5 Adorable Puppies in Denver To Adopt for Christmas

Written by Nixza Gonzalez
Published: December 1, 2022
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Editor’s note: Adopting a puppy or dog, at any time, is a long-term commitment for the life of the animal. It’s adding a new family member, so please do not make your decision to do so lightly or on a whim.

Thousands of dogs in the Denver area are looking for new homes. They are adorable, sweet, and ready for a new adventure with human families. Adopting is a great, affordable, and quick way to bring another fur baby into your life. However, you should note that adopting a puppy is something that should be carefully thought out and planned, not done on a whim. Puppies are a lot of work and they grow quickly! Think about this before you adopt a lovely dog into your life. Are you ready to read more about five special adorable puppies in Denver to adopt for Christmas? Follow along.

1. Puppies in Denver: Sol, a 2-year-old Dutch Shepherd Mix

Sol is a sweet puppy with a beautiful brindle coat and bright eyes. She is a 2-year-old female Dutch Shepherd mix with a large heart. Currently, she weighs 47 pounds, and it’s unlikely she’ll get bigger. Sol is a little shy around dogs and humans, but the timidness quickly goes away when it’s time to play. She loves to play fetch and is happiest when receiving gentle belly rubs. Sol’s new family will love the fact that this good girl is house-, crate-, and leash-trained. This beautiful puppy is originally from Texas, but now lives in Colorado. 2 Blondes All Breed Rescue takes care of Sol and provides spay/neuter, heartworm treatments, micro-chipping, and full vaccinations.

Dutch Shepherd puppies are herding dogs from the Netherlands. They are perfect for cold climates and are very friendly. Some male Dutch Shepherds can reach 70 pounds when fully grown. Since Sol is a mix and past 1, it’s unlikely she will reach 70 pounds. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, apply today!

2. Puppies in Denver: Lindsey Buckingham, a 1-year-old Heeler/Lab Mix

Lindsey Buckingham is one of many puppies up for adoption at 2 Blondes All Breed Rescue. He is a 1-year-old Heeler/Lab mix with adorable large eyes. Lindsey is looking for a forever home in Denver. He is 60 pounds but filled with gentle love. This puppy is great for large and small families looking for a furry companion. His coat is soft and freckled and he loves giving affection. Lindsey is great at socializing and is comfortable around other dogs and humans. No dogs are too small or too big for Lindsey. This sweet puppy can play all day but also entertains himself. A great thing about this sweet boy is he knows basic commands like “down”, “come”, and “heel”. Lindsey is ready to meet you soon!

This cute puppy is part Australian Cattle Dog. They are medium-sized hearing dogs with short coats. Usually, they have red or black hair distributed under a white coat. These animals are very intelligent and require a lot of exercise. They are also very affectionate and attached to their owners, just like Lindsey! If you are interested in Lindsey Buckingham, a part of the Fleetwood Mac Pup band, apply online and schedule a one-on-one meeting.

3. Puppies in Denver: Zinnia, a 6-month-old Manchester Terrier Mix

Zinnia is an adorable 6-month-old Manchester Terrier mix with large ears that can make anyone smile. She is shy around humans but warms up quickly with gentle treatment and some playtime. This sweet puppy is always available for kisses and cuddles but spends most of her time playing with toys and her other foster siblings. She is up to date on all her vaccinations and treatments. Zinnia is also very smart and learns quickly. She knows how to use a doggy door and is leash trained.

This sweet puppy would do great in a forever home with other dog siblings to show her new tricks. She adapts quickly, but still needs training. She is part Manchester Terrier, which is a sleek, slender, and short dog breed from England. They were initially bred as rat and rabbit killing pets. You can see a lot of their slender features in Zinnia. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl, fill out the application and contact 2 Blondes All Breed Rescue.

4. Puppies in Denver: Gannon, a 6-month-old Lab Mix

Next on our list, we have Gannon, a sweet 6-month-old lab mix with a goofy personality. He loves to beg and is very curious. Gannon has a brindle coat with white markings on his snoot, neck, and underbelly. Gannon can spend almost all day playing and sleeping. He loves his foster siblings and playmates and would thrive in a home with other playful dogs. He sits well and listens, definitely a people pleaser. Gannon enjoys treats and long walks on his leash. Gannon is also potty trained and sleeps in a crate the whole night.

Labrador puppies are highly energetic and love their human families. They are also great protectors and with early socialization are comfortable around small children. Gannon is likely to continue growing and will need a lot of space. If you are interested in Gannon, keep in mind he will grow. Lab mix puppies thrive in an environment where they can run. It’s also a good idea to schedule puppy play dates and take your new furry family member to the dog part.

5. Puppies in Denver: Chance, an 8-month-old Lab Mix

Last on our list is Chance, an 8-month-old lab mix with a beautiful golden coat and warm brown eyes. She is a sweet girl with floppy ears and lots of silly expressions. Chance loves meeting new people and follows everyone around, interested in exploring anything new. She greets everyone warmly and smiles with a silly grin. This sweet pup is also very good at sharing and doesn’t guard resources like food. At mealtime, she politely waits for her turn and gently enjoys a treat. While she is playful, bouncing and jumping over her foster siblings and playmates, Chance is also a little shy. When there is a new presence in the room, she jumps and hides behind the couch, barking and waiting until they leave the room. Change is also working on kennel training and sleeps the entire night.

Something important to know about this golden girl is she is great at jumping and does not like staying alone. She follows her foster parent everywhere. If you were to adopt Chance, you would need a large, heavy, and stable 6-foot fence to keep her inside. Currently, this sweet puppy is leash training and growing comfortable using it.

Where Can You Adopt Puppies in Denver?

Denver doesn’t have a shortage of shelters or rescues to choose from, but it can be hard to find them. Some of the more popular rescues/shelters are Denver Animal Shelter (DAS), MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, Foothills Animal Shelter, Animal Rescue of the Rockies, and 2 Blondes All Breed Rescue. Each center has its own requirements, but typically you start by looking on their website at the available pets. Some of these shelters, like the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center, focus on cats as well.

When you find your dream puppy in Denver, you will either schedule a visit, drive to the shelter, or apply. Usually, Denver shelters look through applications to ensure your home is safe and a match for the puppy’s needs. There is also a fee, but it varies by location. The adoption fee includes important things like vaccinations, surgeries, heartworm treatments, and training. There are more dogs in shelters and rescue centers than ever. If the fee is too high, look, for discounts. Sometimes the adoption fee is waived or lowered if you are adopting a senior dog or Pitbull puppy.

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