70 Perfectly-Fitting Fluffy Cat Names

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: November 8, 2023
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Although you can come up with an array of nicknames off the top of your head, what you choose as your fluffy cat’s original name may take some serious consideration. If you’ve just adopted an extra fluffy kitty to add to your family, you may need a little bit of inspiration before deciding on their final name. Discover 70 perfectly fitting fluffy cat names! We break them down into separate categories to make it easy for you to peruse options. Some are classics, and some are wacky, but each is selected specifically for the fluffiest of cats!

Naming Your Cat

Sometimes, you just know. The name drops out of the sky and lands into your mind, and it’s a done deal. But if you’re struggling to name your cat, we’re here to help you hone in on something suitable. Start by describing your cat’s personality. Are they mischievous and energetic or more reserved and cautious? Their personality alone can help direct you to the type of name that works best. Also, consider whether you want a straightforward name or something silly that ensures a laugh at each introduction! Even if you go with something silly or creative, keep in mind that it should be easy to remember.

What Constitutes Fluffy?

They’re all furry (well, except hairless cats), but what makes a cat fluffy? Mostly, it’s long-haired cats. But you can choose to call your short-haired or medium-haired cat whatever your heart desires! In the lists below, we share a couple of different fluffy cat names. Some are based on your floof’s fur color while others are specifically for female and male cats respectively.

If you want to honor a music legend with the name you give your fluffy cat, we have a couple of options for you. We also include cheesy names (because if you’re not baby-talking with your cat, what are you doing?). Plus, we include some original, ultra-creative names to get your noggin going because the name you choose for your kitty is between the two of you (and your veterinarian, who may just get a kick out of it, too!).

The cat looks to the side and sits on a green lawn. Portrait of a fluffy gray cat with green eyes in nature, close up. Siberian breed

Naming your cat is a personal process but that doesn’t mean you can’t glean a bit of inspiration!

©Sergio Photone/Shutterstock.com

70 Perfectly-Fitting Fluffy Cat Names

There are so many names to choose from, but there are some categories that can help you narrow down the name you select. We break down seven categories, and they include fur color, gender, silly, cheesy, legends, and ultra-creative!

Use Their Fur Color

  • Coconut – with this one, your cat may be either white or brown or a mix of the two colors!
  • Ash – if you have a grey cat, this name is apt and easy to remember!
  • Smokey – this is another great name for a grey cat and highlights the shape of a fluffy cat which spreads out in a smoke-like way.
  • Olive – though there are different varieties, black olives are a great addition to pizza and sandwiches, just like your black cat is a great addition to your home.
  • Oreo – this name is perfect for black and white cats as they perfectly match these delicious cookies.
  • Butterscotch – a sweet name for a sweet, orange-colored furball.
  • Honey – honey has a warm, golden tone that perfectly matches orange cats.
  • Cocoa – this name suits cats with chocolatey brown coats.
  • Amaretto – a fancy ginger orange cat deserves an equally sophisticated name.
  • Toffee – this is yet another sweet name for cats with an orangish brown coat.

Name Them Based on Gender

There are well-known female and male characters and celebrities with distinctive hairstyles that perfectly suit a fluffy cat. Each name renders an image in your mind, and if that image matches your cat, you’ve found the ideal name!


  • Farrah – The iconic Farrah Fawcett hairstyle is unforgettable and fluffy female cats sport the look effortlessly.
  • Rapunzel – a story of a girl whose hair helped her escape could match the story of a fluffy cat rescued to find a forever home alongside you.
  • Leia – another female known for her unique hairstyle, this name is ideal for Star Wars lovers.
  • Medusa – this look points to a bit of chaos but if you’ve ever seen a fluffy cat wake from a nap, there’s some similarity between the two!
  • Cruella – this name is even better if your cat is black and white, but a fluffy cat with the zoomies is reminiscent of this villainous movie character!
  • Marilyn – embodying both class and sass, this name fits a kitty that knows she’s beautiful and isn’t afraid to remind you of it!
  • Precious – simple and loving, this name fits an endearing floof.
  • Princess – all cats seem to behave as though they are royalty but some take it to the next level and this name is for those majestic ladies!
  • Pearl – timeless and highly valuable, need we say more?
  • Cleopatra – particularly for female cats that have the built-in eye look, this name fits just right.
royal canin renal support cat food

Fluffy cats deserve names as unique as they are.



