A Curious Deer Accidentally Creates The Most Peaceful Scene Ever

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Written by Jeremiah Wright

Updated: October 20, 2023

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When we think of a scene wherein someone sings or plays music on an instrument and animals approach them, chances are you can only encounter that when watching animated movies.

In the movies, animals have always been attracted whenever the character sings or plays a tune on their instrument. We’ve always thought these things only happen in films until a real-life harpist experienced the most magical thing ever happening to someone playing an instrument.

Naomi SV, a YouTube harpist, shared a bizarre yet peaceful short video of her cover of “The Sound of Silence” using her harp. She seems to be in a meadow outside to be able to record her cover well.

See This Deer Become Entranced By Harp Music

Upon looking at the video, a deer is standing on Naomi SV’s left side from afar. The harpist cluelessly plays her harp until the curious deer slowly approaches while happily wagging its tail upon hearing the music. Not noticing the deer, Naomi SV keeps playing the tune, and it looks like the deer is enjoying the sound coming from the harpist’s instrument.

Not long after, the deer approaches Naomi SV as if it were a scene from a cartoon movie and wags its tail cheerfully as if it was enjoying the tune. After a few seconds, the deer runs off, only to be heard by the harpist, which startles her instantly and stops her from playing. Naomi SV decides to check the recorded video and sees that a deer was seen enjoying her cover.

When the harpist posted the video on YouTube, it gained lots of positive comments, and many were saying it looked like it came straight from a magical movie scene. The rare phenomenon caught on cam also backed some scientific studies about whether animals can enjoy music as humans do, as the deer was clearly shown to stay calm while hearing Naomi SV play the harp.

The video gained lots of attention on YouTube in no time.

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