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Rachel Presser is a SEO content writer and strategist, business consultant and educator, and game developer. An avid reptile and amphibian enthusiast, Rachel became known as "the toad lady" both within and outside of the reptile hobby for her expertise on bufonids and decades of observing toad behavior. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, she went from babysitting giant lizards to keeping monitors as pets and became more involved in SoCal's reptile scene. Rachel writes for Reptiles magazine and several other Internet outlets and can be found cuddling with her incredibly spoiled Kimberley rock monitor, Liora.

Is a Savannah Monitor a Good Pet? Picture

Savannah monitors (Varanus exanthematicus) have become extremely popular pet reptiles in recent years, and with good reason. These squat monitors tame easily and are the perfect size for cuddling. You’ll… Read More

By Rachel Presser 9 months ago