The 10 States With the Most Waterfalls in the U.S.

Niagara falls between United States of America and Canada.
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Written by Angie Menjivar

Published: April 18, 2024

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Some waterfalls trickle down delicately while others rush into the water below with such intensity, it leaves you stunned. Take Niagara Falls, for example — this is such a massive set of waterfalls that it borders two countries. There are also lesser-known falls that locals like to keep secret. Some are easy to access while others are nestled into elevated nooks. These serve as the reward for hikers who get to experience the refreshing mist on their skin. There are over 17,000 known waterfalls in the country, but the USGS reported in 2021 that there are several different types of waterfalls. They include known and named waterfalls, seasonal waterfalls, and unnamed waterfalls.

#10 Wyoming

Lower Falls, Yellowstone

The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River in Park County plummet 308 feet!


There are over 400 waterfalls in the state of Wyoming. Some of them are more hidden than others like Undine Falls, Kepler Cascades, and the aptly named Hidden Falls in Grand Teton National Park. These take a bit of creativity and know-how to find. Others are significantly more popular, attracting outdoor enthusiasts from across the country, like the Upper and Lower Falls of Yellowstone, the Mystic Falls, and Shell Falls.

#9 Tennessee

Ruby Falls is a underground waterfall located within Lookout Mountain, near Chattanooga, Tennessee in the United States.

Ruby Falls is underground, located in Lookout Mountain.


Tennessee has 525 waterfalls. Some of the more well-known ones include Burgess Falls, Cummins Fall, and, of course, the ever-mesmerizing Ruby Falls. Like any other state, some waterfalls attract more attention while others are better-kept secrets like Carmac Falls in Smithville or Falls of Jericho in Belvidere.

#8 North Carolina

Couple standing on the rock enjoying beautiful waterfall view.Friends relaxing on hiking trip.High Falls of Dupont State Forest in Brevard. Blue Ridge Mountains, near Asheville, North Carolina, USA.

The High Falls are the largest in the DuPont Forest and cascade down for 120 feet.


North Carolina has a region known as the “Land of Waterfalls.” It’s the Brevard area, which boasts over 250 waterfalls alone. There’s plenty to explore in the state. Some of the must-see falls include Catawba Falls, Sunburst Falls, Roaring Fork Falls, Crabtree Falls, and Paradise Falls.

#7 Colorado

Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, Colorado

Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, CO plummet 365 feet.

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Though only 81 waterfalls in the state have official names, there are 566 waterfalls found throughout the state of Colorado. Some of the most well-known include Bridal Veil Falls, Alberta Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Helen Hunt Falls (which requires only a short hike as it’s close to where the Seven Bridges trail starts in North Cheyenne Canyon).

#6 Montana

Bird Woman Falls between Mountain Oberlin and Cannon in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Bird Woman Falls is 560 feet tall and sits just west of the continental divide in Glacier National Park.

©Danita Delimont/

There are approximately 120 named waterfalls in Montana but a total of 807 as of 2021, including seasonal and unnamed waterfalls. Some of the top favorites worth checking out include Kootenai Falls on the Kootenai River, Crow Creek Falls, and Woodbine Falls, which leaves visitors in awe.

#5 New York

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls sit on the border between New York and Canada.


There are 902 waterfalls in the state of New York. Some other popular falls in the state include Rainbow Falls at Watkins Glen State park, Chittenango Falls, Ithaca Falls, and Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park.

#4 California

Yosemite Falls California

Yosemite Falls is comprised of three falls: Upper Yosemite Fall, the middle cascades, and the Lower Yosemite Fall.


California boasts 1,619 waterfalls throughout the state, including seasonal and unnamed waterfalls. In the southern region of the state, there are the Black Star Falls, Bonita Falls, and Dana Point Harbor Falls. In the central region of the state, you can find Ewoldsen Falls, McWay Falls, and Salmon Creek Falls. Up north, you find Alamere Falls, Cascade Falls, and Faery Falls, to name a few.

#3 Oregon

Multnomah Falls Oregon

Multnomah Falls cascade for over 600 feet and attract tourists from around the world.


There are 1,876 waterfalls in Oregon. Some of the more well-known ones include Tumalo Falls, Wahkeena Falls, Latourell Falls, Metlako Falls. There are some lesser-known spots as well, which include Sweet Creek Falls and Hug Point Falls, among others.

#2 Alaska

Thunderbird Falls, Chugach State Park, Anchorage, Alaska

Thunderbird Falls in Anchorage is one of the top most-visited waterfalls found throughout the state.

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Alaska has 2,013 waterfalls and is absolute paradise for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Some of the most popular waterfalls in the state include Thunderbird Falls as well as Russian River Falls, Pitchfork Falls, Nugget Falls, and Ketchikan Creek Falls.

#1 Washington

Snoqualmie Falls

East of Seattle, WA are the Snoqualmie Falls, which plummet 268 feet.

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The state of Washington tops this list with a total of 2,907 waterfalls! Some of the top-rated falls in the state include Snoqualmie Falls, Franklin Falls, Palouse Falls, and Spray Falls, which are located in Mount Rainier National Park.

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