The 7 Fastest Growing Towns in Mississippi Everyone Is Talking About

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Written by Asia Mayfield

Published: November 19, 2023

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Mississippi first became a state 206 years ago, and since then, its population has grown steadily. Over 2.9 million people live in Mississippi, giving life to dozens of cities and small towns. 

Are you thinking about calling the state your new home? Check out this list of the fastest-growing towns in Mississippi.

1. Olive Branch

Log, on Poplar Tree Lake, serves as resting place for a flock of Canadian Geese in Meeman Shelby Forest State Park outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Lake reflects yellow and golden leaves of Autumn.

One reason to live in Olive Branch is because it’s surrounded by natural beauty.

©Bonita R. Cheshier/

Olive Branch is where you go to get a country feel and big-city conveniences. The rural suburb is a 30-minute drive from the Memphis International Airport.

Many people who work in Memphis, Tennesse, live in Olive Branch so they can enjoy a less expensive lifestyle. One of the top things to do in the area is to soak in the natural beauty and visit areas like the Olive Branch City Park.

Olive Branch became a town in 1874 and a village in 1888. Its population began to boom over a hundred years later, in 1990. Between 1990 and 2000, Olive Branch’s population grew from 3,567 people to 21,054, a 490% increase.

The population has grown steadily since then, swelling by 18.4% between 2020 and 2022. 

2. Bay St. Louis 

Bay St. Louis Beach is one of the fastest growing towns in Mississippi since the panndemic

Bay St. Louis Beach is famous.

©clayton harrison/

Along the Gulf Coast, you’ll find Bay St. Louis, a small town with a heavy Creole influence. In 2022, 10,596 people lived in Bay St. Louis, a number that seems small but represents a 14.1% increase since 2020. 

Bay St. Louis is one of the fastest-growing towns in Mississippi because it’s close enough to commute to Biloxi and Gulfport, yet you still have a small-town environment. Many people love visiting the Bay St. Louis Beach, which has a long stretch of pure white sand. You can often find the beach completely deserted, increasing its appeal even more. 

3. Pass Christian

beach scenes on west boulevard in pass christian and henderson point

Pass Christian has gorgeous beaches.


History buffs enjoy Pass Christian. In 1781, Julia de la Brosse owned the entire area. When she died, she left downtown Pass Christian to a free Black man, Charles Asmar. Pass Christian didn’t become an official town until 1848. 

The first yacht club in the South, the Southern Yacht Club, was constructed in Pass Christian. The club moved to New Orleans in 1857, eight years after its opening. 

Data from 2022 shows that 6,157 people live in Pass Christian. Only 5,686 people called the city home in 2020, marking an 8.1% jump. 

 4. Hernando 

Historical Marker at Court Square Hernando, a fast-growing town in Mississippi

A historical marker in Hernando.

©Thomas R Machnitzki/CC BY-SA 3.0 – License

Hernando is named after Hernando de Soto, a Spanish explorer. The city has a rich and diverse history influenced by Native American, Spanish, and Creole cultures. Currently, 18,053 people live in Hernando, and it looks like more will come.

The city’s 2022 population count was 5.4% higher than its 2021 number. It makes sense because residents can live surrounded by nature yet still drive to the city. Memphis is just 25 miles away via interstate. 

Most nearby attractions are in Memphis, but you can still play tourist in Hernando. Visiting a working animal farm called Cedar Hill Farm is one of the draws.

5. D’Iberville

Welcome to Mississippi Gulf Coast sign on sandy beach in Gulfport

The city of D’Iberville is located on the Gulf Coast.

©CrackerClips Stock Media/

D’Iberville is one of the newer cities on the list, only gaining official status in 1988. However, the area has been named D’Iberville since 1699 when explorer Pierre Le Moyne d’Iberville visited. 

D’Iberville was damaged by Hurricane Katrina but has since been rebuilt. City officials relied on some of the best design firms in the country to create its new look. 

Their efforts worked, and the local population is booming. Between 2020 and 2022, D’Iberville’s population added 588 residents, a 4.7% increase. Census estimates place 13,309 people there. 

6. Oxford 

oxford, one of the fastest-growing towns in mississippi

Residential street in Oxford with houses and apartment buildings.


According to a 2023 study, Oxford is America’s second-fastest-growing college town. The small city is right next to the University of Mississippi campus. 

You don’t have to be a student to enjoy living in Oxford, however. There is a lot of history and beauty you can enjoy. For instance, the Lyric Theater building has stood since the 19th century. It was a livery stable at one point before being transformed into a movie theater and then a live music venue. 

Around 26,437 residents live in Oxford, a 4% increase from 2020. 

7. Southaven

southhaven mississipi

Aerial view of Southaven City Hall in 2022.

©Lrgjr72 / CC-BY-SA-4.0 – License

Over 56,360 people reside within Southaven’s borders. It’s a suburban area popular with young families and singles because it offers fantastic public schools and great liveability just miles from Memphis, Tennessee. There are restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene, and more restaurants than you might expect.

Southaven is the result of Kemmons Wilson’s vision, the founder of Holiday Inn. Wilson’s idea was to create a neighborhood of affordable homes across the river from the Tennesse.

Today, residents still flock to Southaven. The city’s population grew by 3.1% between 2020 and 2022. 

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