250 Amazing British Dog Names

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Written by Sharon Parry

Published: April 23, 2024

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Brits love their dogs! Britain is the country of origin for so many iconic dog breeds – the Yorkshire terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier to name just two. It is also home to perhaps the most famous dog show in the world – Crufts. This explains why so many people choose a name their dog with a Brit-inspired name. All thing British, ranging from the royal family to rivers can provide inspiration. Here is the only list of British dog names that you will ever need to consult!

Names Inspired By British Royal Family

The British Royal Family is arguably one of the country’s finest assets. If your dog is the Prince or Princess of your household, these are the names for you.

english bulldog wearing princess crown and silly expression

Choose a regal name for your pooch.

©WilleeCole Photography/Shutterstock.com


















18. Beatrice




22. George


24. Louie





29. Margaret




33. Regal



Names Inspired By British Politics

British politics had given rise to some memorable characters. Whatever your political persuasion, the list below has great name ideas for your new dog.

The Houses of Parliament in Westminster and the Big Ben tower in London seen from the Queen's Walk riverfront at dawn

British politics provides dog name inspiration.



37. Boris


39. Theresa

40. Truss

41. Gordon



44. Major



47. Heath

48. Macmillan

49. Eden

50. Atlee

51. Chamberlain

52. Baldin

53. Lloyd

54. Disraeli

55. Sunak

Names Inspired By British Historical Figures

From Nelson to Dickens, British history has some notable characters with names that work well for dogs!

flag of England

Flag of England close up

©Pavlo Lys/Shutterstock.com

56. Brunel

57. Darwin

58. Dickens

59. Nelson

60. Shakespeare

61. Newton

62. Lennon

63. Cromwell

64. Wren

65. Victoria

66. Boudica

67. Pankhurst

68. Wolsey

69. Boleyn

70. Tudor

Names Inspired By British Rivers

Britain is blessed with miles of rivers – all that rain has to go somewhere! So, why not choose one for your dog.

River Thames

Why not call your dog Thames?

©Csaba Peterdi/Shutterstock.com

71. Thames

72. Taff

73. Dee

74. Tweed

75. Trent

76. Wye

77. Gwesyn

78. Tyne

79. Medway

80. Don

81. Mersey

82. Ribble

83. Eden

84. Nith

85. Teme

Names Inspired By British Places in Alphabetical Order A-N

Choose a British place name for your pooch. It could be somewhere that you have visited or that you would like to see.

St Michael's Mount island in Cornwall

British place names make great dog names.

©ValeryEgorov/ via Getty Images

86. Acton

87. Ashton

88. Alford

89. Banbury

90. Bracknell

91. Bude

92. Caistor

93. Chatham

94. Cromer

95. Dawlish

96. Dudley

97. Dover

98. Ealing

99. Elton

100. Ely

101. Filey

102. Fleetwood

103. Fowey

104. Goole

105. Grantham

106. Grimsby

107. Hackney

108. Hadleigh

109. Hatfield

110. Hastings

111. Hexham

112. Hempstead

113. Hitchin

114. Hove

115. Hucknall

116. Hull

117. Hyde

118. Ilford

119. Ilkley

120. Ipswich

121. Jarrow

122. Keighley

123. Kempston

124. Kendal

125. Keswick

126. Kington

127. Kirby

128. Lancaster

129. Leeds

130. Leek

140. Leigh

141. Lewes

142. Leyton

143. Louth

144. Ludow

145. Luton

146. Lynton

147. Lyme

148. Maghull

149. Maldon

150. Maltby

151. Malton

152. Malvern

153. Mansfield

154. Margate

155. Morpeth

156. Nailsea

157. Nantwich

158. Newbury

159. Norwich

Names Inspired By British Places in Alphabetical Order O-Z

Here is some more British place name inspiration for your dog.

Cambridge University Top View

Choose a British place name for your dog.

©Poohz/iStock via Getty Images

160. Oldham

161. Olney

162. Ossett

163. Otley

164. Oxford

165. Padstow

166. Paignton

167. Painswick

168. Penrith

169. Penryn

170. Penzance

171. Preston

172. Pudsey

173. Quintrell

174. Rayleigh

175. Reigate

176. Retford

177. Ripley

178. Rippon

179. Ross

180. Royston

181. Rugeley

182. Rushden

183. Ryde

184. Saltash

185. Sale

186. Sandhurts

187. Seaton

188. Selby

189. Shanklin

190. Shepton

191. Sherborne

192. Shildon

193. Slough

194. Staunton

195. Stratford

196. Stroud

197. swinton

198. Tadley

199. Taunton

200. Telford

201. Thame

202. Thatcham

203. Tipton

204. Tring

205. Truro

206. Ventnor

207. Waldon

208. Warwick

209. Widnes

210. Wigan

211. Whitby

212. Wooler

213. yarm

214. Yate

215. York

Names Inspired By British Dog Breeds

British dog breeds are famous throughout the world so why not choose one as a name?

Red English British Bulldog Dog looking up, and walking in grass and bluebells on spring hot sunny day

The English bull dog is an iconic British breed.

©Irene Miller/Shutterstock.com

216. Bull

217. Beagle

218. Yorkie

219. Cavalier

220. Springy

221. Whippet

222. Collie

223. Russel

224. Pointer

225. Staffie

Names Inspired By British Musicians

British music is admired all over the world and so many musician names also make a great name for dogs.

Musicians as dog names.

©iStock.com/Wojciech Kozielczyk

226. Clapton

227. Ringo

228. Bassey

229. Van

230. Adele

231. Jagger

232. Mercury

233. Freddie

234. Sting

235. Lennox

236. Paloma

237. Ozzie

238. Zeppelin

239. Floyd

240. Bowie

241. Roxy

242. Drake

243. Oasis

244. Costello

245. Buzzcock

246. Gabriel

247. Rainbow

248. Genesis

249. Duran

250. Morrissey

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