  • Khal Drogo – if you loved the series, you know this is a powerful name for a male cat.
  • Momoa – in the same vein, you can always name your male cat after the long-haired actor!
  • Tarzan – yet another long-haired heartthrob, Tarzan is the king of the jungle and while your home is far from a jungle, your cat can still enjoy his kingdom.
  • Jon Snow – the long locks on this fictional character aren’t his only defining feature. He is well-regarded for being honorable, which a male cat is when he accepts the role of protector for his territory (your home).
  • Ragnar – naming your male cat after a Viking hero offers your kitty, no matter how small, a title to live up to. He may not change the whole world, but he’ll certainly change yours.
  • Thor – give your male cat the name of a god and protector and watch how he lives up to it!
  • Shaggy – this is for the kind of male cat that sports a slightly curly long-haired look, keeping a shaggy appearance year-round.
  • Loki – Norse mythology points to Loki as the god of mischief and if you’ve ever watched a cat calculatingly knock a glass off your coffee table, you know just how well this name fits.
  • Hagrid – the gentle giant from Harry Potter, Hagrid is a great name for extra large, fluffy male cats!
  • Rambo – with long, black locks and the heart of a warrior, this name is for a male cat with a strong spirit.

Get Silly With It

There are no rules when it comes to naming pets. While you can certainly keep it standard, offering up a human name, you can also be silly and light-hearted with the name you choose.

  • Fluffington – for a distinguished fluffy cat!
  • Mr. or Mrs. Flufferson – address your cat formally to add a little respect to the silly fun.
  • Cotton Ball – if your cat is all white and fluffy, this name just fits!
  • Puff – short and simple, even a toddler can learn it without trouble.
  • Snowball – this name may be better suited for cats that endure colder climates.
  • Cloud – it’s how you feel when they bestow you with cuddles, on cloud nine!
  • Muffin – this cute pet name is used on humans too but is especially apt for kitties with a sweet tooth.
  • Scruffy – if you’ve taken in a cat that used to live as a stray, this name honors that life once led.
  • Casper – just like the friendly ghost!
  • Ruffles – your cat may work hard to keep their long coat looking spiffy, but sometimes it looks all ruffled up!

Be a Cheeseball

If you’re the type of person who can’t help but hit high notes when addressing your floofy babe, pick something cute and cheesy!

Portrait of domestic tortoiseshell Maine Coon kitten. Fluffy kitty on black background. Adorable curious young cat lying down and looking away.

It’s hard not to get cheesy when you have a fluffy specimen like this staring back at you!


  • Fluffykins – at this point, you can get as creative as you want.
  • Bootsie – this fits cats with perfectly shaped and colored boots.
  • Powderpuff – like the girls’ football, which highlights originality.
  • Tubby – long-haired cats look heavier than they are when their hair is puffed out, and this name is both cheesy and endearing.
  • Pumpkin – if you have a round, orange cat, the name fits like a glove!
  • Churro – name your sweetie after this sweet treat!
  • Mr. Bigglesworth – if you’re an Austin Powers fan, you get it.
  • Munchkin – ideal for smaller long-haired cats.
  • Dipsy – like the Teletubby!
  • Catsby – a play on words, honoring the great Mr. Gatsby!

Honor a Legend

If there’s always music playing in your home, your cat is likely to become an aficionado. Pick your favorite legend, name your cat, and start playing all their tunes! You can rock out together.

  • Ozzy – after Ozzy Osbourne.
  • Ziggy – the son of Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley.
  • Marley – honor the whole family!
  • Hendrix – after Jimi Hendrix.
  • Janis – the unforgettable singer-songwriter, Janis Joplin.
  • Motley – honor the crew, the Mötley Crüe!
  • Ringo – musician and songwriter, Ringo Starr.
  • Morrison – to honor the Doors’ Jim Morrison.
  • Freddie – Mercury, that is!
  • Joplin – use her last name or first name, each works just as well!

Let Creativity Take Over

You can be silly, you can be cheesy, and you can color outside the lines. Creative cat names are for those who dance to the beat of their own drum and want that reflected in their cat’s name as well. With these options, you can pick a name as unforgettable as your cat.

Macro of cat palm paw

This cat, with fur sticking out wildly from its toe beans, is worthy of the name Tangletoes!

©dimarik/iStock via Getty Images

  • Sir Floofington – for a distinguished, fluffy gentleman of a cat!
  • Fluffernova – because kitties are little heart exploders.
  • Purrlock Holmes – curiosity has a hold of your feline friend, too.
  • Fuzz Lightyear – any fan of Toy Story will get a kick out of this!
  • Fluffernutter – it seems to just roll off the tongue, doesn’t it?
  • Puffernoodle – same with this one!
  • Fuzzywumpkins – this one might belong in the cheesy section, but the creativity is strong.
  • Tangletoes – an ode to the fur that comes out of the bottom of fluffy cats’ feet, right around their toe beans.
  • Cottonwhiskers – some cats embody this name. If you have the type, you know what we’re talking about.
  • Tumblefludd – for cats that flop over and happily receive belly rubs!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jasmine_K/Shutterstock.com

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