10-Foot Long Great White Shark Coming From North Carolina Just Spotted Off the Canadian Coast

Written by Megan Martin
Published: August 30, 2023
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A 10-foot 3-inch shark first spotted off North Carolina in April 2023 is now lurking in new waters: Nova Scotia. 

Penny, a great white shark first tagged on April 23, 2023, off the coast of Ocracoke, North Carolina, has now made her way to the chilly waters of Nova Scotia. OCEARCH, the organization that tagged Penny and helped track her, received a ping that Penny was located off the shore of Halifax on August 28. That’s around 1,500 miles (as the crow flies)!

This endeavor took several months, and it was not a straight journey. Penny made several stops along the way to the Canadian coast, spending time in the waters of several states.  

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About Penny

Penny is the 92nd great white shark that OCEARCH tagged in the Western North Atlantic Ocean. She is named for the Salty Penny Canvas located in Morehead City, NC. When first tagged, she was a juvenile and weighed around 522 pounds. 

After leaving North Carolina, Penny’s tracker pinged off Philadelphia, where she spent several days. In this area, she first pinged on May 29 before once again pinging on June 2. She then traveled to Maine in July, where she spent several weeks before finally making it to the Canadian coast in August. 

How Far Can Great White Sharks Travel?

Like many of the larger creatures of the sea, great white sharks are a migratory species. They migrate between reproductive areas and feeding areas, typically depending on the season. During the warmer months of the year, great white sharks can be found further north. Winters are spent most often near the equator and other warm waters. 

A great white shark can travel over 2,500 miles each year. While researchers are unsure of the exact number of miles these sharks can travel in a day; there are estimates that it totals up to 50 miles. 

One great white shark named Nicole is known to have traveled the most distance recorded. She once traveled a round trip from Africa to Australia, a path that added up to 12,400 miles. This journey took Nicole several months. 

Great white shark - Carcharodon carcharias, in pacific ocean near the coast of Guadalupe Island - Mexico.

Great white sharks can travel thousands of miles each year.


Other Sharks Recently Seen Near Penny

Penny isn’t the only great white shark recently appearing in this area. Other sharks have also been located near the Canadian Coast in the final weeks of August, including the following:

This list also only includes named great white sharks within the OCEARCH database. Untagged or individuals of other species, including tiger sharks, may also lurk just beneath the surface of these cool waters. 

Great white sharks are the ocean's apex predators.

Great white sharks often visit the same areas as other sharks.


The photo featured at the top of this post is © Ramon Carretero/Shutterstock.com

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