Rat Snakes Animal Pictures


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Rhinoceros snake on tree branch with white background.

Rhinoceros Snake on a tree branch
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Rhino snakes are common in Southeast Asia, and have a horn-like projection from the tip of their nose.

Corn snake on a white background

Classic corn snake on a white background
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Corn snakes are possibly named for the pattern on their belly scales that looks like maize.

two juvenile corn snakes coiled together on woodchips

Two juvenile corn snakes
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Corn snakes are one of the most popular pet snake species because they're easy for beginners to handle.

four-lined snake on the ground with leaf litter around.

Four-lined rat snake
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Elaphe quatorlineata - the four-lined rat sanake occurs in Macedonia and Greece.

green bush snake on a tree branch, black background.

Green Bush Snake
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Green bush snakes are smaller, only 3-4 feet long.