The Largest Wild Hog Ever Caught in Texas

Dominant wild boar, sus scrofa, male sniffing with massive snout with white tusks on meadow. Majestic wild mammal standing on grass in spring from side view
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Written by Kellianne Matthews

Published: April 29, 2024

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Although not native to the United States, populations of wild hogs are exploding across southern regions, including Texas. Thanks to abundant land and a lack of natural predators, wild hogs thrive and reproduce quickly in these areas. Although similar in shape to their domestic cousins, wild hogs (also called wild boars or razorbacks) are more hairy and fierce. Wild hogs are smart and elusive, making them a challenge to catch. In addition, these giant pigs can reach enormous sizes. But just how big is the largest wild hog ever caught in Texas? 

The Largest Wild Hog Ever Caught in Texas

A wild hog, or wild boar, in its natural habitat. These omnivorous animals have a strong sense of smell and sharp tusks used for defense.

Wild hogs are omnivores and have an excellent sense of smell.

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While a 300-pound hog is considered “large” in Texas, true monsters can tip the scales at 500 pounds. But “Boarzilla”, the largest wild hog ever caught in Texas, nearly broke the scale weighing in at an astonishing 790 pounds. For reference, that’s close to the size of an average grizzly bear!

Blaine Garcia and Wyatt Walton captured the behemoth boar in De Leon, TX on January 16, 2015. The two had started a business called “Boar Collector Feral Hog Removal” because of the large population of feral hogs running around Texas. 

Although Garcia and Walton had hunted their fair share of wild hogs before, they’d never seen anything quite like the legendary Boarzilla. Garcia spotted the great animal and set off with two bulldogs, calling in his buddy Walton for backup. One of the dogs got a hold of the hog’s jaw, but according to Walton, it looked like a piece of hanging jewelry due to the pig’s enormous size. 

Despite securing three of the hog’s legs it continued to fight, momentarily overpowering the two men, Finally, however, they managed to subdue the hog and move it to a temporary home. 

How Many Wild Hogs Live in Texas?

Herd of wild hogs rooting in the forest for food

Early explorers and settlers brought hogs from Europe to the United States hundreds of years ago.


Wild hogs aren’t native to Texas but they thrive nearly everywhere in the state. These incredibly adaptable animals have very few natural predators in the state. They also have lots of space to roam, plenty of food sources, and a high reproduction rate. In fact, with an estimated 2.6 million wild hogs, Texas is home to the largest population in the United States! Unfortunately, however, these invasive animals wreak havoc on Texas’ ecosystems and challenge native wildlife for food and shelter. 

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