Jessica Keyes
Author for A-Z Animals

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Jessica Keyes writes for A-Z Animals. Primarily covers small animals and nature. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1999 from Fairfield University. She more recently finished working as an Associate short-term in a local pet store during the Covid downturn. During her time there she was able to explore animal behaviors more in-depth, best overall practices and honed her skills with multiple animals maintained and sold daily. She has guinea pigs hamsters, a dog and fish. (Many of which were obtained from her time at the pet store, with no regrets!) In everything she does, there is always a soft spot for nature and animals. Jessica currently lives in Troutman NC. She is a 12+ year virtual assistant, motivational author, blog/article writer and youth development advocate. A member of the local Chamber of Commerce and Toastmasters International.