10 Black Cat Breeds & Black Cat Names

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Written by Dana Mayor

Updated: June 1, 2023

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The sight of a black cat in some areas is considered to be a sign of good luck. Not limited to mixes, there are also a variety of cat breeds whose color is black, such as the Bombay. Whereas the tabby pattern is dominant, the black color is recessive in domestic cats. For this reason, in order for a cat to be totally black, both parents must have the black color gene. Heavy sun exposure or tyrosine deficiency can make the black fur turn a rusty-brown color.

It is also believed that black cats have a higher resistance to illnesses. For many people, black cats are mysterious, beautiful, and elegant, and they are increasing in popularity rather than being feared. Here is a preview of the cats we will discuss:

Over the years, black cat owners have come up with a number of popular names for their feline companions. Here is information about the different black cat breeds as well as popular black cat names.

1. Bombay — Exclusively Black

The Bombay is the only cat whose color is exclusively black.

The Bombay is the only cat whose color is exclusively black, as opposed to black being one of multiple possible colors. It is named after the Indian city of Bombay, now Mumbai. This breed is the result of a crossing between a black American Shorthair and a sable Burmese cat. In appearance, it resembles a Burmese but with a black coat. Its short face, big eyes dark black fur, and friendly, loving personality make it uniquely adorable.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Midnight

The Bombay is the only exclusively black cat around. This cute name refers to the darkest time of the night.

2. Sphynx — A Naked Alien of Cats

The Sphynx is the result of a genetic mutation.

The Sphynx is a breed that is the result of a genetic mutation. Known for being hairless, the cat can have fine hairs (down) or no hair at all. It’s born very light in color and then its skin develops the same color and pattern as hair would be. Called the ET of cats, this breed is playful, curious, intelligent, loving, and loyal.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Shadow

A cat with no hair takes up less weight than its coat-having counterparts. Like a shadow, a Sphynx will follow you everywhere.

3. Oriental Shorthair — An Unusual Breed

The Oriental Shorthair is an Asian breed.

If you’re looking for a really unique-looking cat, this Asian breed is a great choice. With large, pointed ears, almond-shaped eyes, a wedge-shaped head, and a long, slender, muscular body, it looks as exotic as its name. This breed is related to the Siamese but has several possible coat colors and patterns, including black.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Spooky

When you want a name that tells the world your cat is someone to pay attention to, like with the Oriental Shorthair, Spooky fits. Rather than about how people feel while looking at it, though, it’s more about the cat appearing bewildered.

4. American Shorthair — A Classic Breed

The American Shorthair descended from European cats.

A domestic cat breed in North America, the American Shorthair is descended from European cats. It is different from the domestic shorthair of mixed ancestry, which is a common cat, although the terms are used interchangeably. In the United States, it’s the seventh most popular pedigreed cat. It looks similar to the domestic shorthair in coloring, but with a stockier body.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Blackie

Children tend to come up with this name. It’s short, simple, and to the point, like the American Shorthair.

5. Persian — Adorable and Soft

Persian cats are one of the most luxurious cat breeds.

There are a limited number of cat breeds that come to mind when it comes to thinking about luxurious cats, and the Persian is always one of them. And what could be more luxurious than a black Persian with deep blue or orange-copper eyes? This breed is content to lounge around with you, be sweet, and sit pretty.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Fluffy

A pet’s name doesn’t always have to be about its hair color. Fluffy is a popular cat’s name.

6. Turkish Angora — A Devoted Beauty

The Turkish Angora originated in Anatolia.

Another foreign cat breed, the Turkish Angora is ancient and originates from Anatolia. It is famous for its elegant, curvy body, fine bone structure, and silky, medium-long fur. A black Turkish Angora is absolutely stunning and will mesmerize anyone. Sweet, quiet, and used to routine in spite of its feral roots, this breed is also loyal, playful, and energetic.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Selina

Selina is the name of Catwoman. It’s great for a cat with fine bone structure and curves to match.

7. Chantilly-Tiffany — Sweet as Chantilly Cream

The Chantilly-Tiffany is also knowns as the Foreign Longhair.

