Turkey Animal Pictures


Two turkeys
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turkey head
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turkey on isolated background
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Baby turkeys under adult turkey
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Turkey walking in dirt
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Profile of turkey
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What do turkeys eat
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Turkeys eat seeds, grains, vegetables, and insects.

Baby Turkey - Turkey poults
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Turkeys spend all of their awake time hunting for food.

Types of Big Birds
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Turkeys love to be stroked, petted, and cuddled. They will remember your face and if they like you, they will come up to you to greet you.

turkey walking around in the dirt
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Turkeys sometimes die due to standing open-mouthed trying to drink rainwater falling from the sky.

12 Animals of Christmas From Around the World - turkey
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Turkey was made a Christmas dinner staple by Henry VIII.

In the absence of a male, female Turkeys are known to produce fertile eggs.

Dumbest Animals in the World: Turkey
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The vulture is one of the world’s most common scavengers. The vulture, often regarded as a nuisance, are an integral part of the ecosystem.

Turkey Vulture
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