10 Incredible Bengal Tiger Facts

Bengal tiger laying in brush
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Updated: August 14, 2023

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Tigers are amazing animals. They’re powerful, stealthy, and capable of taking down creatures larger than themselves. One of the coolest subspecies of these mammals is the Bengal tiger. Bengal tigers are a mixture between awe-inspiring and fear-inducing. These massive cats have a ton of weight and power behind them. They’re as ferocious as they are surprisingly hard to spot when hiding. They are one of the largest types of tigers in the world. You can find many reasons to enjoy reading about these remarkable cats, but we’ve narrowed down the list to 10 incredible Bengal tiger facts.  

Discover 10 incredible Bengal tiger facts.

10. Bengal Tigers Can Weigh Almost 600 lbs

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Very large cats, Bengal tigers can weigh as much as 600 pounds!

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Bengal tigers are massive in size. They can weigh up to 600 pounds or slightly more, and they can also reach over 9 ft in length and stand 3.6 ft tall. These are very large cats, and the scary thing is that they are not even the largest tigers in the world! That title belongs to the Amur tiger.

Most of these tigers top out around 400 lbs on average, but the fact that they can get so large is a testament to their deadly potential.  

9. Their Canine Teeth Are the Longest of All Cats

Wild Bengal Tiger lying on the grass and yawns.

A Bengal tiger’s canine teeth are the longest of any wild cat breed, measuring up to 4 inches long.


No other cat has larger canine teeth than Bengal tigers. Their monstrous teeth measure up to 4 inches long. These teeth are used as part of their ambush attack, and they can instantly kill a creature by puncturing the right area of their body. Of course, their teeth are not the only thing you have to worry about. Their sheer strength, weight, and claw size can completely overwhelm their prey.

8. Most Bengal Tigers Are Found in India  

Bengal tigers are a species of tiger native to India.


Bengal tigers are not common animals anymore. Although it’s believed that about 100,000 of them once lived in the Indian subcontinent, their numbers have diminished, and tigers are presently endangered. Nevertheless, it’s believed that about three-quarters of all remaining true Bengal tigers live in this country. Sadly, these animals require a lot of room to flourish, and they are losing territory by the day as human settlements expand.

7. Though Endangered, Bengal Tigers Populations Are Rising

Royal Bengal Tiger with Cub

Bengal tiger numbers have increased by over 1,000 in four years time.

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In 2018, when the last tiger census was held, roughly 3,000 Bengal tigers were discovered living in India. However, this number represents an increase in the number of Bengal tigers in the country since the previous census. They went from 2,200 to almost 3,000 tigers in just four years.  

6. Bengal Tigers Are Fierce Ambush Predators

wild royal bengal female tiger or panthera tigris dragging spotted deer or chital kill in his mouth or jaws in natural green background at dhikala forest jim corbett national park uttarakhand india

Tigers prefer to make their hunting efforts worthwhile by attacking medium to large prey for a substantial meal.

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Bengal tigers, like other members of their species, are incredibly powerful and precise with their attacks. Their preferred method of assault is to sneak up to the side or back of their prey and leap at them.

In one swift move, they bite down on the throat or neck of the creature, driving their massive teeth into these vulnerable areas. The bite alone might kill their prey, but tigers often bite and then jerk their heads to break the prey’s neck.

5. Bengal Tigers Can Eat Upwards of 88 lbs of Meat at a Time

tiger laying atop a rock

Bengal tigers can eat 40-88 pounds of meat in one sitting following a successful kill.

©iStock.com/Cheryl Ramalho

The Bengal tiger has a feast or famine lifestyle. Either the creature has a large meal or is going hungry and looking for one. As a result, it’s not unusual for them to eat a vast amount of meat at a time to survive. They can eat anywhere from 40 to 88 pounds of meat after a successful hunt.

4. Bengal Tigers Are Great Swimmers

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Bengal tigers like to spend time in the water to cool.

©Pete Burana/Shutterstock.com

Many people know that small cats are not the biggest fans of water. However, Bengal tigers love water. They are willing to follow prey into a river or swim across lakes to get to new areas. The most interesting part is that tigers do not tire easily. They can swim for between 3 and 4 miles before they need to reach land.  

3. Bengal Tigers Can Run up to 40 MPH

The fast motion of the running Bengal tiger in forest

Bengal tigers can run up to 40 mph for short amounts of time.


Part of the reason that Bengal tigers are such deadly hunters is that they can move very fast. When they get close to prey, they turn on their metaphorical afterburners and reach speeds of 40 mph to crash into them and bring them to the ground. Bengal tigers can only hold this speed for a short time, though. They’re definitely sprinters and not distance runners.

2. Bengal Tigers Can Conquer Large Territories

A Bengal tiger in Bannerghatta National park in Bangalore

The Bengal tiger is a solitary creature whose territory can cover up to 12 square miles.

©Muhammad Mahdi Karim, GFDL 1.2, via Wikimedia Commons – Original / License

Bengal tigers are solitary creatures that prefer to have a large territory of their own. They may overlap territories for access to breeding opportunities. Still, a Bengal tiger’s territory can range up to 12 square miles. They enjoy their home range, but these tigers can travel great distances and range outward at times.

1. A Bengal Tiger Killed 436 People Over 4 Years

Royal Bengal tiger

The Champawat Tiger incident was the deadliest of its kind.

©Mary Angela Heys/Shutterstock.com

A Bengal tiger that came to be known as the Champawat Tiger went on a massive killing spree from 1904 until 1907. During this animal’s reign of terror, it managed to kill 436 people, sometimes several of them at a time.

This animal killed about 200 people in Nepal until it was driven away. Unfortunately, the animal merely changed areas and went to India. There, it locked down the Kumaron District and hunted people, sometimes in the middle of the day. People were afraid to leave their homes, especially when attacks were spread out over 20 miles in a single night.

Eventually, a hunter was hired that came out and eliminated the threat, although he almost lost his life in the process.  It was later discovered that the tiger had a broken canine tooth. Some people theorize that the animal realized it could not hunt down its typical prey, so it went for an easier target: humans.

Bengal tigers have been among the deadliest maneaters of all large mammals. While unfortunate, it’s certainly one of the 10 incredible Bengal tiger facts that you now know about. These are not all the most interesting facts about this breed of tiger, though. You can certainly find some more interesting facts about these creatures at zoos or by reading more about them!

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