This breed is just as fancy as its name. The Chantilly-Tiffany or Foreign Longhair is a North American domestic cat breed that started as a solid chocolate color and was later accepted in solid black and other colors and patterns. The originals were thought to be the result of crossing domestic and foreign longhaired cats, but the lineage was lost; later, the breed was established from crossing European Angoras, Abyssinians, Havana Browns, and Nebelungs. It has silky, semi-long fur, a plumed tail, a neck ruff, and an exotic body structure. At first, its eye color starts off as a clear, bright yellow that becomes a more intense golden color with age.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Pepper

The Chantilly-Tiffany is exciting like pepper, only rare. The name shows it’s a welcome addition to your home.

8. Ragamuffin — A Darling to Children

Ragamuffins are sweet, docile cats.

Similar to the Ragdoll but recognized as a distinct breed, the Ragamuffin is just as sweet and docile but is even friendlier to children and has more variety in coat colors and patterns. It has thick fur and a heavy, strong body. The result of an Angora/Persian unpedigreed mother crossed with a Birman or Burmese sire, the descendants became the ancestors of both the Ragdoll and the Ragamuffin.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Luna

The moon is a subject of beauty and admiration of nature. Luna is the Italian word for it, and it sounds romantic — lovable, like the Ragamuffin.

9. Maine Coon — An American Dog-Like Cat

The Maine Coon is one of the largest cats.

A giant of a cat, the Maine Coon is all-American, and one of the largest cat breeds. Valued for its hunting skills, it originated in the state of Maine as one of the oldest natural cat breeds around. It is known for being the “dog of the cat world” because it’s loyal, friendly, and even enjoys the water. You can’t do much better than having a huge, fluffy black cat.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Raven

Ravens are black and intelligent. A black Maine Coon is the same.

10. Norwegian Forest Cat — Big, Strong, and Alert

Rare types of cats - Norwegian Forest Cat
Rare types of cats – Norwegian Forest Cat

Another large cat breed, the Norwegian Forest Cat gets confused for the Maine Coon. It’s gentle, shy, sweet, intelligent, and with dog-like qualities. It also has a strong, muscular body with large, wide ears with or without lynx tips. However, it differs from its American relative in some important aspects. It’s a little lighter in weight with a straight rather than an elongated profile, a triangular or quadratic head instead of a square one, and almond-shaped eyes with an alert expression rather than slightly oval and oblique that become round when wide open. Personality-wise, it prefers to be a solitary lounger than a playful social butterfly.

Suggested Black Cat Name: Rebel

The Norwegian Forest Cat prefers some alone time. It’s known for having an independent streak, like a rebel.

Black Cat Eye Colors

Cats can have eye colors of blue, green, yellow, amber (orange), or heterochromatic (two different colors). However, some breeds have only certain eye colors they can have due to genetics or selective breeding. The only black cat breed widely known for blue eyes is the extremely rare Ojos Azules. Some breeds, like the Turkish Angora or the Sphynx, as well as cats with white or bicolor coats, have a higher tendency of heterochromatic eyes. Generally, though, black cats tend to have yellow or orange eyes, while blue, green, yellow, orange, and heterochromatic are less common.

Black Cat Personality

Black cats have a reputation all their own for a personality type that seems to be closely related to their fur color. And when so many of them have a pattern of being unpredictable, sassy, quirky, and mischievous, we can’t help but agree. But is it really true? It turns out that black cats are just as playful and affectionate as other cats. Although there’s not much science surrounding the relationship of cat fur color to personality, a number of people believe cat personalities are color-coded.

Black cats have earned a special place in many cat owners’ hearts, and pure breeds such as the Bombay put the once-feared color on full display. With the owning of a black cat comes the dilemma of what to name it. It is traditional to give a black cat a name that refers to its color.


Type of CatSuggested Name
Oriental ShorthairSpooky
American ShorthairBlackie
Turkish AngoraSelina
Ragamuffin Luna
Maine CoonRaven
Norwegian Forest CatRebel

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