Courtney Wennerstrom
Author for A-Z Animals

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Courtney Wennerstrom is a writer at A-Z Animals where her primary focus is on pet wellness and the human-animal bond. As an animal welfare professional, Courtney has been writing and researching about animals for over a decade and holds an PhD (ABD) in English from Indiana University, Bloomington, where she taught for 15 years.

A resident of Colorado, Courtney loves to hike, travel, and read. She finds inspiration from her rescued huskies, Sasha and Saint, and her beloved rescued cat, Mojo.

Can Hamsters Eat Blueberries? Picture

What could be cuter than watching a hamster eat blueberries? But are they actually good for them? Luckily, in moderation, blueberries are a nutritious and delicious snack that provide… Read More

By Courtney Wennerstrom 5 months ago