chihuahua (dog)

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